City Fantasies

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part two: watching her, wanting her…

I flopped into bed and turned on the TV. It had been a whirlwind visit with my twin sister: always good but also tiring, being a tour guide. She was packed off for the four-hour drive back south and it was bedtime for me.

I yawned and flicked through the channels. Mmmmm, a beach-side condo for sale. Just like that time I peeled off my wetsuit in that deserted cove and turned around to see some company. Shy, surprised, red-faced company. Just the memory sent a stabbing thrill to my cock. I rubbed it through the sheet and realized I hadn’t played since last week. It was time to remedy that. I grabbed and squeezed more purposefully, enjoying the sensation of the fabric against the sensitive head, and rapidly changed channels. Maybe there was more beach stuff, some bikini girls…nothing. Time to get out the big guns.

I turned off the TV and went for the laptop on my desk, mentally choosing between a random video or one from my vast collection. A quick pop off or a long, drawn out edge? It had been awhile. An edge would be more fulfilling, in the end. Too bad there wasn’t anyone to watch me, like my sexy neighbor across the street and her open curtains. Open curtains, open legs, the wind coming through and cooling flushed skin…

I shook my head and glanced across the street, almost dropping the laptop.

She was out there. Naked, sitting on the cornice, legs spread, rubbing her pussy. I automatically stepped back into the shadows, one hand on my cock, forcing myself to breathe and grateful that I hadn’t taken my contacts out yet. I scanned her feverishly, trying to commit every detail to memory. Her shape, her hair, her open mouth, the head tilted back and then down, the heavy breasts and lush thighs. The way she gripped the window frame and humped her hand. My cock pushed itself straight out at her, as if telling me where to go. Is this real? Why is she doing this? Who does this? Who ever gets a chance to SEE this? My mind raced. Calm down. Focus. She won’t be there for long. Enjoy her.

I forced a breath out, then in. She was tensing up, going to cum soon. Her eyes were closed, her hand rubbing a no doubt splattering wet pussy. What is she thinking about? I wish she was thinking about me. My cock twitched and I grabbed it, forcing it up against my stomach. She looked incredible. So sexy, the streetlamp casting over her beautiful skin, so brazen and carefree, playing in the night…I would lick her, suck her taste off her fingers, rub her juices into my cock. My body was one big ache. I needed to be closer, hear her sounds, her breath change…she tensed up again…I took a step forward, both hands clamped over my cock. Her head tilted back and her hips went wild. I stared, open-mouthed. I’m the luckiest man in the world, getting to see this…to be the one who gets to fuck her…just the thought almost made me lose it.

Her hand was furious in her pussy. She was seconds away. Do it, do it. I willed her with my thoughts. Cum in front of me, get all soft and relaxed and I will fuck you the rest of the night. I imagined those thighs clamped around my waist, burying myself in her, feeling the slick heat between us, the urge to push into her again and again…

She made a little scream and shook. I squeezed the head of my cock, just below the ridge, forcing myself to not cum. Breathe, breathe. She was panting. Without realizing it, I was panting, too. Mouth dry, then wet. She was looking around, touching her leg. The wind picked up her hair. She lifted her face to it while her breasts heaved. I suffocated my cock again in a desperate attempt to prolong the moment.

Suddenly I realized she would go inside soon. No. Stay here with me. Watch me cum for you. Wait. What am I thinking? She may not want that, it would offend her, maybe someone inside would give her trouble if she was caught, and I’m a stranger. Disturbing scenarios flashed through my mind and I glanced down at my red, angry cock. It glared back at me in disappointment. In a trance, I wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped out onto the balcony, nervously grabbing myself, hoping she would see it and…stay.

It was deathly quiet except for the distant interstate hum. I locked eyes with her. I could see her settle, her hands freeze, feel her eyes go straight to my cock. I had never been this hard in my life. My cock felt as big as my entire body. I tightened the towel as I stared so she could see the outline. She answered by moving her hands — touching her breasts, her neck, back down between her legs…and a little rub there. White heat flashed behind my eyes and I dropped the towel, riveted on her hand, then her mouth. It was open, those lips were soft and willing, they would feel so good wrapped around me…

I had barely thought of her mouth so far and I seized on it. A thrill surged through me, a golden fantasy calmly unrolling to a beckoning paradise. I won’t last long. Stay focused. Watch me, baby. This is what you do to me. She was moaning now, in rhythm with the motion of her hand. I wanted those moans vibrating around my cock as she sucked me, those eyes looking up at me, shining with excitement. So warm and wet, just like her pussy. Her hand was rubbing faster, my hand on my cock working like a piston. There were three of her in my mind now…building up…overpowering me. She was sucking me, watching me, I was fucking her while she kissed me with those deep, soft lips.

“You feel so good, baby,” she whispered in my ear. “I love your cock. Don’t stop. I want to cum on you again.” Squirming, rolling, rubbing, panting, sucking at me. “Cum in my mouth, baby.” Her hand flew. She was squeezing a nipple. “Shoot it out, all over me. Spray it on me and I’ll rub it in.”

The her in front of me squeaked and her hips jutted into her hand. It was too much. The surge boiled through me, exploding in spurt after spurt. I aimed it at her, trying not to yell, imagining the drops landing on her breasts and mouth. She sucked her fingers and I could hear a moan. Another spurt, a bigger one. You did this, baby. This is your cum. Everything tightened and spasmed, tremors getting to my legs. My cock was spent and I panted, a tinge of regret passing over me. Why did I have to cum? Now it’s all over. I will never see her again like this…

She was smiling. A few birds began chirping and I blinked, trying to clear my head. I took a deep breath and grabbed the balcony rail, staring at her, absorbing every second she was in front of me. It can’t end. This can’t be the end.

She stepped back through the window, then leaned out, blew me a kiss and held up her hand in a “call me” motion next to her ear, then disappeared. My whole body relaxed and I grinned. She was gone…but the curtains were still open.

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