Break Me Open

A Tale of Erotic Massage We had both agreed that we would not do it again. Yet, we both knew that we were lying. After dinner, when...
Pua Nani
4 min read


Image: David Swift: Bouquet | (CC BY 2.0) Who’d moderate my taste visceral, rate and lay waste to figure curves so divine it deserves to...
Tyrone Graham
19 sec read

Surprise, An Erotic Story

It was a sunny day in early April. My work appointment for the afternoon had been cancelled and I found myself home with nothing...
Pua Nani
3 min read


Source: She was…UnveiledUncoveredUndressedA pink blush, the love rush. She came…UnadulteratedUninhibitedUndoneIn a gush, the head rush. Love thus born…UnspeakableUndeniableUnforgettableEtched with a red paintbrush, that first crush. For...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
10 sec read

Sleeping beauty

Image: Steve Cottrell: Heligan-6307: Sleeping Woman: Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall | (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) The girl of my dreams comes to me in sleep...
Tyrone Graham
56 sec read

Lust for Breakfast

Blindfolded, biting her bottom lip, clenching down on the worn sheets. Lying in a puddle of her own juiciness, fantasizing about the erotic tales...
Casey Elizabeth McDonald
1 min read

Tell me that you love me…

Source: public image We’ll let our eyes do all the talkingwe’ll let our tongues say it without wordsI will spell gasps with my breathingyou...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
16 sec read

2: Know

I don’t know if I want romance. And I don’t know what the hell it is. Aside racism and gender violence, romance is probably...
Matt Ford
4 min read

1: Bo(d)y

I spent half my recent vacation lurking by the cruise ship’s pools, bars and clubs, and swiped through dozens of potential lovers in Miami...
Matt Ford
2 min read

What Nice Men Don’t Say To Nice Women

I want to spank your bare bottom. I want to tie you up. I want to thoroughly inspect and penetrate your tight little bottom hole. I want...
Spanking Theatre
2 min read