Sleeping beauty

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Image: Steve Cottrell: Heligan-6307: Sleeping Woman: Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall | (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The girl of my dreams comes to me in sleep
Like the moon that lights up the night
And lifts me from gloom, my despair so deep
Like the sun puts darkness to flight — 
With hair flowing free, those soft silken locks
She stoops down like a swooping dove
Washing over me like a wave o’er rocks
Plunging me in a sea of love — 
Her eyes — they are stars brightening my skies
Her breath heady as summer wine
She’s feather-soft, and as light, as she lies
By my side — and makes all things fine — 
She cushions my aching head on her breast
Much softer than any pillow
My ultimate haven, my place of rest
A deep sea swell, ocean billow — 
She touches me with velvet fingertips
A shower of rose-petal bliss
She quenches my thirst with her cherry lips
There’s nothing sweeter than her kiss — 
She whispers endearments into my ear
Promises that fill me with thrill
She wipes away my tears, calms all my fear
And bids the storms of life be still — 
Her tender thighs warm me with sweet fire
A nest shrouded in silken fern
Where lies enshrined all my heart’s desire
The fountainhead for which I yearn — 
I drink deep of honeydew from her spring
A rosebud bursting with nectar
Sweetness that makes my head spin, makes me sing
Gives me wings, takes me to the stars — 
But — then I wake to the cold light of day
And turn to her — to find she’s gone!
Small wonder, then, that I sleep all I may
When nightmare begins with the dawn —

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