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On Granny, God and Gay Sex

A typical night in my Charlottesville apartment, summer 2017: I am high in my room, relaxing after a long evening in a GRE prep...
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This dude fucked me so good, I was literally begging for more. From the hotel to the Greyhound bus station. He was irresistible. It...
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6. Fleeting

what you looking at? (06.20.17) I recently realized that I might be non-binary-romantic. That’s the term I’m currently using to describe my disinterest in...
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2: Know

I don’t know if I want romance. And I don’t know what the hell it is. Aside racism and gender violence, romance is probably...
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1: Bo(d)y

I spent half my recent vacation lurking by the cruise ship’s pools, bars and clubs, and swiped through dozens of potential lovers in Miami...
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