Shades of red

Source What color is love? Spread On the bedspread Pure love Just dirty in bed. If u like what u read maybe u’d like to read...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
6 sec read

Leaving it between the sheets

“Did I satisfy you?" my lover asks. "Yes, I can still feel you. Oh my God, you filled me so full," I reply in a...
ID Clare
5 min read


Sleek, clean,I cleave the waves sleek and cleanas my prow, my thrust, mare to my madness. True as to protoplast,I cleaveto my bent,riding my...
Tyrone Graham
7 sec read


Source I was naked with youwhen honest eyes met yours in solitudeI spoke the truthlip locked in ardent replies. I was naked with youwhen you...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
15 sec read

Blue Eyes Tell

Demetrius Washington via Unsplash Tell me when you said that you don’t love me,breathing out, in between the kisses,biting my lower lip, you didn’t mean it....
55 sec read

Spice it up

Inspired by Terijo’s one-line Spice prompt Source Take it offthe bland routinethe fake garnishMix it upfire me differentlyblaze a new recipe Bring it onthe heat...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
10 sec read

The Secret of Sexual Spontaneity

The secret to sexual spontaneity is… careful planning. There’s a pernicious myth about sex. That it “just happens.” That everyone’s up for sex, all...
Spanking Theatre
2 min read

That time we became porn stars

One I’m watching Tabios take off my pants. She kneels down in front of me and grabs the top of my zipper. She undoes the...
7 min read


Tasting every nook of my soul his warm tongue traces each crevice bleeding reassuring drops of love that feed my desire TO STAY
Fierce Force
4 sec read

Coffee and my clit’s fresh hot cream

Morning’s arrived. I stand in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish brewing when the thought of your mouth spreading between my legs...
Vienna De Vega
1 min read