Sweet Abduction

I remember the first time it happened as if it was yesterday. I was visiting my aunt and uncle in the country....
Sorcha Rowan
3 min read

Threesome at Twilight

 We live in a small town that gets a lot of visitors as soon as the air chokes with pollen. All...
8 min read

On Top of a Blanket, Under the Night Sky

A fantasy of what could be again, remembering late night “picnics” back then, between two high school lovers and friends ask_the_dusk:used with permission under your...
Fierce Force
54 sec read

Touch & Kiss Me

Inspired by Enigma’s “Touchness” Was I dreaming or was I drowning? I did not know, nor did I care to be honest. The feelings...
Xavier Erotica
4 min read

On Being Alone With Fierce Force

I startkissing your cheeks hover my lips, over your lips until you quiverkiss your neck move down you on the chairlegs spread around my hair...
Fierce Force
33 sec read

The Room Of Ages

An immortal recalls desire and pain through all her loves and lives. Artwork: Isabella Chen The curtains flutter in the breeze although the windows are shut....
Isabella Chen
4 min read


Sourc with an open mindi imagine,shedding our masqueradeas your mouth serenadesevery inch of my neckcrossing bridges,over my shoulder bladesi glissade deeper into your passion...
Tasneem Kagalwalla
15 sec read


I was packing up my remaining booklets and laptop in the large conference room after the obligatory “lunch and learn” presentation I had to...
Fierce Force
6 min read

Sexual offence — no offence meant…

Prologue Mark felt a surge of excitement as he boarded the flight. Something told him this trip to the US was going to be...
Max Skinner
5 min read