On Being Alone With Fierce Force

33 sec read

I start
kissing your cheeks
hover my lips, over your lips
until you quiver
kiss your neck

move down
you on the chair
legs spread around my hair
my head buried in there

I taste all of you ❤️

your honey dew
sweet lips in between your hips
I pick you up, to lay you down
layers of hotel sheets all around
holding your crown
the vision that you are
making you feel like you are a star
you found me here
you made me cheer
in your ear and inside your lips
how did I get so lucky
to deep dive into this?

I could taste you forever
I could eat you for days
Let me dance for you with my mouth
I will move in so many ways
Hook you in
Where to begin
You got me Fierce Force
I’m under your skin

Written by me, inspired by the first verse prompt of A.S.

What to see what happens next? Follow me my pen knows best.

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