On Top of a Blanket, Under the Night Sky

54 sec read

A fantasy of what could be again, remembering late night “picnics” back then, between two high school lovers and friends

ask_the_dusk:used with permission

under your skin
feels like sin
to seem so safe
breathing hott together
in this space
29 years later
let’s be each other’s investigator
pierced eyes
moving in sync under starry skies
undressing my lace
moving your tongue down slowly for a taste
open wide
nothing to hide
exposed to the universe
yet protected in this place
in our bubble
we are humbled
our memories retrace
loved was stored some place
alignment came in pace
reprieve from the world
closed off again in our own box
gone without a trace
so rejoined melting into one another in this space
come hither and fill me with your grace
how long have we craved this planned embrace
back then it was a big deal to even get to first base
we would have to hurry back for curfew, it would always be a race
for decades keeping up with each other in cyberspace
now fuck me forever
we are protected and encased
the rest of the world cut off
together, you and me,
back then, I was too young to understand what it meant to “get off”
now move me, eat me, let’s recreate Meatloaf’s “love you till the end of time” blast off
touch me for hours, then touch me again
under this moon
this chapter written with my pen
let’s make it fruition
i’m trusting my intuition
i know this picnic will make a wonderful addition
to our story
now re-written

Want to see what happens next? Follow me, my pen knows best.

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