All She Wants to Do is Dance

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Bunny is looking at her reflection in the mirror, she is wearing that alligator skin miniskirt that shows her legs in all their glory. Music is playing in the background. She turns around and tells me with a grimace of sadness:

This skirt is too big on me!

She has indeed lost some weight, yet to me she is looking as fabulous as she ever has. She turns around and starts moving her hips to the rhythm of the music. Her hair is swinging to the beat. Her attire is complemented by a black top, black stockings and her high heeled black boots. If Eros ever wanted an ambassador, it’s her.

I am sitting on the bed trying to remove my jeans. She turns around and after a few oppan gangnam style steps towards me she commands me more than asks me:

Teddy, come here!

Who am I to go against her wishes? Especially if they involve her sexy moves in front of the mirror? I get close to her and her mouth goes directly after mine. I am holding her by her shoulders as we are dirty dancing. My hands slide down her back to open the zipper of said miniskirt.

She looks at our reflection, as my erection is showing up under my briefs. She turns around presenting her back to me. I move her skirt up and down, teasing her to the rhythm of the music. As the miniskirt falls, she moves her ass down to feel my boner. This bunny of mine knows how to turn me on.

I place my hands under her underwear and the softness of her skin together with the smell of her hair slows time to a tick. The bass resonates in my skull as I start moving her underwear down. My girl has her hands on her breasts and is looking at our reflection in the mirror.

This is too sexy

Are her words. If she knew the momentary loss of reason that she is causing me. As her underwear hits the floor she turns around, and pulls mine down. She grabs my manhood with her hand and places it in her mouth. She is tasting my precum, and also making me wet enough for the next step in our dance.

As she turns around to place her hands on the wall the music stops. It is as if the universe wanted to hear her expression as I drive my rod inside of her. I place my tip on her, and gently slide it inside. My bunny is so wet that there is nothing stopping me and I move all the way in.

How does it feel? she asks.

You are extremely wet!

I grab her by her hip bone and start to fuck her with slow, deep strokes. Her breathing is giving her away. She is looking at our reflection in the mirror, until she cannot anymore. She places her hand on my head and I move forward to wet her ears with the tip of my tongue.

But my bunny wants to see more. She moves her hand down and places it on my butt. I ask her if she wants to turn around and she confirms my suspicion. We do a quarter turn as I hold her in a vertical position. Her top has already moved up to free her beautiful boobs, and I am holding her with one hand across her chest and the other across her belly.

We are in the middle of this love dance, and from her breathing I know she is getting closer to the point of no return. She is bouncing up and down with gusto, and I am holding her, ready for when her legs turn weak.

“I am going to come, Bebe!”

Is her warning, and I look at our reflection in the mirror as her breathing turns shorter and shorter. A bit more of our sexy pounding and she starts to roar. I have to hold her firm so that she doesn’t fall. One, two, three pushes down my rod and the energy that she had been accumulating is liberated. My bebe is having an orgasm again in doggy, one of her favorite positions.

She pulls out and with a mischievous smile picks up her phone, and decides to take a pic of my dick. It is all hard and wet with her natural lube. She moves the foreskin up as I hold it for her to get the best angle.

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