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You cannot resist a hungry woman

 I saw Vanessa walking down the street to her yoga class as I was people watching. She had this bright smile...
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I am a cum vampire

I am a cum vampire. I discovered this the other night when I fed for the first time. Although I classify myself as a “vampire,”...
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Public pick up: a sexy game

I was walking around the mall when a woman caught my eye. She was around 25 years old, with dark-blonde hair, loosely put up...
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Hot office sex with my lady boss

Dani was the wife of the owner of a public relations company. I worked for them as a freelance writer on various projects, interviewing...
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Rough makeup sex in the laundry room

Emma and I had been fighting since yesterday. We had decided to live together after a few months of dating, so obviously we didn’t...
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Puppy-love crush: sex at school

Emma and I were classmates in a Macroeconomics course at university. She was this gracefully beautiful girl in her early twenties, with a swan-like...
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