Puppy-love crush: sex at school

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Emma and I were classmates in a Macroeconomics course at university. She was this gracefully beautiful girl in her early twenties, with a swan-like neck, but strong, and a firm, tight body. She had short, cropped hair with curls at the ends, big brown eyes, full, pink lips and a fantastic ass. She had a bright smile that went from ear to ear and a welcoming personality.

I instantly developed a puppy love crush on her and was afraid to look at her directly for fear she’d notice. I was overweight, close to 40 and bald. I didn’t believe I even deserved to talk to her considering all the surfer-types walking around school who looked to be, on the surface, a better fit. Emma secretly liked my eyes and smile though; she laughed a lot with me one time when I did a presentation, and thought I was very charming, she told me later.

One week, the professor handed out a group project to the class and put Emma and I together with a couple of other students. We started to talk and found that we “clicked” personality-wise. The whole group got along very well and we would hang out after class at the local coffeehouse to talk about the project.

On Saturday afternoon, I saw Emma walking to the library ahead of me. I caught up to her and we sat at the table in front of the library talking. I was having a good day so I felt confident enough to flirt with her. She seemed to like it and responded, and we got to talking about sex. Emma moved closer to me during the conversation and it gave me an erection. She had this lavender perfume that made me think about sucking on her neck. I thought about her beautiful body and all the dirty things I wanted to do to her.

We walked into the library and it was empty, save for the person working at the reception desk and another person studying at the front. I was still feeling confident and I grabbed Emma’s hand, leading her to a table. She told me that she liked me taking charge. Her hand felt so delicate in mine, so soft.

Suddenly, as we got out of view of the librarian, Emma pulled back on my hand. As I turned, she kissed me, dropped her books and ran away. I felt this energy vibrating in me that felt like a drug taking its effect. I smiled and raced around to look for her. I was breathing heavily, excited.

I looked down and saw her sneakers peeking out below a bookcase and pounced, grabbing her by the waist. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t move so I pulled back, to look in her eyes for approval. She half-closed her eyes and smiled at me. We started to make out slowly, exploring each other’s lips. I’d slip my tongue in her mouth and flick it, then pull it out. She’d wrap her hands around the back of my neck and pull me in to her. She’d bite my bottom lip and I’d suck in her top lip. Our hands were fondling around, looking for the best spot, or trying out all of them.

Our kissing became more intense and we were grinding up against one another. I pushed her against a bookcase and she leaned back onto it for support. She was clutching my face and her bright smile turned into an intense half stare with a menacing, hungry growl on her face. We looked around, stopping our energy transfer and listening for anyone getting close. No doubt our spontaneity would be ruined if we were discovered and shamed.

All we heard was the whisper of the air conditioning system, so I knelt down and started biting on her crotch. She had on tight white shorts and when I bit down, it was both firm and soft. I could feel the warmth from her pussy. At that moment, I took a chance and I pulled down her shorts. She loved that and propped her leg on my shoulder, so I slipped my fingers around the edge of her panties, brushing her pussy lips as I moved the panties to one side.

Then I started to eat her pussy out. She threw her arm back on the column and closed her eyes. I flicked my tongue up and down nimbly on top of her clit and I heard her muffled moans of arousal. I switched to flicking left to right and took her pussy lips in my mouth. My face was covered in her wetness. I pushed my hand on her belly and she tilted her hips forward. I stuck my tongue inside of her as far as I could. She gazed down at me, and I heard her murmur, “Ohhhh yeah…”

She was breathing heavily, looking down and smiling, but then the menacing glare returned, demanding I continue. I flicked my tongue on her now swollen clit, taking full control of her hips. I clutched her ass cheeks and pulled her into me. She wasn’t looking at me anymore, lost in her arousal and breathing rapidly.

A sound resonated in the distance, and she stiffened up and looked around. No one approached, so she nodded at me to keep going. My face suddenly felt as if someone had put a warm, soaked towel on it, as she . She orgasmed. Her body convulsed and her glare turned back into a smile.

Someone began to walk through the hallway at a distance from us so we quickly picked up everything and rushed out. We were holding hands as we ran out the door, laughing. We went to my car and began to make out again. I pressed my erection against her body and she opened my shorts to pull my cock out. I loved feeling her fingers wrap around the shaft. The precum on my head smeared over the palm of her hand and she grinned as she stroked it.

“Mmmmm, you have a nice cock,” she murmured. We went in the backseat of my car and she straddled me, pulling her panties to the side. My head penetrated her lips and the shaft slid smoothly into her. She worked her hips slowly up and down, with our senses highly in tune to every inch. Her hips began to gyrate more and steam filled the car. The gyrating became more of a pushing of our hips together. We would slow down and look at the base of my dick between her pussy lips, she clutching me and letting go. It drove me crazy so I held her close to me and pushed her hips against me, pounding her as hard as I could. She sucked my earlobe and breathed heavily into it, kissing my neck. I exploded, covering myself in sticky, thick cum. She kept stroking me, getting cum on her hand and licking it in front of my face, watching me as her pink tongue cleaned up the cream. It was fucking hot and dirty.

Three hours went by with Emma and we didn’t do any work on our project. We dozed for a bit after I cleaned myself up. She leaned into my chest without hesitation and I hugged her. We woke up late, looked at one another and kissed. The kiss was friendlier than before and we started to straighten ourselves up. I drove her to her car and we talked a bit about the project. She told me that she liked my eyes and smile and I let her know how much of a puppy love crush I had on her. As our time wound down, she looked at me and said, “I had fun.” I said, “Me too.” We kissed again, and we held the kiss. She got in her car and I waited until she started it up, then put mine in reverse to go home.

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