I am a cum vampire

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I am a cum vampire. I discovered this the other night when I fed for the first time.

Although I classify myself as a “vampire,” I do not want anything to do with blood, just cum — female cum to be specific. I’ll explain why.

The other afternoon around 5:30pm, I woke up in bed and found that I had a raging erection. My brain felt like it was on fire with the sexual thoughts rolling through it, preventing me from resting. I tried to hold on to my slumber but I was tossing and turning in bed. My hips felt the softness of the mattress and started to thrust on it, and it felt bittersweet because it wasn’t a woman’s pussy.

I jumped up out of bed and took a shower. I walked out of the house just as dusk was setting a different vibe onto the horizon. I felt the thirst pulsating through my body, so I decided to go to a bar where Happy Hour would be starting.

I rarely go out to bars because I am a bit of a loner, but tonight, something felt different. As soon as I walked into the bar, I saw Nikki — she worked at an office nearby and had come out with the other girls to have cocktails and dance to the live band. Nikki had a slender frame and a tight, firm body. She had mesmerizing green eyes and full, pink lips. She had dark brown curly hair, big natural tits and wore a septum piercing when she wasn’t at work which looked fucking hot. Nikki was very sexually confident and loved to dance and show her body off.

We immediately locked eyes as I walked down the stairs to the bar beside the dance floor. She kept dancing around, keeping her gaze on me. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I took my tequila shot but didn’t need it for confidence because I felt a physical pull towards her. I walked up to her and she immediately wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and kept dancing. She stared into my eyes and my dick hardened. I wrapped my hands around her waist and she eased onto my thigh, beginning to grind on it. I could feel the wetness from her pussy through her shorts. My senses felt so heightened, I could vividly picture her pussy lips lubricating and staining her panties.

I could feel her clit swelling as it passed over from left to right, over my firm thigh muscle, sending shockwaves through her body. My nose picked up her pussy scent and sent chills through my body. I could feel her heart beating fiercely as if it were in my body. The scent, the sounds, it was overwhelming. I slid my hands down to her ass. It was firm and plump — I loved feeling it and I squeezed her cheeks and pushed her onto my thigh and she loved that. She moved her face to mine and a spark between us brought our lips together. I could sense every millimeter of her lips. Her spit tasted like the most sugary syrup ever created. She sucked on my bottom lip and I slipped my tongue into her mouth and flicked it on hers as we made out on the dance floor. My eyes were closed, but I would pull away and look at her every so often, maintaining the deep attraction between us.

She slid her hand onto my crotch and cupped my erection. She smiled at me and rubbed up and down on it, laughing sensually. Night had fallen and the dance floor was filled with people as the resident DJ played his set. Nikki took my hand and led me off the dance floor. The entire bar was filled, the music was loud and everyone was dancing.

We walked to the darkest section of the bar and Nikki turned to me, backing against the wall. I wanted to take her right there, hold her in my mouth and not let go until I was satisfied. We began to kiss and grope each other again. Nikki unzipped my jeans and slipped her hand into them, pulling out my cock, stroking it in between our bodies. I couldn’t take it any more and had to drink, needed to taste her.

I took her hand and we darted into the women’s bathroom. Thankfully no one was in there as we snuck into a stall. The room smelled clean and was air conditioned. As we locked the door, we looked deep into each other’s eyes again. I ground the back of my hand over her crotch, then turned my hand up and twirled two fingers over her pussy. I could feel it throbbing, her whole body pulsing with arousal. I unbuttoned her shorts, and slipped them off, still gazing into her eyes. The scent from her pussy was driving me crazy. It filled the whole room and it was pulling me down onto her.

My mouth seemed to open wider than my jaw as I took her pussy in my mouth. Her panties were still on and as my tongue flicked on them, they ripped open. My tongue pushed inside her and I began to tongue fuck her. I put her legs over my shoulders and raised her up against the stall wall. Her eyes were closed and she gripped the back of my head, so aroused. I began to flick her clit and my tongue felt abnormally fast, flicking left and right, up and down, changing speeds. She orgasmed quickly and was ready for more. I continued flicking my tongue and felt her clit so swollen; my tongue vibrated with speed and she orgasmed again.

Her juices tasted like nectar as they flowed down my throat. They splashed over my chin as I kept sucking and licking. I was barely conscious of what I was doing; the hunger had taken control.

I made her cum again, her body mine to control. She convulsed in involuntary pleasure, over and over. I let her down and took out my dick, throbbing and pulsating. I picked her up again and put her on top of me. Her pussy felt so hot, so wet.

Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as I gripped her waist and thrust my hips. I moved faster and faster and faster; she was clutching me and moaning. I leaned back and ground over her G-spot. Her juices squirted out all over the floor, on my jeans and my belly.

I exploded inside of her with so much force I was breathless, and we fell back onto the toilet, exhausted. We sat there for a while, her legs over mine and her head resting on my neck. Eventually, she put her shorts back on and I zipped my jeans up. There was steam on the bathroom mirrors and there was a haze in the light from our intensity.

Nikki and I walked out into the bar, and I realized that no one had walked into the restroom or cared that we were gone. They were all distracted by the rhythm of the night. We were in our own little world, she and I. She pulled on my hand to join her and her friends at the table. I held her close and gave her a deep kiss, putting my forehead on hers, and smiled. I walked away and let her go.

I felt sleepy and had this overwhelming desire to close my eyes and not wake up until the following night. I went home and slept until sunset of the next day. I didn’t know I had these powers until I used them. I felt superhuman, like a vampire in the movies — my jaws opened wider than my jawbone, and my superhuman strength was on display with the unconscious thrusting.

But all this could’ve just been that I hadn’t had sex in six months and was really, really dying for it. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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