Hot office sex with my lady boss

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Dani was the wife of the owner of a public relations company. I worked for them as a freelance writer on various projects, interviewing people, going to media events, and so on. Dani was a former beauty queen and had crossed over into legitimate businesses, making money along the way. She was smart, driven, funny and very sexy.

I didn’t realize to what extent I would feel her energy until I was brought in by her husband to work on a project with her. I would be based at their office for the duration of the project. I was tired of being on the road, so it seemed like a great fit.

When I showed up to start work, the secretary directed me to a glass meeting room where I sat at a long desk and waited for Dani to arrive. I was looking around when I saw a beautiful woman walking down a corridor of cubicles. She was dressed cute in jeans, sneakers, a sweater vest and a blouse underneath. She had her hair in a loose bun and was bouncing, smiling and greeting everyone as she walked towards the meeting room.

She walked in the room, and I was smitten. She smiled a wide smile and looked directly at me with stormy blue eyes as she stuck her hand out to greet me. I felt like I was the only one in the building and my dick became instantly erect. I couldn’t hear the first few words she said because I was so shocked and aroused. Finally, she began to mention things I was good at to talk about — namely writing — and we started to talk about our project. We clicked professionally and over the next hour created a structure for the project with deliverables and measurable goals. But I couldn’t help imagining her naked, her curves, those eyes looking at me in a lustful way…

That night I masturbated about being with her. I thought about her eyes looking at me in a dark room. I pulled my underwear down to my knees and reached to grab my shaft, erect and pulsating. Every time I stroked my cock, I thought about those eyes. Those eyes lit up the room, and we were embracing, groping each other, kissing deeply and passionately, and fucking really hard. The look on her face as she was aroused by my caresses made me explode cum all over my belly, up to my chest. That sated what was to become a hunger for her, but only temporarily.

The next day we began work on the project, and for the rest of the week my hunger was at bay. She was so smart and we communicated well. My professional self was in charge and I liked where the project was headed. We went out to lunch a few times and talked business. It was a huge turn on but I genuinely thought she was a good person and a great catch, not a “trophy wife.” We had gotten into a rhythm personally as well as professionally, and one evening, as the work day was winding down, we started to talk more personally and got to talking about sex. She mentioned a time she hooked up with another beauty contestant the night before the pageant, and it got my dick hard.

She noticed my erection and cooed, “Are you getting hard at this? Mmmmmmm.”

I tried to cover up but she slapped my hands away, laughing and teasing me, “Ooooooh, you got harrrd.” I felt embarrassed, and her gaze softened. “I’m sorry, I’m just playing,” she said. Then she inched closer to me and put her hand on my wrist, brushing her fingers through my arm hair. I looked up at her and she said, “I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t help myself and I grabbed the back of her neck and brought her in for a kiss. I flicked my tongue in her mouth, then pulled my face away. Her eyes narrowed and she looked at me, lustfully.

We started to make out slowly, gently. I felt like I learned every millimeter of her lips as we turned our faces slowly upon each kiss, savoring the moment. The kisses got more intense and we both sat up on the chair, arching our backs with our legs interlocked. She was brushing her hand over my erection and started to unbuckle my pants. I looked up and around the office to see if anyone was at their cubicle working late. I felt the air conditioning on my penis as she opened my pants. Then, her warm mouth enveloped and swallowed me, sucking hard on my dick. I was alarmed and thought someone would see us in glass-walled meeting room.

No one appeared, and her sucking was strong. The feeling was exhilarating and the anxiety of getting caught combined with it to make me feel unreal. I grabbed the back of her neck and started to push her down on me harder. She moaned at this and pushed my chest, making me lean back in the chair. I watched her face. Her lips were pulling back on my cock, full lips pressed around my shaft, and then I saw her swallow all of me. Her spit was warm and her tongue rippled on my shaft with spit dribbling to my balls.

I sat up and yanked her upright. I pushed her onto the table and started to take off her jeans. I was looking deep in her eyes as I yanked down her jeans and peeled them off. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and I dug my mouth onto her pussy. I would have torn through any panties with my teeth, truth be told. I spread her legs wide on the table and began to eat her pussy. I flicked with my tongue on her swollen clit and she was thrashing and moaning. I took her clit in my mouth and flicked as fast as I could. I sucked her pussy lips and stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could. I heard her yelling, “YEEEA, YEAAAA, YEAA, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” She forced my tongue inside of her and I wanted to be forced.

I shook her hand away and stood up. I spit on my fingers and slipped one in, then another. I started to finger fuck her. She was looking up at me. Her mouth was open and she was gasping and moaning. I kept fucking her and I started to hear the sound of her wetness slobbering on my hand. She came so hard she pushed my fingers out of her.

I looked up, but not around. I didn’t care anymore who was watching. She sat up and hugged the back of my neck. We were breathing heavy and touching one another. She was breathing in my ear and it got me even more aroused. I took her hand and wrapped it around my shaft and she started to stroke it. I looked up as my head was leaning on hers and gazed in her eyes. I kissed her deeply and then pulled my face away. A trail of spit connected our lips. We began to kiss passionately again and were groping each other.

She got up from the table and clutched me. I turned her around and started to grab her tits. She bent over, grinding her ass on me. My stiff cock was brushing her pussy lips and ass cheeks. I bent her over the table and I propped up one of her knees. She arched her back for me. I started to push into her and felt it go in.

She panted, “Wait! Wait!… that’s in my ass.” I had pushed my mushroom head inside and was halfway in. I thought, I could just pound her right here. She pushed her hand on my upper thigh and I reluctantly pulled out. She guided my penis inside her pussy and I went up to my balls inside of her. We held each other as we rode the high of the feeling. Her ass was curvy and her cheeks were plump. It felt soft as I pounded against it, like I was thrusting against a pillow. We got so intense she asked me to slap her ass. I slapped it in between breaths and she yelled, “HARDER!” I complied and kept slapping as hard as I could. It was making a snapping sound and she loved it.

As my abs started to feel sore, I started to feel the urge to cum. I thrust without throwing my body into her and did it until the cum felt as if it would burst. I pulled out and fell back violently onto the office chair, cumming in a body convulsing jerk. I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. She was holding herself on the table but then fell to one knee. Papers were thrown on the floor all over the meeting room and there was sweat on the chair where my ass sat. The environmental lights had turned all the office lights off and our light was the only one on. It felt like we were in our own private sex room.

Dani slapped my face lightly and it knocked me out of my daydream. I looked in her eyes and could see she was wondering what I was thinking. I looked around the office and everything was fine. The papers were organized on the floor and we were reading over the content that we were writing for her website. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to knock myself out of the surreal feeling that we just had sex. I wanted to kiss her but I couldn’t risk losing my job. I composed myself sadly and walked back into the room.

“Are you Ok?” Dani asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I… I just…” I laughed it off and said, “I was daydreaming, sorry.”

Dani looked at me puzzled, and laughed. We kept working on the project and my time at the office ended up working very well. I had to leave at the end of the project because I couldn’t control how badly I wanted her. She loved her husband, and I’m not a home-wrecker. I am just a writer who has vivid daydreams.

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