A Mile-High Lesson in Suspense

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“Let’s see if we can’t get someone to switch out their seat,” Jake says charmingly as we board the plane. This from-somewhere-in-Europe heartbreaker — whom I’ve just met, of course — had been chatting me up enthusiastically in the departure hall, and I’ve got the feeling he’s about to make my day. “I’d like to sit by you.”

Smiling in reply, I keep shuffling forward until I reach my seat. I sit and strap myself in, glancing up at Jake with a grin and a shrug as he passes by, moving toward his seat a few more rows on. If he wants to sit here, I think, I’m sure he’ll make it happen. Hope he does.

The flow of passengers trickles. Nobody sits down in the empty seat to the left of me. As the flight attendants begin making their announcements, Jake appears in the aisle next to me. “I’ll just sit here, yeah?”

Twenty minutes later and we’re cruising at altitude. Folks are starting to sleep, the plane’s whirring peacefully, and the air conditioner is blasting icicles. I wrap my shawl around myself. After a few more minutes of idle chatting (and me inwardly enjoying how close his face is to mine), Jake and I begin to doze.

Jostled from my light sleep, I stir as Jake sidles up to me. I knew it, I think, smiling to myself.

He burrows his head in my neck and then squeezes my upper arm. Opening my eyes, I glance at him. His eyes stay closed. Faker. His thigh and knee start to rub slowly against mine, up and down: he’s definitely not sleeping. A contented sigh sounds at my ear.

I lean forward a bit to unwrap myself from my shawl so I can fling it over him, over the both of us.

“Mmm,” he murmurs as he nuzzles his nose into my shoulder. “Are we doing this?”

“Did you intend that we do something else?”

Mmm,” a longer, lower murmur. “Just checking.” His left hand moves to my left thigh. It rests there for a moment before giving a squeeze. “I wish we were, um… in a bed somewhere.”

Forthcoming! I’m impressed. “Is that right?”

“That’s right.” He squeezes my leg again and starts to caress it, burrowing his face into the crook of my neck so it tickles. I let him continue. His hand moves up my thigh, to my belly, hand under my shawl, obscured from view. “May I?”

“Be my guest.”

Turns out, Jake’s not shy. He goes for my breasts and squeezes the right, then the left, nuzzling all the while. The feeling of this stranger’s hands on my tits thrills me. He lets out a small sigh of pleasure as I push my chest forward into his hand.

I might as well be naked considering the flimsiness of the bralette I’m wearing; when he locates and pinches my left nipple — suddenly, firmly — it’s clear he can feel absolutely everything. My flesh hardens in response. I let out a near-imperceptible sigh and squeeze my legs together so I can rub against myself and fully enjoy the rush of warmth starting to spread in my groin.

Slowly, he tilts his mouth to the flesh of my neck to deliver a few silent kisses. When he adds tongue, a shiver races up my spine. I angle myself toward him, crossing my right leg over my left and tilting my head to the right to better expose my neck, eager for more. He continues rubbing and squeezing my chest while sucking at my earlobe, every sensation sending ripples of pleasure through my body, along my skin. I thrill at the thought of being seen by the other passengers, though most of them are clearly asleep. My toes curl as Jake bites down hard on the side of my ear, his lips making a sudden sucking sound.

“Jake,” I hiss playfully, “Shh.

In reply, I get another exhale of breath, a bit more guttural this time. He continues with kisses, more forceful now.

My curiosity and hunger get the better of me, and I reach to find his groin: he’s rock-hard through his jeans and big. I give him a squeeze and do what I can to stroke him through his pants. In response, he presses his face into my neck and then bites me so hard that I nearly — just nearly — cry out.

He reaches down and shoves my legs uncrossed. My stomach flips in excitement. Is he gonna finger fuck me right here in this seat? There’s just the right amount of space for me to spread my knees apart. He angles his thick fingers against me through my pants and presses them flat against my heat, pressing firmly and moving up and down, stroking me as I continue to stroke him. The yoga pants I’m wearing give him easy access to the soft plumpness of my flesh. Of course, I’m not wearing panties. We’re getting hot now, I can tell — the heat of our bodies is building up under my shawl.

Giddy to express my pleasure but not wanting to be overheard, I moan as softly as I can. I must be leaking through my pants. Can’t handle much more, I think. Another little moan of delight — and a gasp — escape my lips.

“Shh,” he whispers. He flashes a devilish smile and raises his eyebrows in amusement at my pleasure. Or is it my pain? I’m not so sure. He continues in a whisper: “Here’s what we’re gonna do. Bathroom’s empty. I’ll go first. Follow in a minute. They won’t notice. Just come in after I unlock the door.”

I’m immediately on board, no reservations. “You seem… seasoned,” I say as I lift his hand away from me at the wrist and unspool my shawl from him. “Done this before?”

“Nah. Just inventive.”

“Go, then,” I command.

He obeys. As he moves down the aisle, I take in the sight of the delicious shape of the back of his body, wondering with bubbling curiosity at what exactly the front of him — the naked front of him — looks like.

The door to the bathroom whooshes as I open it to slip inside. Jake was right: nobody noticed us at all.

He’s sitting against the edge of the miniscule sink, pants and underwear on the floor. Around his ankles. His huge cock is already out, in his hand, fully erect. He strokes it gently, eyes locked on mine, the other hand straying to tug up the hem of his t-shirt. He reveals his trim, smooth belly. Hanging cheekily, his balls look friendly. Enticing. My eyes drink in the sight of him as my heartbeat quickens.

I lock the door.

“I don’t know you, Laura,” he says, stroking himself. I’m totally transfixed. His free hand plays over his abs, tempting me; I literally start to salivate. He knows how hot he is. “What do you like?”

I don’t need to mess around with this guy, I think. “Everything,” I answer. “But Jake, we don’t have time for more talk.”

“Then suck this.”

I crave nothing more; with a lunge, I attack. In less than a second, I’m on my knees, face buried into his musky groin, rooting around, savoring the sweet-sour scent of him — savoring first contact.

I take his shaft in my right hand and greedily begin to lick the soft skin of his sack, wrapping my left hand around his thigh and sliding it up to squeeze his backside. I pinch at him as hard as I can, my body growing hotter by the second. Jake leans back against the sink with a moan — I can tell he’s relaxed, ready for me.

After giving his cock a firm squeeze, I look up — and he senses my eyes on his face. He watches as I position my mouth at the head of his dick and put my tongue at the ridge underneath. Pressing gingerly, I start to move my tongue up and down as our eyes keep steady contact. I see from his chest that his breath is coming faster now. After a few seconds, he grabs his cock and starts rubbing the head of it all over my lips and tongue, collecting my saliva and mixing it with his own fluids. I moan in sloppy delight. I want him entirely in my mouth, now — tilting my head down and closing my eyes, I part my lips and take him in.

The width and firmness of him in my mouth fills me with relief, joy, and pleasure all at once. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted a cock this huge, and I’m ecstatic. I close my lips around it and begin to suck eagerly, allowing my lips to move with the motion of my pulling and pushing. The flesh of him is deliciously firm yet blissfully soft in my mouth. He’s incredibly hard — I can feel his hardness straining against his stretched-out skin as if it wants to jump out of his body and into mine.

Using my tongue, I stimulate the underside of his cock as I suck, relishing the flavor of his juices as they mingle with the saliva pooling in my mouth. My hands caress his muscular, finely-haired thighs; I grip him above the knee and dig my nails in a bit, a familiar twinge in my jaw delivering a sensation of wanting to just take a bite of him. He’s irresistible.

His back hunches in pleasure as he puts his hands on either side of my face. His hips begin to thrust; he fucks my mouth freely, and I relax my throat to pull him in deeper. I’m absolutely starving for the dick in my mouth — I wonder if he can sense how much I’m appreciating this. His girth forces my mouth open about as much as my jaw can handle, and I keep pushing for more. I take him in right to the base of his cock, slather him with spit — getting sloppier and savoring every fucking minute of it. His knees start to shake ever-so-slightly.

Grabbing himself at the base of his dick, he withdraws with a thwop; when I let out a whimper of disappointment, he comforts me by rubbing the wetness that drips from him all over my cheeks and nose, stroking himself against my skin while pleasuring himself. I’m ready to consume him entirely, right now, cock first, and he’s ready to be consumed. He maneuvers his cock into my mouth once more and shoves it down as deep as it can go.

His free hand moves to the back of my head, pressing me into his groin as I moan in delight; a choking sound stifles my hungry groan. I’m in heaven. He pulls out again and then slaps his meat against my face with an echoing thwak. In total ecstasy, I sink my teeth into the fleshy part of his upper thigh, not sure what to do but needing to do something — to bite something — I’m operating purely on instinct.

Suddenly, he lifts me up and spins me around. He pushes me up against the sink and yanks my yoga pants down to my knees. I’m drenched with anticipation, though he doesn’t even check if I’m ready for him — he knows he doesn’t have to. He slides himself right into me in an instant, the size of him prying me open slowly as I close my eyes and press myself onto him. I yelp when he finally fills me completely.

Shh, he says, placing his left hand around my neck and squeezing ever so slightly; the other hand comes up and covers my mouth. “We won’t have much time, especially if you start making noises.” My heart starts racing again; is it possible to get more turned on though his dick’s already in me? Jake looks in the mirror over my shoulder and into my eyes as he starts to fuck — long, slow, deliberate thrusts — and he doesn’t break our eye contact even for a second. I keep my eyes locked in, too.

Feeling feisty and restless, even impatient, I slip my tongue out of my mouth to lick the inside of his hand and then indulge in another bite of him, right on the fleshy part of the palm of his hand. His fingers make their way into my mouth and press down on my tongue, going deeper and tickling the back of my throat, making me gag. His dick’s moving steadily in me, and I answer his continued thrusting by bending my knees and bracing myself against his body, presenting the perfect angle. My body’s urging him to go faster, though he doesn’t give in — doesn’t relieve me. He’s a steady, even-keeled fucker; no jackhammering, just slow, deep thrusts that have me absolutely trashed for him. I focus on the delicious sensation of his dick in me and start to sweat in heightened anticipation as his body pushes against and into mine but doesn’t give in to what I want. I glance at his face; he’s relishing torturing me, relishing the fact that he’s so clearly in control — and in demand.

Starting to move more deeply, Jake puts both of his hands on the edge of the sink and keeps grinding into me. Then, he pulls himself even closer; I’m breathless as he lifts me up, strengthening his thighs to dangle me an inch or two off the floor. He pushes me forward so my right cheek smashes into the mirror as I dangle, breathing hard — my breath’s fogging up the glass — I’m pinned between his body and the tiny sink. He starts to fuck me with harder, faster thrusts but maintains that damned even, slow rhythm. He pushes all the way inside to make tiny thrusts, hitting my cervix, and I bite my tongue to make sure I don’t cry out. He presses himself in right up to the hilt of my cunt as if he could get even farther in if only he tried harder.

And then, suddenly, he stops, braces me — releases me back to the floor. In a flash, he’s pulling my ass cheeks apart, spreading me wide, one cheek gripped in each hand. Thrusting again, his lower belly’s now making contact with my asshole, and the sensation drives me wild — I thrust involuntarily against him, my body begging him for more, begging him to do just what he’s doing and fucking crank up the speed. I can’t help but gasp and groan, and at this point, I don’t give a fuck if anyone hears me. My juices lubricate every inch of us — I can’t last much longer. Then, a surprise: a few swirls of his thumb on my asshole, then the thumb goes in; he starts pounding my cunt faster, faster, as he shoves his thumb in me as far as it will go — my breath catches in my throat.

When I come, I have to bite my fist to keep from screaming. My thigh muscles tighten and my legs clench together as his dick slowly, steadily stimulates some perfect spot deep inside me, sending me over the edge. My muscles squeeze tightly around his cock, and I sense his pleasure heighten. My asshole’s clenching and loosening around his thumb. He moans, the sound gravelly and just too sexy for me to handle — my body tenses, pleasure shooting through me — my entire groin spasms on repeat — and then —

I soften.

Jake slows his thrusting, savoring the aftershocks. “Can I come inside you?” he whispers into my ear.

“I’m on the pill,” I consent. “But for the love of god, fuck me faster.” Even though I’ve just come, I’m still desperate to feel him unleash all his power.

He removes himself and turns me around; there’s just enough space for my ass on the edge of the sink for me to sit and face him. He yanks my pants fully off and spreads my legs. I let him do what he wants with me; my body, at this point, is fully pliant, flexible. My cunt throbs, swollen and tired but pining for more. Jake grabs hold of my ankles. I brace myself, grin, and lean back against the mirror as I angle myself forward for the taking. He re-enters me slowly, savoring it: his eyelids lower and his mouth curls into a smile. My abdominal muscles quiver in response, adoring the sensation of being fucked after I’ve already come. Starting to moving again inside me, back and forth, Jake tilts his head back and bites his lower lip. To my delight, he’s pushing me open even more widely than before — I’m totally breathless. He’s surely ready to let it fly…

But Jake reverts back to teasing me — he pulls out until just the first inch of his cock is inside me and starts working it in tiny thrusts. In and out. In and out. My pussy throbs with pleasure as he reaches down to angle his cock upward in order to stimulate my G-spot. I do my best to keep eye contact though I’m totally done for; my body floods with heat as all of my major muscles relax and the muscles in my groin begin to spasm again, the orgasm rippling out to my farthest extremities. I sense the stream of hot liquid spurting out of me and don’t even want to control it. My come washes over him and he groans in delight; he’s watching, taking in the entire scene of himself tickling me with his cock. My body quakes and shivers as the tremors start to diminish, and then, before I get a chance to recover —

He’s off to the races. “Finally!” I yell — I can’t help myself. He slams his hand over my mouth once more. Inside me with full force, he’s pumping fast. My head smashes up against the mirror me as the power of his fucking controls my entire body; I can’t even breathe I’m enjoying it so much. My pussy, sensitive and swollen after my two orgasms, takes him all in with a greedy delight that still hasn’t abated — it sucks him inside, eager to milk him. I grunt from my throat in pleasure, but Jake remains silent, head back, eyes closed, moving rhythmically as my body, steadied, receives everything he’s delivering. His silence amazes me, and the sexiness of his self-control and power over the situation alone almost makes me come again; I’m totally at his mercy, enslaved by his masculine power — just where I want to be.

Then, he stops — fully inside, pressing against me, starting to come. With my own heightened sensitivity I can feel him come in me; my body floods with heat again as he orgasms. Still but for the shuddering of his shoulders, he comes for what seems like an eternity; I watch his arms rippling, his abs flexing on repeat, savoring the beautiful sight of him fully enjoying me.

Finally, he collapses — as much as he’s able, given the circumstances. His dick stays in me for just a few moments of perfect silence.

He holds his head up again, reaching to slide out his dick from me. He examines it: still swollen and massive, it’s drenched in both of us. A dribble of white has pooled along the place where his head meets his shaft. Easing myself myself off the sink, I kneel down, legs quivering, and take him gently into my mouth. As I suck him clean, he strokes my cheek and smiles.

“You’re fun,” I say, grinning up at him.

“You’re incredible.”

We start gathering ourselves. I’m as pleased as punch with myself and with him. Maybe I’ll give him my number, I think, surprising myself.

Emerging from the bathroom, we’re pleased by the lack of flight attendance waiting for us in the walkway — though they must have seen us go in together and I’m sure we’re not the first people ever to fuck in an airplane bathroom. But there’s nary a stewardess in sight. Suppressing grins, we walk to our seats and buckle up.

“Thanks a lot,” Jake says, stretching, catlike.

“I’ll give you my number if you like,” I say, tensing slightly; I want him to say yes.

He pauses just for a moment, sensing my anticipation. “Where’s your shawl, girlie? It’s still fucking freezing out here.”

Eyes wide, forcing a smile, I reach for it and cover us up. We’re sitting just as we were before. “Better?”

“Better,” he affirms. “And yes, I’d love your number.”

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