Give Me That Dick

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Slide it in and let me express my devotion

We entwine on my bed like serpents seeking warmth in the cold. He plunders me from beneath with dexterous fingers. His scent still clings to my skin. All I can do is smell his sandalwood scent mixed with the blunt from earlier.

My nipples stay hard from his lips and tongue. They were teased forward into the cool air by his attentive lips. We’re cast in a pink glow from the lamp next to the bed stand.

“Tell me why this pussy tastes so damn good?” KW demands.

All I can do is whimper in reply. What he’s doing to me feels a certain sort of amazing. I can still smell the smoke on his skin from our kisses before.

KW pries my legs open deliciously so. He slides his arms underneath my ass and holds onto my thick thighs. The blunt nails of his left hand dig into my skin. I squirm on my king sized bed. His index finger pulses inside me at a rapid pace. My body releases a sudden explosion of liquid. I’m sure his bearded face takes the brunt of my orgasm.

There are little murmurs of appreciation and pleasure. He licks my petal-soft clit. I’m sure it’s doubled in size. Like a beautiful bud ripe for picking. There’s that absolute dedication to the task of giving me pleasure.

“Give me that dick of yours,” I whisper.

He releases my thighs. I let out an animalistic growl. KW rolls onto his back and I grip the base of his dick. I’m more than happy to return the favor of devouring him.

That moment when he becomes engulfed by my lips is a certain sort of beauty. I love the feel of his dick filling my mouth. How it hits the back of my throat. This only causes me to drive it further inside.

I bob up and down on his erection. My tongue slides down to his manicured balls. I flick at them and he writhes underneath me. I return back to devoutly giving him a blowjob.

“You are such a cum slut.”

I let out a murmur of appreciation at the hotness of his words. I disengage from his dick. My face rubs against his thigh like a cat marking her territory.

“Mmm, oh yes I am. You better believe it.”

I tilt my head to the side to be supported by his thigh. My mouth sucks lazily at his cock. This position is an intense turn on to me. I can see his blissful expressions even better. I slide my fingers onto his wrists and press down. My fingers grip around his larger bones.

My weight restrains him and restricts him from escaping. His pulse thuds like a bird trapped within a cage. It’s one of the hottest sensations I’ve ever felt. The tempo increases to a fever pitch beneath my digits. I feel it as if it’s my own heart beat that’s racing.

His breath comes out in rapid, desperate pants. I love what I’m doing to him in every way possible.

“Are you going to give me your cum? Please?” I ask sweetly.

“How bad do you want it?”

“Very, very bad. I’m desperate for it.”

I move away from my devout task. My hands release his wrists. His hand beats away at his dick at a feverish pace. My tongue flicks at his balls while he strokes rapidly. There’s a groan that releases from his lips. I suck one ball into my mouth and he tries to squirm away. I chase after him with a grin.

“I’m close,” he whispers.

I bounce into the position to collect his sweet, delicious essence. KW’s lips release a moan and I know he’s cumming. My mouth latches on. It spurts inside and I swallow it with an excited murmur.

His taste is subtle, with a sort of sweetness. It’s the perfect consistency and I make a sound of contentment.

“It’s time for you to get off too.”

He offers me my pink vibrator with the dual edges for the clit and pussy. It hums and I press through the different settings. My fingers dance around my wet, engorged bud. I can hardly keep it pressed on from the wetness of my pussy.

“Mmm, these tits. I fucking love them.”

He whispers against my flesh. His lips grasp them again. I’m enamored with watching his expressions. My fingers chase through his wavy, long locks. I press his mouth firmer against my tit. He overtly flicks his tongue against it. Our eyes lock in this moment. I roll my head back to be supported by the pillow.

“You like watching me suck these tits? Don’t you?”

“Yes, it’s so fucking hot,” I say in a mere whimper. My thighs twitch before my clitoral orgasm. I feel it building within me like a live wire electrical system. A sigh escapes from my parted lips. He sucks my right nipple sharper within his mouth. Teeth scrape against the delicate skin. This puts me over the edge.

I convulse with a sudden, passion filled scream. My voice crescendos with the pleasure that overflows and overfills me. I’m nothing but a live wire still pulsing after the fact. There’s this riding the wave of pleasure until I just can’t any more. I remove the vibrator and turn it off. It’s tossed aside.

KW pulls me into his body. We rub against each other and I let out a sweet sigh. My legs spin in circles. I squeeze my thighs together and the residual ecstasy resurfaces. I’m trapped in this beautiful ebb and flow of my vanishing orgasm.

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