360+ Days and Counting

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He listened. To every word she spoke. Every secret that she told. Every morsel. The words were placed inside the spider’s web of knowledge, for use at his discretion, to pluck each delectable bite as he saw fit. To be used to seduce, to teach, to reflect on in getting to the roots of the altered silhouette on her other side.

He was that listener, an intent watcher, waiting, in darkness and light, always fully present. Absorbing for her benefit. He knew she would need that, for each season. That understanding, when her words, thoughts, feelings, could not form coherently in their delivery… he would smooth them out for her. Ad- lib, if you will. Completing her thought process. She found that exhilarating, but uncertain, as that was the power no one had ever had over her. This full- throttled power was now his. Like she gave in or gave it away, all because he reached up, down, inside and touched her soul.

Stories and metaphors merging to form the backdrop, lying on foundations that will become building blocks one by one. Intricate pieces. To those with sight, it is confusing, but to the blind it is apparent. They get it, intuitive. As he is her fear, the reality is, he is her calm. She is safe now, as it was never safe in the jungle. Lions, tigers and bears abounding. Waiting to devour. The story is being written one mile at a time. There is no rush, but time is running out.

She walks a fine line from where she’s been, happy in the sense of knowing herself, but yet fear still engulfs her in her unknown. She fears speaking too loudly, too wildly and not being understood when her fervent messages are misinterpreted as ramblings. She has a penchant for that, for going off on a tangent. But she’s alright with that side of herself. You get it or you don’t. She can be apologetic when you don’t get it. It makes her laugh at her own oddity, and she realizes her own uniqueness.

She wants to hold him, to envelop him, maybe not so much him, but the energy which brings the calm in her mystic storms. Can time stand still? She wants to go back and start at day one. August… exploring each moment, minute, hour of the 360+days and nights passed. But we all move forward, as time never looks back.

As reflection fades in, she realizes she is not in love with him, but with the real man behind the persona of who he is. The man he shows himself to be in his actions, spilling out of curiosity’s cat, that she chases. Enveloping inside his knowledge, he is not what is portrayed in the quiet hours of her screams…

The light of day brings her qualms to rest as the sun rises after each sunset. She walks boldly into the fantastic jungle of lions, tigers and bears. There is no more fear.

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