Menage, part four

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Emily takes control…

Emily jerks on my leash with a powerful insistence. I draw close, closer; my skin comes into contact with hers at those places that seem intended to create arousal. Or perhaps our bodily awareness is so heightened that arousal is all we know at this moment. My dog-chain is wrapped around her hand, and her mouth is an inch from mine. My collar is tight around my neck. Already I taste her.

I am under her control, testing the steel that holds my hands behind my back; I absorb the warmth of her breath as our lips come together and we become as one in mutual hunger.

Her eyes hold mine.

The words, ‘I need you, Emily,’ make scarcely a whisper as I tell her of my wanting, even as her kiss pulses through my eager body. I feel myself rising on her probing fingers, knowing, collared as I am, that I must beg to be allowed to climax. Before the question can be formed, she shakes her head in refusal and withdraws them. As I knew she would.

‘Just interested to see how on heat you are, bitch,’ she murmurs.

She is already inflicting sweet torture on me, the flooding arousal that engulfed her searching hand confirms that. She draws it up to my waiting mouth. I suck with an eager thirst, while our tongues entwine themselves around her fingers to savour the sweet taste of me. Already I am teetering on the edge of climax; her sadistic streak keeps me there.

It is the most unendurable ecstasy imaginable.

Abruptly she turns, and collared as I am, I can only follow. Cuffed, and with my robe flowing open, we go back upstairs towards the bathroom.

‘You will bathe me.’ It is a statement, not an order or request. She turns me around, uncuffs my wrists and slips my robe off so that I stand naked before her. She brings my hands around in front, clicks the steel so that they are secured again. With wrists shackled together, I have become her naked handmaiden who will serve as she chooses.

Awkwardly I hold the shower head to let the hot water course down her exquisite body and watch rivulets form themselves into infinite flowing patterns across the perfection that is her every curve and sinew. The sponge carrying the shower gel carries a softly powerful perfume between us as lines of water and soap trail down, leaving no part of her free of my attention. She turns slowly to offer herself to the hot pulsing jets and my knowing hands.

My cuffs force me to use both hands, as Emily parts her legs just enough to allow them to guide the hot flow of water to accentuate her own flood of desire for me. I put the shower head back on its bracket and leave the water playing over both of us.

She closes her legs against my hands, hearing the click of the steel enclosing my wrists as it presses into her thighs, telling her that she owns me. My fingers find her, and probe her need. Hot water powers over both of us, and steam rises as she clasps my body to hers in response to growing ecstasy. Emily lifts my face up between her hands and kisses me with renewed frenzy, then thrusts me back against the wall as she rides my fingers, screaming her climax without drawing back from my mouth as water streams over our faces.

My head is forced down to find each nipple in turn, to lick the water off each before rolling first one, then the other around my tongue and teeth, increasing my bite by degrees, knowing her pain by the way my head is pulled hard into her breast and the barely stifled screams of need as I do it.

The harder I bite, the harder she pulls me in.

I want her pain to be unbearable. It shows in her flood of reaction on my hands. I want to make her an insatiable animal.

Emily’s shudders against me ride on and on into a frenzied eternity. I have no choice but to keep my cuffed hands where she has them clamped between her pulsing thighs, using me to tease out every last crescendo of screaming climax.

‘On your knees, bitch,’ she says with a push down on my shoulders. I release her breast from my teeth, and kneel obediently to accept her thrust to my open mouth. ‘I need more,’ she gasps, lifting onto her toes and straddling my upturned face. She lifts one leg over my shoulder to open herself and thrust closer. My waiting mouth fills with her and the water that flows over us. I am drinking Emily and flowing hot water simultaneously.

My tongue searches eagerly for what we both want as one hair twisting hand pulls me deeper in while the other one presses against the wall.

The taking of me is hard and relentless. Any sound I try to make is closed off by her insistent use of my mouth and the gushing water. I can only kneel in surrender and give what is demanded.

The fingernails of my shackled hands dig deep into her flesh and pull her tighter to me. My thrusting tongue tells her of my wanting, driving itself ever deeper; twisting, curling, probing to discover all that makes her woman. The streaming water makes her hot to my touch as it flows into me. It becomes a delicious drowning in desire.

Downward forcing is insistent, and I slide slowly down against the tiles until I’m on my back. Emily straddles my face and envelops me within herself, screaming and writhing as she holds me down, taking yet another climax from my hard tongue. We lie in pools of water, heedless of the hot jet that hits us with a constant spray.

The floor is hard under me, but I need to feel Emily’s power and her relentless use of me as flicks of my tongue drive her to tormented insanity again and again. With my head firmly clamped between her thighs, she leans back and guides my chained wrists down to find myself, taking the fingers of one hand deep into me, while pressing one finger of the other tenderly against my dripping clit.

The soft circles she makes with my hands arouse me to a different level of frenzy as she performs the little circles on my mouth to the same rhythm. Emily removes her hand from mine, leaving me free to match my own gyrations to hers.

We move as one, each lifting the other towards our mutual pinnacle, a long buildup so that every step of the ascent is savoured. There comes a losing of self as the blinding climax hits, matched by Emily’s relentless use of my upturned mouth.

We scream as one, and collapse sideways together on the bathroom floor, neither willing to let the other go.

We want to hold our moment forever as the ecstasy becomes a shaking delirium, and I disengage to clasp my cuffed wrists around her neck, kissing her through the haze of water and steam and mindless desire.

Somehow we crawl out of the shower, grab some big fluffy towels and dry each other off before falling across the bed, exhausted. Emily keeps me chained… it seems normal to be so, now, with her. I don’t have to tell her I want it this way, she just knows. The steel bites into my wrists, but it is a sweet pain that is her gift to me.

‘This is perfection,’ I whisper softly in her ear. ‘Can we stay this way all day?’

‘If you have nothing planned,’ she giggles playfully.

I hold her tighter. ‘No… nothing planned but you, sweet Emily.’

My arms are around her neck, and I hold her tight and close. This is the sweet after-time of drifting; it is where the senses of the real world no longer intrude. It is where we are content to lie as one with our minds closed to all else and the thoughts of each of us focused on the other in the rapture of this glorious morning. Which of us is the captive at this moment seems irrelevant. Our eyes close and we drift into sleep wrapped in each other. We wake dreamily, then drift off after more intense mutual pleasuring.

My waking is sudden and clear. I try to sit up, but can’t.

My sleep fuddled brain begins to catch up with my other senses. I feel for Emily but my movements are impeded. I realise that my wrists are above my head and secured to the bedhead. Pulling on them rattles the chain of my handcuffs. I try to twist to where Emily should be, only to find that my legs are spread wide and my ankles are chained to the foot of the bed, making movement almost impossible.

Emily isn’t there; she has left me spreadeagled and helpless.

I become aware of voices downstairs.

To be continued…


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