Your Sexual Sphinx and Minx

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I want you to assume the position

He hovers behind me. I sit like a human Sphinx waiting for him to crack me open in two. Like a piñata that is made for consumption after the fact.

His dick traces my willing, wet entrance. It’s slick, absolutely soaked and we’ve hardly done anything. He’s teasing me as I assume the position he wants. My ass is up in the air. My elbows slide along the silky edges of my king sized mattress.

The thought crosses my mind that he’s the first and only one to fuck me on my bed like this. In my previous relationship we hardly ever fucked and so the extra room was never used. Moments ago, he was teasing me for having such a large bed. I countered that if you’re going to stay for a sleepover after fucking, you need to have your own side.

He plunges his dick inside me. I let out a yell as it fills me. I’ve been wanting this desperately. The hours have faded away as I busied myself around the apartment waiting for him.

He thrusts, and with each push he goes in deeper. I don’t know how he finds a way further within me than any other man. My loud moans echo around my new home. I make noises only he can cause me to make. I take every inch he imposes within my tight pussy.

“Put those arms behind your back. Now,” he commands me. It’s said in a dominant growl. I laugh a little and push against him.

“You know I don’t listen to you.”

His hands grab my arms. He pulls back and my face crushes against my soft comforter. His dick delves even deeper within me. My body says it’s too much and not enough at the same time. I rear up without thinking.

“What did I tell you?”

Isle smacks my ass forcefully. He punishes me for breaking the position he had me in. I groan and try to move my hands underneath me. He holds my arms behind my back again. My face pulses against the fluffy comforter covering my bed. I’m shoved against the gentle surface as he dominates me roughly.

“I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. Have I hit the bottom, MD?” he asks.

“Yes, you hit the bottom of it. You always do.”

I don’t know how he fucks me like this and keeps his voice steady. He always wants the bottom of me. That bottom edge of my pussy as it tightly hugs around his girth.

His length keeps pummeling into me. It sends electricity through every nerve in my body. I feel lit up like a Christmas tree, all shining and never ending light. I’m crescendoing like a beautiful, classical symphony. My breath comes out hotly against the soft fabric.

He smacks my ass again. The sound resounds within my large bedroom.

His fingers find their way into my hair. He pulls it roughly as he fucks me like an animal. It’s the most all-consuming sex of my life that he keeps giving me. Like the best present to be unwrapped each time.

“I’m giving it to you and you don’t give it back. Tell me how it feels with this dick in you.”

I’m consumed with these overwhelming sensations. His smoky scent stays residually in my nostrils. I’m aware of his breath coming out in occasional groans. Isle keeps himself controlled so his noises turn me on in ways few do. How his body thrusts deeper within me. As if his dick is demanding an answer from me, as well as his voice.

“It feels amazing. You have no idea how fucking amazing it feels. You know I can’t think right now.”

I try to respond. It takes a few seconds to find my voice besides screams and moans. There’s a moment where I wonder what the neighbors upstairs will think of hearing the wild sex we’re having.

“You’ve been wanting this all day?”

“Yes, yes.”

He flips me onto my back. I know he wants to watch my expressions. How my mouth is open, moaning. He lifts and pushes my legs up toward my ears. My toes curl in anticipation of what he’ll be doing. I’m contorted like a human pretzel for his and my own pleasure.

His dick enters me again and it’s even deeper. I whimper pathetically and gasp. I still want more, harder, him fucking me so fast I can’t breathe.

He seems to sense what I’m thinking. Isle wants to hear me say all these things out loud. His hand moves down to my throat. He puts enough pressure there for me to increase my pants.

There’s an invisible button he found to push. He continues to keep a consistent hold against my throat. The air is hard to breathe. It’s the hidden kink I realized years ago that drives me insane. My head rolls back in ecstasy and submission.

“What do you want? Tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. Please, please don’t stop. Own me. I’m yours completely, Isle,” I beg.

It doesn’t even sound like my voice. The tone is saturated with pleasure and desperation.

He pummels me at a jack rabbit pace. My tits bounce with the motion of his thrusting. His shoulder is near my teeth and I bite the junction near his collar bone. He smells like smoke and fire. It reminds me he might burn me alive with this all consuming passion one day. Isle fucks me harder in response to my bite. I grip the skin and flick my tongue against the surface.

He grasps me again and pulls me to the edge of the bed. I’m flipped over onto my stomach this time. He bends me over with my ass given like a present. I can only imagine what it looks like bouncing beautifully. It’s a round, glorious globe that men love to grip and hold as they own me.

“I’m gonna bust a nut soon,” he murmurs.

This man uses his strength as a human handcuff. He forces my arms behind my back again. I love the feeling in ways I hope he’ll never know. I love him fucking me like this, so animalistic, in ways that I hope he can never discover. I don’t want him to know what he does to me each time he possesses me.

I can hear him building up to an orgasm. My body has spilled over the edge. I notice that I squirted on my new sheets earlier. The wetness exploded from my body before he repositioned me on my back. The wet spot is still drenched on my golden sheets. My G-spot keeps deceiving me with him.

His noises are part of the hotness. He groans, seeming to growl at times. Like he’s resisting me breaking him. As if he can hold back cumming. I know he wants to fuck me rawly for as long as possible. Until I throw in the white sexual flag of defeat. Which I refuse to do this time.

“Get up. Right now.”

He growls at me in urgently. His fingers grab my hair as he pulls me up. The pain is deliriously wonderful. I know that he’s cumming and I leap up from my bent position. My mouth is shoved on his dick just as he erupts with the milky whiteness.

I more than happily consume every pump he gives me. It leaves a tingling edge on my tongue. Like something herbaceous mixed with a minty deliciousness. My head bobs quickly and slows as I drain him of every drop. I can’t help the little moans I make around his girth. There’s this slowing to a gentle up and down to clean every edge of his length.

Isle looks like a Greek god standing above me. His arms slide behind his head. It’s a dominant pose that is inherently sexy as he leans back against the wall. I dig my nails into his ass pulling him closer to my mouth. His flavor stays residually on my lips and in the back of my throat.

I finally release him from the hold I had on his cock. He stares at me with an exhausted, crazy wide grin on his face. His teeth flash at me as he releases an appreciative sigh.

The pleasure is all mine,’ the thought crosses my mind. I decide to keep this to myself. My minx-like smile must say everything I refuse to say.

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