Young Stud Wanted

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Mrs. Robinson needs help. Are you in?

“Hey, mom. Sorry, I can’t help you move. But you will be in good hands, I promise.”

I roll my eyes at the text. My son was supposed to help me move around my furniture, but college kids are always too busy to help. He is sending one of his friends instead. It better be a strong enough one. I’m in excellent shape, and I have no patience for anyone wimpy or lazy.

“Hello? Mrs. Robinson?” A deep voice calls from the front door. I sigh and go see who my bratty son sent.

When I get to the entrance hall, I freeze. The young man standing there is the most delicious thing I’ve seen in years. Shit. I haven’t had a good lay in too long. For a moment, I forget about the move. Or the fact that I have never seen this guy before in my life. I want to ask him to fuck me unconscious. My eyes drop to the bulk in his jeans. I imagine falling on my knees right there to undo the zipper and free what appears to be a nice cock. I picture it hard and dripping with precum, ready to fill my mouth, one of those large hands grabbing the back of my hair to push it all the way to my throat. The deep voice brings me back to reality.

“Mrs. Robinson? I’m Tom. I’m Liam’s friend. He said you need help moving things around?” he offers his hand, and I shake it, trying hard not to think what those long fingers could do to me.

“Oh, yes, hi, Tom. Please call me Elle.”

His smile is mischievous, and I wonder if he is thinking the same as me. We start moving things, and I try some small talk.

“So, Tom, how come you let yourself be recruited for this assignment?” We are moving the breakfast table, and I lean in just a bit more than necessary so that he can look down my cleavage. I follow his gaze and see how pleased he is that I’m not wearing a bra.

“Oh, don’t worry, I volunteered,” he replies, eyes fixed on my boobs.

I stop what I’m doing and smile.

“How come? I’m sure a cute guy like you has something better to do than volunteer to move chairs around.” I walk to his side, stand with my back to him and bend forward, pretending to check if the legs of the table are wobbly. I’m glad to be wearing shorts and enjoy how they ride up between my legs when I lean forward. It pulls a bit on my pussy, and it feels good. I hope Tom is getting a nice view of where he could put his cock if he wants to play along.

He answers my question. “I have seen pictures of you in Liam’s dorm. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. When Liam said he wouldn’t be able to help, I jumped on it. I had to see you. I wanted to meet the goddess in real life.”

My heart pounds hard and my slit pools. Fuck it. I want that hot piece inside of me. I stand back up, turn to face him, and slide down my top off my shoulders, my tits bouncing out free.

“Is this what you were hoping to see?”

“Fuck yeah,” Tom replies, one hand pulling me close, the other going for my tits. He kisses me deeply. His mouth tastes delicious. He walks me backward toward the table and manages to put me on top of it with one arm while getting rid of the rest of my clothes with the other. He grabs my tits with both hands and buries his face in them, taking turns to give hard sucklings to one and then the other. I moan loud in approval. He gives a couple of quick slaps over my nipples before going back to devouring them.

Tom manages to undo his clothes without stopping his ministrations on my chest. I take a peek at his crotch and smile. Young and well endowed. Just what the doctor ordered.

I lie down on the table and spread my legs. Tom takes the hint and drops to his knees. This guy knows how to use his mouth. Long licks. Soft suckling on my clit. Dipping that magic tongue in my wanton channel. Fuck. I grab him by the hair and pull to make him rub his face harder on my cunt. He slides two fingers in and sucks harder. My hips move on their own, and he uses the other hand to pin them down. When I surrender, he rewards me by sliding his thumb down my buttcrack to tease my asshole. That and his mouth on my clit takes me over the edge. I cum like crazy, wetness dripping down my buttcrack onto the table. He lets me ride my orgasm on his face, wave after wave of pleasure, making me squeeze his fingers tight. With another hair pull, I bring him up so I can taste my arousal on his mouth and face.

I’m in an animal state, licking, kissing, nibbling, hungry for more. I’m so distracted by the delicious, tangy taste that it almost takes me by surprise when his dick rams inside me in one strong push. Fuck, fuck, fuck, it’s been ages since I got stretched so good. Young guys are like steel rods, and Tom is a thick hard pipe. He thrusts with abandon, rough, fast, wild. My pussy has been craving a pounding like this, and he doesn’t disappoint: it only takes a few rubs on my clit for me to cum again hard, squirting, the wet slapping sound mixed with my howls filling the room. Tom follows suit, growling into the crook of my neck, his pulsing rod filling me up to the brim.

When we come back down from the high, Tom asks, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Elle?”

I smile, running my fingers through his hair.

“We can move the bed next. Then you can lie on it, and I can sit on your face reverse cowgirl, so I can lean forward and suck your dick.”

He kisses me, speaking into my mouth.

“Practical. I fucking love it. Let’s do this.”

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