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I yearn for this.

Sometimes, when the light is low
when a certain mood, like a play of glow and shadow
fills the room.
Then, each word is a caress
a touch
and with each, a sigh,
a lingering breath,
a shift closer
a drawing toward the heat, our fire.

A reach from heart to heart
light as eyelash kisses
and yet as marked and clear as fingerprints,
each brings forth desire’s surge
As evident as the bloom of bruise from urgent kiss.

We whisper — screaming, desperate to be heard — 
whisper please, and more, and yes.
Oh yes.

In murmur, moan and sigh as we kiss,
words are eaten not heard.
Communication so direct, there is gap,
no lag from message to response.

Each caress a letter
spoken from tongue to tongue
an alphabet that is ours alone.

Stories told a thousand times
yet always fresh
written on my breasts and belly,
the rapture of lines of longing reaching up my thighs.

On my back I feel you trace the long carved runes,
the invitation inciting,
The long length of my legs from foot to waist
and back again.
I writhe as one possessed,
Pressing down and up,
legs part expectantly, beseeching.
Asking, begging,
Desperate to be found, possessed,

But you make me wait.
Deliciously delirious, I press
grinding for release, relief,
more. I want to turn,
to offer, to be exposed,
but you resist.

Oh, the agony of nibbles up between each leg
each time stopping,
Oh God the hesitation
just there, and now,
as your forehead brushes my mound.

Your grip tightens,
I open.
Your tongue discovers,
from cleft to cleft,
encircles, reaching seeks.
I melt.
As lost as ever was,
so found and held and thrall.

Your fingers join your tongue
and I am lost again,
thighs trembling,
breath staccato panting.
Your finger curls, just so
and I the string, tuned to sing.

Soon, I know,
you will move,
and I taken as I need and love to be.
Your fingers in my hair,
back arched,
heartbeats echoed from within
Pulse to pulse and back again,
liquid sounds of loving
no space or time between
Only now and only us
Harmony so complete
Crescendo like the cresting wave
Soon, I know

But for now this one note’s song
this tension of delight
Oh hold it, lover,
play me
I yearn for this and this alone.

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