Mingling with Christians

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Who knew I’d have such a wild time?

Along with my many other endeavors, I’ve had a relationship with telemarketing for as long as I can remember. Just about every campaign one can imagine, I’ve probably done.

I’ve sold magazine subscriptions for IMA, branded knick-knacks for Lillian Vernon. I’ve been a retention specialist for Time Warner Cable, and even a relationship advisor for various dating sites such as Match.com and Eharmony.

With my trusty headset and chipper Disney princess voice, I somehow know just what to say to keep my clients happy. Who knew that it would ever lead to a happy ending…

Out of all the places I’ve worked, the kinkiest experience I’ve ever had on the phone was at Christian Mingle. Don’t let those cardigan-filled infomercials fool you. Many churchgoers are naughty little devils behind closed doors. It seems the path through the straight and narrow can curl instantly like spaghetti, when wet.

My most unforgettable client was a woman I’ll call Penelope (I’ve changed all names to protect the guilty!). She was a mid-30s real estate broker from Utah. She liked being called Nel and not Penny. She was just as particular with her profile as she was with her name. It took hours to help her piece it all together, but the results got her naughty little britches in a bunch with a very well-endowed widower named Richard.

I got much praise for my efforts. Her gratitude gave me a high sense of accomplishment. And, even though we’d never met in person, I felt a special bond with her from afar.

She even called me back a few days later to thank me for all my hard work. She was so comfortable with me that she didn’t hesitate to share the intimate details of her successful date. The professional lines between us quickly blurred as I listened intently, utterly enjoying every vivid description of her experience with Richard.

I had my hand down my pants, quietly playing with myself under the desk while she excitedly gabbed all about this guy’s cock. It was so hot hearing how many times he made her cum.

I especially enjoyed hearing that his cock was so big, she could barely take it. But once it was in, he didn’t stop until she wet the bed. I was imagining it all in my head as my busy little fingers circled my clit in perfect rhythm with my breathing, being careful not to sound too horny on the phone. My composure shattered to the wind when she told me she let Richard cum in her ass.

I had to flip up my mic to keep her from hearing the things I was saying under my breath. I had to flip it down again to respond, but I didn’t realize I was making very heated sounds, in my failed attempt to control my arousal.

“Mmm…” she acknowledged, “is this turning you on?”

“Yes,” I confessed, “very much so. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been touching myself, listening to you.”

There was a pause. I could sense her smiling through the phone. Then, I heard some rustling on the line.

“I am getting pretty wet myself,” she said. “Would you mind if I took my panties off?”

“Not at all,” I whispered sexily. “Please, by all means, be comfortable.”

“I am,” she replied. Then, I heard a slurping sound. “Mmm… I just dipped my fingers inside me. God, I’m so wet.”

“That’s so sexy,” I smiled. “I’m pretty wet right now, too. I feel like I’m going to cum very soon… Cum with me.”

“Okay,” she whispered seductively.

I heard her moan on the phone and my pussy began to drip. I circled my fingers rapidly, making my cubicle rattle. The loud noise startled me, so I slowed down. I didn’t want to get caught. This had my poor little pussy aching for release.

“Spread your legs and rub your pussy for me,” she commanded.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

I looked behind me to make sure I wasn’t being watched, then slowly circled my clit. The languid teasing was killing me, along with her sultry voice. I was so tense, I felt I needed something inside me to get me off. But fingering was out of the question. I scrambled through my desk drawer and found these stress balls they gave me in training. It was due time to break them in.

Nel continued to talk to me, and tell me how she was playing with herself as I carefully stuffed the balls inside me. Then, I pressed my thighs together and rocked back and forth slowly. Swerving my hips in the seat made the balls go round and round, vigorously massaging my core. It felt so good! It was so hard not to moan right along with her on the phone. But I had to stay quiet. My face was beet red with sexual tension. Sweat trickled down my temples, my legs trembling under the desk.

She was moaning and cursing on the phone, the reception scratching as she drew closer to climax. I imagined how sexy she looked, how soaked her pussy was, as she fucked herself to her peak. I was aching to cum right along with her.

I took the computer mouse and rubbed the curved end up and down my clit, as I leaned back in my chair. The stress balls still circled inside me as I rocked my hips. It was the perfect combination to tip me over the edge. My eyes rolled up under my lids as my throbbing pussy exploded, and I bit my lip hard to keep from screaming.

When we both finished, we grew quiet, just listening to each other breathe on the phone as if we were physically cheek to cheek in postcoital bliss. Although I didn’t want to, I hung up the line and let her go.

I clocked out for lunch and headed to the bathroom, collecting my nerves, in the hope of making it through the rest of my shift. My cubicle neighbor, Mandy, came in right after me. I was leaning over the sink, soothing my face with cold water as she washed her hands in the sink next to me.

“Having fun?” she giggled.

I looked over at her and began to blush again. I didn’t even have to ask if she had heard me. I just smiled nervously. I dried my hands with some paper towels and was about to walk out the door. Mandy grabbed my arm and pressed me up against the wall.

“What are you doing?” I asked hesitantly.

“Welcoming you properly,” she whispered.

Mandy kissed me softly and slipped a piece of paper down my blouse.

“Call me,” she smiled.

She opened the door and left while I stayed behind. I had to quickly rub another one out, but felt better afterwards.

As I made my way back to my seat, I took a good look around the office and smiled. There was so much hidden potential here. This place was a cesspool for inspiration and shenanigans. Who knew I’d have such a wild time, mingling with Christians?

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