The Beach

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It was a first for both of them. It was a sweltering summer day. The rays of the sun beating down, heating up their skin, toasting their bodies to a golden brown.

It was Jane’s favourite season. She loved nothing more than to lie in the backyard and bask in the near unbearable heat. She would rub baby oil over herself — much to Chris’s delight — and stretch her tanned body out on her favourite blue beach towel.

And now? Now she found herself on a beach. A nude beach in Vancouver.

They had been in the city for a wedding and now had three days to kill. Three days to explore the beautiful city Chris had once called home. Jane had expected hikes into the stunning landscape around them, or taking a stroll down Robson Street, or going to the much-anticipated Vancouver Aquarium.

Yet, she found herself in a red sundress, a floppy hat, a pair of round sunglasses that covered half her face, with her bare feet squirming in the sand. Jane had not a clue where to focus her gaze — part of the reason why she hadn’t yet taken off her vintage shades. All around her were people in the nude. Not a stitch of clothing to be seen on almost all of them.

Looking at the man grinning across from her, she felt her entire body heat up — and not just from the UV rays she could feel permeating her skin. Her cheeks blushed scarlet as her Sir nodded curtly in her direction. She knew what he wanted, but she was hesitant. It seemed wrong. Unnatural.

“It’s okay baby. Trust me. Strip for me just like all the other times before.”

Jane brought her hands to her hat in frustration. Pulling the floppy edges around her face. She bit her lip, looking around her.

Of course she knew nobody was paying them any attention. Nobody was casting even a curious glance in their direction. They were nothing. Of no significance to anybody. Which was comforting in a way. Almost soothing.

“I caaaaan’t!” Jane griped, pulling the hat tighter around her face.

“Babe. Breathe. Relax. If you really don’t want to do this we don’t have to. We can walk right back to the car if you feel uncomfortable, okay?”

“No! I can do it. I can do it!” She repeated the mantra, trying to get herself to believe it. Trying to infuse the bravado in her veins.

Jane did a little dance in place. And flung off her beach hat. She tousled her head of curly brown locks, whipping off her sunglasses.

“Ahhh yeah. Get it girl.” Chris cheered as he watched his girl slowly undress herself. Grinning broadly at her silly antics.

Jane giggled at her lone spectator and took a deep breath in before slipping her shoulders out of her dress. She was wearing a bikini underneath — she hadn’t known that he was taking her to a nude beach!

Her hands started to shake as she reached above her neck, to the two little spandex strings holding her top on. Her eyes darting around, back and forth, back and forth, for any hint of wandering eyes. She found none.

Pulling the ends with gentle, steady pressure she undid the tie. Letting her top fall to the white sand below. She was so painfully aware of her state of vulnerability. So painfully aware of her exposure she wasn’t sure if she could bring herself to shed her cheeky bottoms.

Chris watched her hands fly to her perky nipples. Covering herself from the prying eyes of her non-existent audience.

He took a step towards her, smothering the distance between them. He glided his hands around her smooth waist, hooking his thumbs in her waistband. He leaned down, brushing his lips against her neck before biting down gently.

Jane yipped at the spark of pain and the rush of pleasure. It was enough to get her to lower her hands. She slid her hands underneath his shirt, pressing herself against him. He was familiar. Comfortable. Safe. He was her protector. Forever and always.

He lowered her bottoms until she could step out of them. Which she did smoothly and gracefully. It sent her into a spiral of giggles. She could not believe what they were doing. Stark naked in public?! Crazy.

She couldn’t stop giggling as she pressed herself harder against him. Getting undressed was one thing, presenting herself was quite another. However, now it was his turn to strip.

Jane lifted his shirt above his head, setting it on top of her bundle of clothes. She turned and watched as he slithered out of his trunks, her lips parting as she took in his body.

Fuck. She was getting horny. She was getting wet. The tingles in her cunt weren’t just from the soft breeze blowing against her freshly shaven skin. She wanted him badly. As much as he wanted her apparently.

She bit her lip as he started to harden. He was just as turned on as she was.

“How about we get into the water?”

Jane widened her eyes in understanding. A shudder wracked through her unadorned body as she took Chris’s hand. She was still shaking with nervous energy. It was irrelevant that the beach was crowded with scores of people in the same predicament as her — unclothed. Naked. Bare.

Even now she was fighting the innate voice in her head telling her to cover up. Telling her to wrap that favourite blue towel around herself. But the confidence that was exuding from her Chris…it was almost enough to quiet that modest voice. However, it was enough to join her tendril of bravado. To intertwine and to become a living thing roiling under her skin.

She breathed in until her lungs couldn’t contain anymore. With her exhalation the uncertainty left. Dissipated into the warm air. She puffed out her chest and shook her hair off her shoulders, walking steadily to the water’s edge.

The crowd was invisible to both of them. They only had eyes for each other. The rest of the world faded when their eyes met. Time stopped once their souls collided. They were eternal. They were infinite.

Jane’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as the cooling water lapped over her toes. It seemed to call to her. Beckon her to take another step in. To immerse herself in the salty waves.

Chris stepped behind her, his manhood pressing against her backside. He pushed her forward, making her take another step. And another. And another until they both stood waist deep in the water. Chris slid his hands between her legs. His expert fingers started their seductive dance in 3/4 time. His lips caressed the back of her neck. The waves lapped against their naked bodies.

The eroticism of the scene was unbearable. Chris’s touch to her clit sent sparks shooting up her nervous system. Every nerve came to life. Every nerve shuddered as they were manipulated and played with.

Jane’s back arched against him. Her breathing quickly became ragged. Her eyes darting endlessly, wondering if anybody knew what they were doing. If anybody could see what they were doing. She couldn’t decide if she wished it or not.

“Are you thinking about other people watching, Jane? Are you thinking about other people seeing me play with your shaved, exposed pussy? Does it turn you on? I bet it does, doesn’t it? What a good girl you’re being. Letting me play with your…incredibly wet, horny cunt.”

Ohhhhh the dirty talk. It made her melt. Turned her into putty — malleable, pliant putty. She could listen to his raspy voice all day long. He could turn her sloppy in less than ten fucking words.

She whimpered. Her hands reaching for his face. Wanting to feel his skin beneath her needy fingertips.

“Do you want me to fuck you? Right here where everyone can see?”

Jane frantically nodded her head. She’d never wanted anything more in her fucking life.

“Use your words little girl.”

Chris lifted a hand and tweaked her nipple. Twisting and pulling — making her jump.

“Ah! Y-Yes Sir, I want you to fuck me. Please, please, fuck meee.”

“Good girl.”

Chris circled to the front of Jane, his hands never once leaving her body. His need for her was paramount. He was being driven by rampant desire. It was wild instinct that told him to wrap his hands around Jane and hoist her onto him.

The feeling of her wet, warm cavern settling on the tip of his erection was enough to send him into the stratosphere. Jane wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands entangled in his flaxen hair.

Their lips met in a frantic collision. A desperate clash. The risk of it all heightened all senses. Everything seemed more intense with an audience — even if said audience hadn’t been paying attention in the least.

She pushed down, her body enveloping him. Groaning into his mouth, she pushed down further. Encasing him. Her walls tightening around his throbbing shaft. Sucking his bottom lip into her mouth, bracing her elbows on those broad shoulders, she brought herself back up.

Jane started to gyrate her hips, grinding them hard as she fucked herself on her lover. His hands supported her from underneath. Grabbing her cheeks firmly, he helped move her body along him.

The pressure started to build inside her belly. Deep and low.

“Fuuuck you feel so fucking gooood inside me…”

Their breaths were heavy. Laboured. Synchronized.

Chris spread her cheeks apart, sliding a finger into her rosebud. The action made her gasp. Made her jolt. Brought her that much closer to orgasm.

She peeked her eyes open and found a couple staring at them. The man’s hand was hidden underneath the water, but his partner seemed to be in the midst of a very familiar feeling — seemed to be in the same throes that Jane was so close to.

She let her heavy lidded eyes drop. She let them close and pulled her lips from his. Leaning her head back, she focused on the feelings erupting inside of her. Focused on the pulsing cock that was stretching her open. Focused on the set of teeth that were grazing her nipples.

Let them watch.

Jane’s nails dug into his skin, raised red marks appearing on his back. She was starting to perspire with effort. Her muscles tiring. There was no way in hell she was going to stop. She couldn’t. She was soooo fucking close!

“Chris…ohhh Chris! Can I??”

“Yes. Cum for me.”

That’s exactly what Jane did. She came hard. Her womanhood spasming against his hardness. Her body quaking in Chris’s grip. She had to bite down hard on his shoulder to keep from being too conspicuous as her mind shattered and her body seized.

She didn’t stop. Even through the rolling waves of both ocean and climax.

She needed his orgasm. She needed him to finish inside her. The most intimate act a person could engage in with another. She craved it desperately. And not just from anyone. From him.

And he delivered. Boy did he deliver.

With a muffled roar Chris gave Jane what she so desperately craved. Rope after rope.

She could feel it shooting into her. Could feel it filling her.

Jane opened her eyes, a grin splitting her lips as she saw the couple staring back.

Not breaking eye contact with them, she nibbled on Chris’s earlobe and whispered in his ear,

“Thank you Sir. I love you.”

“Mm, I love you too.”

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