When Poetry Meets The Big O

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An Orgy-Poetry

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

O n the top, whoever it is
you or me, the feeling remains, still
the intensity intensifies

Rare yet rough, and smooth
at places, one could only dream
of, you make me believe

Going through dreaded paths,
taking risks, breaking the bed, not bad,
we could do better, always

Anecdotes, the kind of our dirty talk,
you make me the hero, yourself, the spell,
encapsulating an ember of love

Subtle moves, even after the show
is over, we cannot keep calm, for,
nature keeps giving, we, consuming

Mammoth amounts of desire inside our skin,
and what did we just say? — A beginning,
to the many hills, we are yet to climb,
to the many rivers, we are yet to drench in,
to all the heights we are about to encounter —

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Clementine Winters
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