When A Good Wife Does Bad Things

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When a good wife ends up doing something bad — especially to you, her husband — your world never returns to what it once used to be.

Think about it, white boy: you have stayed married to her all these years. The kids have grown and flown the nest. You’ve long become accustomed to her quirks, as she has yours. You have both gained a little weight, your hair fading to grey. Never do you have to bother asking how much she loves you; there is no need for such a question to be asked. What you both seek now is the next chapter in your lives.

Then one day it happens. All it takes is one day.

You return home from work and let yourself in. Upstairs, you swear you can hear voices talking and laughing. You suddenly panic, thinking you’ve got burglars in your home.

My God, what could they possibly have done to Agnes!

You rush up to the bedroom door and gasp in horror: your wife — your beautiful, naive, good wife — is on her knees on the bed, going back and forth, sucking two black cocks while another man lies on his back with his cock jammed between her legs.

She stops to look at you. Her eyes are glazed over with lust as strings of saliva and sweat and semen drip down her chin and torso. Her hair is in her face. She is gasping. Her tongue licks the tip of one of the pricks and she unleashes a guttural laugh, the likes of which you have never heard come from her.

“Oh, hi there darling,” she says. “So glad you made it home early. These are good friends of mine. They recently moved into the neighbourhood. They’ve been helping me out with the chores since you went off to work.”

“What’s up, ol' boy,” one of the men cackles. The others follow suit.

You stand there staring, in dazed shock and disbelief. You don’t want to believe what you’re seeing, except it’s real . . . It’s fucking real, white boy! Your wife, the mother of your kids, the love of your life, whom you always thought of as a simple-minded housewife, has gone rogue on you!

The shock weighs on your mind. Your wife resumes sucking cock, then leans back and moans as the man underneath gets busy plowing her pussy. Your wife doesn’t appear concerned that you’re still standing there, looking like a lost puppy.

“Agnes!” you yell her name. “Agnes, stop this! I demand you put an end to this nonsense right now!”

“Who the fuck do you think you’re yelling at, white boy?”

One of the bulls advances towards you. He’s all sweaty and he’s got the muscles to beat you in your own home. You cower before his presence. Matter of fact, you squeal in fright as he grabs you by your collar, though he doesn’t hit you. In fact, he doesn’t need to.

“Your woman needs some taking care of, and that’s what we’re doing. Better sit your ass down like a good boy and watch, or take your ass back where you’re from.”

He lets go of you, laughing, and returns to the bed. Agnes gets on her elbows and knees and another man takes aim at her tight anus.

My God . . . They’re fucking her ass!

“I’ve never fucked Agnes anal before,” you mutter.

You never have, boy, and you never ever will.

Listen as she screams her head off. Watch as another bull slides in front of her and plugs her mouth with his cock . . . See the other bull stroking his meat . . . You know he can’t wait his turn to have another go at your wife!

You slump on a chair and remain there watching. Nothing else you can do except that, white boy. No point leaving the house in a huff — you know you’ll be back soon enough. And where the fuck are you even going to go? Whom would you want to talk about this with? How would you even dare open your mouth and say: “I left my wife at home. Right now she’s in bed fucking three black strangers . . .”

Don’t that sound crazy enough?

“My turn!” one of the bulls calls dibs.

“Yes, it’s definitely your turn,” Agnes smiles.

The bull props her legs on his shoulders and wastes no time fucking her. His buddies play with her tits and take turns fucking her mouth. She lies there loving their dicks — no way has she ever experienced this level of sex with you.

One by one, they spray her body with semen.

She sucks their cocks dry and begs them to fuck her some more.

They willingly oblige.

Hours later they’re done for the day. You watch them congratulate each other as they get dressed. Agnes is on the bed, glowing from the bout of sex they gave her.

“So, I’ll see you boys later, right?”

“Hell yeah,” one of the men answers. “You bet your sweet pussy you will.”

They chuckle as they leave the room. You rise up from your chair but stop as one of them says, “Take care of your bitch for us, white boy. You’ll be seeing more of us soon.”

He squeezes your cheek playfully, then laughs before exiting the room. You stand there listening to the sound of their footsteps going down the stairs. You turn to Agnes who sits on the bed naked, covered in dry cum stains and sweat, smiling at you like she’s the happiest wife you’ve ever known her to be. You try to speak but at first the words won’t come out of your mouth.

Eventually you manage a croak, then: “How could you, Agnes? How could you do this to me?”

Agnes moves off the bed towards you. “I’m sorry, darling. But I’m not that innocent wife you always wanted. I’m sorry you found out this way, but I still love you.”

She kisses your cheek, then goes into the bathroom to wash herself clean.

Clap if you enjoy this story, and who knows, I might get to continue the tale. Thank you for reading.

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