What You Do To Me

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photo: SexArt

Too much time has passed since I felt your breath, Kitten. Your beautiful eyes looking right back into mine has somehow become a place I never want to leave. Your body pressed into mine is where I was born to exist.

As I move in on you, pulling you close to my chest, when I embrace you, the only word that comes to mind is ‘home’.

This feeling that encompasses your mind and body, as well as mine, is known by us both very well. This nonstop ache for one another in each other’s absence, recycling through in our memories all day, in one way or another.

It might surface as a song you play that reminds you of me. Maybe as I smell your perfume when I spray it onto something and sleep next to a small part of you. Maybe when you dive all the way into the feeling of me, getting wet and touching yourself, cumming for me and not even realizing you did it for me.

Or it may surface as you read my words here, knowing all the passion I feel as I write my thoughts down has you in my mind as I scribe it. No matter how loving or aggressive the words are, there is a man behind it all with a Dominant gene, yet turning into a giant softie over you.

Complete and total adoration for the very fact that you exist.

So, you can bet your little sexy ass I intend to make you feel my heat throughout every fiber of your being the next moment I have you in my grasp.

And this is the story of that…

You arrive at the hotel an hour before me, to find a keycard waiting for you at the front desk, access to the suite I booked. I’d never let you pay for a bottle of water so you sure as fuck are not footing the bill for the room.

Up the elevator you go, and the nerves begin to build inside you.

A little flushed. A little on edge. A lot excited. Beginning to get wet even at the idea that I will be in your presence in just a matter of time.

“My God, I fucking miss him,” you think.

This anticipation of making you wait a little longer is just mental foreplay in my eyes, torturing you as you sit there for an hour waiting for me to arrive. This was intentional of course, as is everything I do when it comes to you.

You believe I am busy at a conference at the convention center, which I was earlier, but now I am just sitting at the bar down in the lobby enjoying bourbon, waiting for time to tick away and your anticipation to reach a boil.

“I’ll be there in 50 minutes. Sorry, but I am hurrying,” so says the text that just arrived on your phone.

It is killing me inside to not race upstairs and take you right now, but I have a plan for you, and when I get a plan in my mind, I always see it through.

Earlier that morning, I wrote five posts to you on TRD, all sitting in the queue ten minutes apart, each with new instructions on what you need to do while you wait there.

I text you once more and say “You should probably check Tumblr*. You have some tasks to accomplish.”

“Oh shit. What the fuck is he up to now?” you think.

Opening your app, you are met with a post that says…

“Dear Kitten. You have 50 minutes to wait until you feel me. Every 10 minutes you will get a new assignment, here. I expect to have proof that you completed them all. The first one is simple: you need to reach into the nightstand on the left side of the bed, find the vibrator I left you, and edge yourself for 10 minutes. You cannot cum on your own volition. Send me a video at 10 minutes.”

“Fuck! Seriously!” is all you can think.

You immediately reach into the nightstand, pull up your dress, position yourself on the bed, and do as you are told. Five minutes feels like torture. Seven is just downright evil. Ten finally rolls around and you grab your phone, record yourself exhausted, tell me all about it, show me your wetness, and you click send.

Immediately you look for your next task on Tumblr, although the inability to achieve an orgasm is driving you insane now, dripping wet and shaking, barely able to manage your phone.

The post reads: “Task 2: In the closet, I placed a doorstop. Open the door, wedge it in the door so you are not locked out. Take off all your clothes. Yes, you heard me right. Everything. Walk out into the hallway. And send Daddy a bunch of selfies. Be creative.”

“Goddamnit!” Your thoughts are something akin to “this exhibitionism shit is more his kink than mine, but as a submissive I love making him happy, being a good girl, and I know he wants this.”

You open the door — take a look around — worried somebody will see. Listening for anything and after a couple of minutes, you finally build up the courage to hop out in the hallway, completely nude.

In less than 30 seconds you are done, mindful to stay off the hallway cameras, slamming the door behind you as you come back in the room, and you send your pictures like a good girl would.

I reply, “I am so proud of you right now. I am hard as a rock. Fuck! God, I want you.”

Only 30 minutes left, and the next task on your little navy blue app reads the following words: “Task 3: I know your pussy is soaked right now and your heart is racing like crazy. If you thought that you couldn’t feel more of these two things, think again. Underneath the sink is a suction dildo. Fix it to the edge of the shower, prop your phone up, and record yourself fucking it for me. Remember. No orgasms. Those will be mine to give you in a half hour. Oh yeah. You cannot touch your clit.”

“I swear he is just being fucking evil now,” you think.

You do as you are told and for some reason, the edging is not as bad this time around, absent with vibration. Being filled is what you are aching for most but it is just not quite the same when it is a toy. Either way, after almost ten minutes of this your wetness is running down your inner thighs and you feel like you could cum at any moment, so you ease up. Before you know it, the time is up and you click send on the video.

You go back to Tumblr and you see: “Task 4. Under the bed another task. Hurry. This time you get to cum!”

Excited at the prospect of releasing an orgasm, you run out of the room as fast as your shaking legs will allow you, diving to see what is under the bed.

An iPad with a post-it note on it. The unlock code and the note: “Press Play.” Swiping and you unlock it, you click play, and you see me, unbuttoning my shirt, pants, and telling you in my voice to touch yourself with me. You see me pull my cock out, begin stroking it, and as the precum begins to form, you cannot take it anymore and you reach orgasm and drop the iPad and just lean back and let this one take control of your body.

You look over at your phone, realize the time, and it registers that your final task is being posted right now.

“Last Task. Task Number 5. Turn off the lights. You see that tall glass window facing east? Walk over to it, naked. Don’t worry, nobody can see you with the lights out. Look down. Do you see me? Look near the elevated rooftop pool below you. I am all alone, in a suit, just three floors down.”

You look around frantically. There are about a dozen people down there, but only one in a suit with a bald head, looking upward. The room phone rings. I am on the other end as you pick it up and I instruct you to put it on speaker and walk back over to the window.

My voice says, “Stand there in the window — I can see you, but just barely, which is perfect. Touch yourself for me, Kitten. I will up there in less than 10 minutes. Hold your orgasm for later.”

Nine minutes on the phone with you, I hear you listening to my every command. My cock could not be more hard, pressing into my pants as I feel your ache in your voice, panting and moaning.

Every deep breath you breathe, I feel it in my stomach along with you. I know you are dying to beg me to allow you to cum, but you also know I will be there soon to release you.

You do as you are told and at nine minutes you see me walking out of frame below you to where the elevator must be, knowing I am finally making my way to you.

You were nervous before. Not now.

Now you are just crawling out of your skin to be taken by me. My plan is a success.

You hear the elevator ding. You shiver inside.

You hear the footsteps as I get close. You shudder.

You hear the keycard go in. You cannot move.

I open the door and walk right over to you and kiss you with the passion that romance novels try to describe but never quite capture.

I kiss you like the world just stopped.

I pull your naked gorgeous body to me and put my hand between your legs, feeling the soaked wetness that I stirred up in you from merely my words.

“Somebody has been a good girl,” I say as I touch your wetness, pull my fingers out of you, move them up to your mouth, and have you suck on them for me. You enjoy your taste almost as much as I do and I see it in your eyes as you lick my fingers clean.

My hand back between your legs, I kiss you and run circles over your clit and you orgasm within seconds, having edged yourself to the brink just moments earlier. I watch you cum so hard you grasp at my shoulders just to stay upright while your legs almost give out.

I tell myself I cannot stop there and finger another orgasm out of you before I move onto the next order of action. Once again you cum relentlessly and I see it in your body that you ache for me to take you, dying to have my cock inside you, but I am not one to let that take place so soon.

Dropping to my knees, I press you up against the wall and devour your unbelievably wet pussy, with my mouth over your clit and sucking and licking you with raw intensity, as if I had been supercharged.

You orgasm so many times you decide not to even bother keeping track — they all somewhat blend together at some point anyway. Two fingers inside you as I do it and I watch you shake like a leaf.

You cannot handle it anymore and you drop to the floor.

Your legs just cannot withstand what your pussy still wants and I allow you a little time to recoup as I stand up, look down at you in approval, and you and I know what is coming next.

I allow you to unbutton me. I watch you unhook my belt, pull my cock out, and you see the precum on me as evidence from the hard cock I have had for the past hour as I too was aching for you.

You take me in and I am immediately in heaven as your thick spit is twisted around my cock with your hands and mouth, showing me your undeniable skill at making me crumble.

The absolutely perfect mixture of deepthroating me, eye contact, stroking, and attention to the head, I am about to burst but I know I can’t so soon.

“Fuck! No way am I cumming now,” I tell myself, although a few more minutes and I would have exploded.

Grabbing you and pulling you close to me I shove my dick as deep inside you as I can, pounding into you and hearing the most beautiful moans of pleasure that have ever graced my ears.

Fucking you as hard as my body will allow me to, we find a rhythm that I know is hitting your A spot and within moments you cum again, but this time it floods you across your entire body and seems to never end.

Just watching you shake and squeeze your thighs inward on me as I stand in between your legs, I allow you to reach your orgasm’s end while inside you.

I shove you over to the couch and put your sexy little ass on top of me so I can fixate on your G spot awhile, driving my cock deep inside you as you bounce on me. I cannot help but enjoy the visual of this angle, with your cute little ass and rosebud staring back at me.

I know what this position does to you. I watch you dig deep and somehow find the cardio to press on through and keep riding me until you cum one more time for me.

Standing up, you lick your own wetness running down my shaft and balls up like it is a dessert. Eye contact never looked hotter than when you stare up at me and thank me with your expression, tasting yourself and your wetness mixed that has been built up for what must be hours now.

Taking me in, again and again, I know my end is coming near.

I look down at you and say nothing, but I never needed to in the first place. You know exactly what is going to happen and you see me unravel before I know it, coaxing me as my shaft begins to pulse.

You feel the cum pushing out of me and the pride I see in your face is just sexy as fuck. You just sucked me clean and now I emptied my seed into your mouth and you did it like the best Kitten on earth.

The adoration I hold for you at this moment is way past any words. I say, “I love you,” but I mean so much more.

Crawling up onto the bed I spoon you naked for the better part of an hour, in pure heaven, finally embracing again the woman I dedicate my mind to each and every day.

This one was for you, Kitten. If you haven’t already, go ahead and touch.


This piece was written with more feeling than most. This piece, as I wrote it, I cannot help but admit that it made me shiver at times. This piece. This one right here.

This one is for you, Baby. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

*Note: although Tumblr no longer is a home for explicit content, I think it is timely to publish this and see how it had been used in the past to communicate passion between two loving adults.

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