A Wife Swipes Right

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Larry was tired of waiting for Leslie to come around. He went ahead and set up a Tinder account for her, with a photo that he thought made her look very sexy, in a short, form fitting red dress, showing off her best quality — her lovely legs. He showed it to her and told her the news.

“You’ve already got six thousand matches,” he said. “I guess people think you’re pretty cute.”

“Jesus, Larry,” she complained. “What if someone from work sees this!”

“We’ll only need to have it up for a few days,” he explained. “Until you find the one you like, and then I’ll take it down.”

She agreed reluctantly. They’d been talking about it for years, and she was basically into the idea of cuckolding Larry. But like many potential hotwives, she needed a little push over the edge.

“No, no no,” she said, swiping left a few hundred times, insulting each of her suitors with her razor sharp wit.

“I think he’s on the wrong site — he needs Grindr.”

“This one is a serial killer, no question about it.”

“That’s an old picture. He’s bald now.”

“Overcompensating. Who poses with their Porsche? Probably has a micropenis.”

Finally she landed on a guy she liked.

“That looks just like me,” said Larry.

Hmmm, she hadn’t noticed that. But she did pick a dark haired type of athletic fellow named Lucas.

“That’s what I like, I guess,” she said.

For a while at least, Larry thought. But there was no question about it that Larry was very boring to her now, after five years of marriage. Sex had become routine. When he touched her she didn’t really respond like she used to. Can you blame her? Doing the same thing a thousand times is pretty boring. That’s what Larry had calculated was the amount of times they had fucked.

Now just once, she wanted to fuck someone else. And he wanted to watch.

“I still don’t get it,” she said. “How are you going to watch? These guys are thinking they’re going out on real dates. They’re not signing up for cuckolding.”

“Trust me,” Larry said. “I’m a man. I know. If I guy thinks he’s about to get laid, he’s not going to start complaining about things.”

“Alright,” said Leslie.

She texted Lucas a few times and they agreed to meet at the coffee shop down the way. Larry went there first and perched himself on an outdoor seat in the patio. He saw Lucas ride up on his motorcycle. What guy. A real stud. Only for some reason he was wearing these like hockey pads over the bottom half of his pants. Larry guessed it was some kind of motorcycle racing gear. But it looked stupid. He hoped he would take them off, but the jerk left them on. Still, he was sexy. He had dark hair, and a baby-faced complexion. And a nice smile. He ordered himself a coffee and sat down.

A few minutes later Larry’s wife showed up. There was that awkward moment when she first arrived at the table where Lucas was sitting. Lucas kind of half stood up. Held out his hand, they shook hands. Larry couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he certainly enjoyed watching his wife meet up with another man. It was everything he imagined it would be. Exciting beyond belief. He started getting an erection almost immediately.

His wife looked so sexy in her tight blue t-shirt and jeans. She did go to the gym a lot. And at thirty-five she was basically in her prime. Nice tits. A beautiful face, very straight brown hair that was almost Asian in its straightness. This Lucas had really hit the jackpot. He looked happy, too. He was laughing at her jokes. She was very good at jokes. She should have been a comedienne, not an architect. But Larry saw that she bought an innate sense of design to the way she dressed, to the way she presented herself. She was the whole package, very thought out and controlled. That’s why hotwifing would be good for her — blowing up her house by the foundation. He saw it in her face, for the first time since they had first started dating, that excitement, vulnerability, fear — arousal. Lucas was turning her on, despite the motorcycle pants and the weird leg pads.

After about an hour and three refills, Larry’s wife got up and held out her hand to shake Lucas’s. He surprised her with a little kiss on the mouth, just a friendly kiss goodbye. She smiled, and left. He finished his coffee and then Larry watched him very contentedly mount his motorcycle and drive off.

“How about those hockey pads,” she joked, when Larry got home. “I picked a real winner, huh?”

“It looked like it went pretty well,” Larry said.

“Yeah,” she said. “He’s nice. We’re going out for dinner on Friday.”

Larry’s heart leaped with joy. This was just as awesome as he imagined it would be.

“You can take my photo down now,” she said matter of factly. “I’ve found my guy.”

That Friday she dressed casually in a pair of jean shorts and a tank top. It was hot out. They were going to a shrimp shack. The shorts seemed appropriate, and of course they accented her hot legs, which were going to drive poor Lucas crazy with excitement. As crazy as Larry was getting, sitting just a few booths away and watching his wife getting drunk on tequila and gulping down shrimp. About halfway through the dinner she went over to Lucas’s side of the booth and started making out with him. Larry paid the bill and hurried home. He knew it was on. When Leslie got a little tequila in her she had to get fucked. And fucked hard.

About an hour later he heard a motorcycle pulling up in front of their apartment. He watched out the window as Leslie drunkenly got off the back of Lucas’s bike, and pulled him up the stairs to the apartment.

“Hey,” Larry said to her as they came in.

“Hey Larry,” she slurred. “Lucas, this is my…roommate Larry. Don’t mind him. Come with me.”

She pulled him into the bedroom, but she left the door open about a foot. Larry went over and started peering in.

“Alexa, play something sexy,” Leslie commanded her speaker.

“Here’s a playlist for sexy music,” said Alexa. “Hey Sexy Mama, on Amazon Music.”

They jumped on the bed, tearing each other’s clothes off.

“Oh yeah…” she said. “Let’s lose these hockey pads.”

She pulled off his motorcycle pads. And then pulled off his leather pants. And his underwear. His cock was nice sized. His pubic hair dark like Larry’s. But he was happy to see the cock was about two inches taller and a little wider. This was going to be a real treat for his wife. She put her hand on the cock and started stroking it to a nice erection. Then she put those red lips on it and started sucking it.

“Oh yeah!” he said. Then he spotted Larry at the door. “Hey, what the fuck!” he exclaimed.

Leslie looked up from her blow job.

“Oh,” she said. “Sorry. My roommate likes to watch. Come on in, roomie.”

“Huh!” said Lucas.

“Yeah,” she said. “Is that a problem?”

Her mouth was an inch away from his cock. Her juicy mouth that had just been sucking it so nicely. What was he going to say? Larry was right. He was a guy. He wanted to come in her mouth. He wasn’t about to start complaining.

“No, no problem,” he said. “A little weird, but…”

“Yeah, we’re a little weird.”

She put her mouth back on that cock. Larry sat on the end of the bed. He pulled his cock out and started masturbating.

“Oh jeez,” complained Lucas. “He’s beating off!”

“Yeah,” Leslie said. “I guess he’s getting excited. Is that a problem?”

“Um….no, no problem,” said Lucas. And she sucked him off some more.

“Now what about me?” she said. She pulled her shorts off and her panties, and lay on the bed. Lucas started eating her pussy. Leslie locked eyes with Larry, at the end of the bed. This was what he wanted, after all. And now she was giving it to him. She got very aroused, with her husband watching, and another man’s face in her loins. Lucas was licking faster and faster. Her husband was whacking his dick faster and faster. Everything was moving faster and faster. She couldn’t believe how fast it had progressed. One minute she had her photo on Tinder, the next minute her pussy was being sucked as her husband sat on the bed watching. How did this happen?

“Oh!” she said, and she came. It was very good.

“Fuck me bad boy,” she said then. “Fuck me hard, while my husband watches.”

“Your husband?”

Lucas looked at Larry in shock.

“You didn’t think he was really my roommate, did you?” she said. “I mean look at the photos. That’s me and him getting married.”

She gestured at a photo on the wall, from their wedding day. She looked glorious in her gown, and he looked nice in his tux. It was a great day. Now look at the happy couple! She was spreading her legs wide and a motorcycle guy with an eight-inch hard-on was about to fuck the shit out of her. Life was strange.

“You guys are pretty kinky,” Lucas marveled.

“Yeah, we’re freaks,” Larry said. “Go ahead, Lucas. Put your dick in my wife. I want you to cum in her and I want to lick the cum out of her pussy afterwards.”

“Oh jesus, really?”

“Yeah, I forget to make him dinner,” said my wife, always the wit. “He’s pretty hungry.”

“Come on, Lucas. Look at that pussy,” Larry said. “Don’t you want to fuck it?”

Lucas thought about it for all of one second. Then he got on top of Leslie and started ramming it home.

“’Attaboy,” said Larry. “How is it, honey?”

“Oh my God,” said Leslie. “So big. Bigger than you, honey.”

“I know.”

“It feels so good,” she said. “It fills me all up.”

Larry looked at his wife’s flushed face. That’s the way she used to look when he fucked her. All glowing in her face as she got fucked. Blood surging to her brain. Blood full of desire, filling her with pleasure. As that man rammed and rammed her. She lifted her legs up high above his shoulders, and felt him going even deeper.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck me baby,” she said. “Fuck me harder!”

Lucas really rose to the occasion then. He fucked her furiously. Maybe he was furious, being used this way by this cuck couple. But he seemed to be enjoying it.

“I’m coming!” Leslie screamed a little while later. “Larry I’m coming!”

This was what Larry had dreamed of. That another man could make his wife cum, with just his cock.

“Yeah baby, enjoy it,” he said.

Afterwards, she got on all fours and Lucas fucked her from behind. He pushed her all the way down onto the bed, so she wasn’t on her knees any more, and he plowed into that ass.

“Oh yeah Lucas,” yelled Larry. “Do it, man!”

Larry watched the big dick disappearing into the crack of his wife’s ass.

“Are you going to cum again?” he asked his wife, because he could hear it in her moaning. She came again as Lucas pounded. And then he pulled out and lay on his back.

“Oh yeah,” said Larry. “Fuck him cowgirl style so I can see everything.”

Leslie got on top of Lucas, while facing Larry. The two of them locked eyes, as she moved back and forth on Lucas’s big cock.

“I love you honey,” said Larry, pounding and pounding his dick.

“Love you too, honey,” said Leslie.

She was so beautiful. She was all sweaty and red in the face after so much fucking. Larry loved seeing her like this.

“I’m going to cum again, honey,” she said.

And she came and came.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” she said. Larry saw tears coming out of her eyes, she was having so much fun that it was overwhelming her. He felt overwhelmed too. He started crying.

“It’s so good,” he cried.

“Oh yeah,” she cried back.

Then she lay back down on her back and Lucas fucked her and fucked her until he came in her.

“Uhhhhh!” he grunted, then he fell off her and lay beside her.

Larry went up to his wife’s pussy and waited. After a minute, it appeared.

“There it is,” he said. “The cream pie.”

It was delicious. He took all the cum he could into his mouth, then he came up to his wife and started making out with her, pushing a big ball of cum into her mouth. It was quite a cocktail, the mix of tequila and shrimp from his wife’s mouth, and the salty taste of Lucas’s spunk. Finally he let himself cum, the big ejaculation that had building up in him for the last hour. It came all over the bed as he pushed Lucas’s sperm into his wife’s mouth.

“Mmm, you taste so nice, Lucas,” she said, swallowing down his cum.

“You guys are off the chain,” he laughed.

A while later he got on his motorcycle pants and rode away on his bike.

“That was amazing,” Leslie said to Larry after he left. “He fucked me so good.”

“I know,” Larry said. “I was there.”

“Let’s do it again!” she said. “Can we!”

The next day her profile was back up.

Go on Tinder today. You can see her there. That’s right, one of those women you’re swiping right on is married. Heck, probably more than one. And her husband is a sick fuck who likes to watch his wife get fucked.

Maybe she just swiped right on you!

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