In Control

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She was sitting on his face, as his tongue was playfully working through her thighs, climbing all the way to her secret garden. She liked how he held her by her waist, with his forearms on her hips. It felt as if she could not get away. Yet being on top gave her control. An oxymoron of being forced to be in charge. Being the chained one who is in command.

The tip of his tongue was caressing her labia now. He would start on the sides and caress the whole length of her lips. First the right, then the left. Every time it felt like unexplored land to him. So familiar, yet always new. She was breathing hard and trying to grab air in anticipation of what was coming. He focused on the inner lips, reaching her pearl of pleasure. He just loved her landscape, and how she presented it to him as if she was offering a treasure from her hidden chest. She felt how he had found the spot again. That spot where the hood of her clit started. She had chosen to trust him with that delicate part of herself. It was like handing him the keys to the detonator inside her gut.

He would surround all of her sex with his lips. From above her clit to her vagina. His tongue was playfully pirouetting along every corner of her organs. Their dance was a hymn to happiness and to life. As if it was not wet enough, he would keep licking her. His tongue moved down a little to her entrance, just to pick up some of her juices and bring them up to that hoodie of her clit. That was an explosive mix. Her viscous cum on her pearl. It helped the tip of his tongue slide more gently, and the volume of her moans go higher.

She had her hands on the bed rail and was controlling the exact spot where she wanted him to pleasure her. Sometimes she would press her clit on his mouth, yet at other times she would move up and have him focus on the entrance of her vagina. She wanted this to last long, and thus she would have him bring her up almost to the tipping point, and then focus on something else so that she could hold it a bit longer. He enjoyed very much how she would guide him with her “right there,” her “yes, yes,” and her “oh fuck!” exclamations. He was happy working on her sexuality under her control. Right now he was her pleasure-giving agent and he liked that role.

“I’m going to come,” was the next phrase she would exclaim. By then he was not only licking but also sucking a bit on her clit. Her hoodie had given way and now he could feel how her blood engorged tip had grown in size. From that tip two lone sentinels had come out and were nervously peeking out. As he sucked she could feel how big and hard her whole clit had become. He knew he held a large charge of pleasure-giving explosives at his disposal.

After she had played enough at the side of the cliff, she could not hold it anymore and decided to take a deep dive. Her orgasm came with a vengeance. He had been playing for many minutes in her playground, and the moment had being building up. The detonator had been triggered and the blast blinded her. She gave a big moan as her spasms started. He knew he had to just stay still now, for she was extremely sensitive down there. He held his tongue still, just on top of her clit, as he felt her indecision between rubbing herself some more or just holding position. She was gasping for air and collapsed on the bed.

She crawled down until she could kiss his mouth, a thankful kiss for he had teleported her to infinity for a few instants. As they were kissing, the tip of his cock and her vagina were getting their next dance started. She rocked her hips as the tip of his shaft moved back and forth through her wetness. It was sliding so effortlessly. Suddenly they locked in position as his rod made it into her entrance. It felt like the slow motion of the seconds before a gun marks the start of a race. Each of their muscles in position ready for the next sprint.

Slowly and with short pushing movements of her hips she started sliding him inside of her. She wanted to enjoy feeling him deeper and deeper on every push. The dance continued until she reached bottom. Except that she wanted to go all the way to the basement. She moved her hand to the root of his shaft, pressing with her fingers right on the spot between his balls.

She could feel how this was doing something to him. Could not exactly pin what it was, but she could feel the energy of his cock flowing into her as she was sliding up and down. It also made her feel in control of the situation, as if she was pressing on the gas pedal to make his guy go higher.

He was holding her by her hips and her firm grasp on his base sent spasms up his rod. She was building him up and he knew she was enjoying looking at his face. Her beautiful hair was surrounding them, and the devilish smile on her lips denoted how much fun she was having. It was clear that she wanted all of his juices for herself, and she knew how to get them.

He held her by her shoulder blades and bent her on top of him to feel her skin on his. Her boobs were caressing his chest. He knew that this way of rocking could bring her to a vaginal orgasm, which was of a different kind to the clitoral orgasm that she had just exploded with. Her lips went for his lips, and it was full blown french kiss. All wet on top as it was on the bottom. She confirmed that she was reaching the highest point with her “I’m going to come” line. He continued stroking her, and she continued holding on his base.

As her orgasm hit she arched her back and they stopped their motion. As in slow motion time stood still. All of his senses were taking her in. It was as if nothing else existed in the universe. She had moved up and was exposing her beautiful breasts in all their glory to him. Her hair all messed up, and the angelic smile on her face completed the scene.

But you bet she was not done with him. She wanted his juices inside her, and she wanted them now. The brief pause would, as usual, help her to reach her target. As she started stroking him again she could see that she had him under her control. A few more presses on the base of his dick and she would feel his ejaculation releasing all the accumulated energy inside of her.

She had power over him and as she was squeezing the vital liquids out of him he roared more than moaned. As if pumping water from a well, she would push herself down to get a second discharge, and then again for a third one. This girl of his wanted it all, and wanted it now.

He embraced her as they kissed again. All he could articulate was:

Stay like this for a moment…”

As they were embracing each other. Magic had happened again.

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