What if

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Babe, what if I were to sneak into your dorm room tonight? I would sit next to your bed and look at your peaceful sleeping face, admiring your beauty and the peace that you exude. And I would wait until you wake up. Maybe you’d be startled once you open your eyes and see me, so I would tell you:

  • It’s me, Babe. I was missing you so much that I decided to come and see you.

And you’ll smile back at me with those shiny blue gray eyes of yours, and your angelic face.

Babe, what if then I would raise my arms to give you a hug? Would you jump onto me and throw your arms around my neck? We would embrace each other for what would feel like a beautiful eternity. And I would run my fingers over your back, and caress your beautiful long hair. Then you will tell me:

  • You are crazy, we cannot wake anyone up. They would not understand!

But the tone of your voice will give you away and I will know that you are really happy to see me. And you’ll make space for me in your tiny bed.

Babe, what if I then lay next to you, and we share your pillow while looking deep in each other’s eyes as our mouths find their way to each other? First a dry kiss, which will turn into a wet kiss. What if you and I were already naked, because this summer has been too hot? I would probably move you on top of me and caress your soft skin, and through the warmth your body will tell me:

  • Come here, you crazy boy of mine. I’ve missed you so much that it hurts. You took a piece of my heart with you. And I want to be one with you right now!

And you will rub your sexuality against my cock while your wetness down there will give you away. And you’ll turn me on in an instant, as you usually do. We would both feel how my heart pumps my blood to make stiff the object of your desire.

Babe, what if then you grab my manhood with your hand and start sliding it inside of you? And I would hear your breathing, deep and rhythmic, as you feel the length of my cock. You might give out a little aah, which I will use as an excuse to give you another kiss because, remember? We need to be quiet… But the motion of your hips will tell me:

  • I want you deep inside of me, so deep as only you can get. I want your soul to touch my soul. I want us to be a unit and rock this bed.

I will hold your head with my hands, look at you, deep in your eyes, and tell you how much I have missed you. And I will feel how you slide me inside of your wetness, going deeper on every stroke.

Babe, what if the emotion is so high, and the rocking just right so that you build a strong momentum while you are riding me? What if I happened to help you with my hands on your waist? What if you give me that exhaling signal that you just reached for that supernova. You will pause and again your body will tell me:

  • You just made me cum, and I am out of breath, and out of depth, and just floating in space with you. And I am going to shake again, wait and you’ll feel it.

I will wait still, and feel the contractions of your vagina on my cock as you shake with the aftermath of your orgasm. I will look up to see the way you shine after the act. And you’ll look at me and give me one of your angelic smiles and it will fill my heart.

Babe, what if then we turned around and I embrace you in spoons, while my cock slides into your sexuality again? From behind. While rocking you softly, would you let me wet my fingers in your mouth? Or would you prefer if I wet your fingers in my mouth? And I would then hold your hand and guide your fingers to touch your pearl down there. I would whisper in your ear:

  • I want to feel how you touch yourself. I want to understand the secret rhythm that your fingers use in you. Show me how you do that trick, the one that makes you scream, the one that makes you laugh.

And I would keep my hand on top of your hand and feel the slow circular motions that you use to drive yourself into the big O. While at the same time my cock keeps sliding in and out of you in this special embrace. I would wait expectantly until you start shaking again.

Babe, what if we would then stand up and embrace each other like monkeys do? We would find a corner in your room, where I can place a cushion and then have you sit while I penetrate you, hugging each other. And we will rock each other again, and you’ll feel how I don’t want to stop. You will then whisper in my ear:

  • I want to feel you cum inside of me. I want all you got, every last drop. I will squeeze you dry, and I want to hear you exhale that guttural sound you do.

And I will finally cum, in slow spasms, and you’ll be laughing with that laugh of happiness that you reserve for these moments. Yes, that laugh that sounds as if it will never stop.

Babe, what if I tell you that I cannot yet teleport to your room, as much as I wish I could? But what if me writing this and you reading it brings us together in mysterious ways? What if I tell you that this feels real to me? That in my brain my mirror neurons are actually caressing you, kissing you and loving you. That our connection is so deep that reading this will make your heart beat harder, your cheeks blush, your arms get goosebumps, and your wetness show up down there. And you will tell me:

  • This is so hot that I won’t be able to fall asleep now. And I cannot even touch myself because I am not alone in my room. But I love you for writing this.

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