A Man, Two Women, and the F-Machine

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photo: SexArt

Tamara introduces us to her new toy

My husband James and I have been seeing Tamara for about a year, but it has been a busy summer and we hadn’t had the chance to get together for a while. A couple of days ago we went over to her place for the afternoon.

“What’s new?” I asked her while brushing her long, dark hair back out of her face so that I could kiss her properly.

I really enjoy kissing women. It has a very different quality than kissing men — softer and more sensual somehow — but I especially enjoy kissing Tam. Our mouths just work well together, much in the same way that we connect well on every other level. We adore each other and we desire each other, but we also really, really like each other — and James too, of course. We always have the best time when the three of us are together. We talk a lot, laugh a lot, and always leave each other’s company happy and satisfied.

“I got a new toy,” Tamara said in answer to my question once I had given her her mouth back. “I can’t wait to show it to you.”

Tam has more sex toys than anybody I know, so I was having a difficult time imagining what she had added to her collection. Pretty soon we migrated to the bedroom and began trying out all of the varieties of Hot Tetris that you can do with a man and two women who are really into each other. The new toy was temporarily forgotten, at least until we’d had the opportunity to fully remember why we like to be together in the first place.

Somewhere along the line, we took a break to refill our drinks and Tamara pulled this mechanical contraption out of her closet. “Holy shit,” I couldn’t help saying. “Is that a real fucking machine?”

“You know it,” she replied. “This guy bought it for his girlfriend as a present and she told him he was disgusting and to get rid of it, so I bought it off of him for cheap.”

Despite the inevitable jokes about buying a “used” fucking machine (Tam assured us it was in its original packaging and had clearly never been used), I was anxious to give it a spin. I lay back against the headboard and she adjusted the height and angle to where it would be comfortable. Then she turned it on. James immediately adjusted the speed to go a bit faster.

“Oh my gawd, that is so fucking hot!” Tamara said, and James completely agreed as they both leaned in to watch the machine rhythmically pulsing a rubber dildo in and out of me. A fucking machine has the advantage of being able to keep a steady speed and rhythm for a much longer time than any human could ever maintain. Once you find your “spot,” perfect consistency is at your fingertips, and if you decide you want to adjust the length, depth or speed, that’s all in your control. It felt amazing!

“You have to film this,” Tamara insisted, and so James got out his phone. While he was standing by the bed doing that, Tam bent down and put his cock in her mouth. She is enthusiastic, to say the least, and makes the cutest slurping, gargling sounds when she does it. One of her girlfriends has threatened to record it and turn it into her ringtone and we laughed about that because it’s pretty distinctive and so in that respect, would be a good ringtone, despite all the other obvious reasons that it wouldn’t be. James, a very motivated cameraman, was able to get both me and Tamera into the shot, and so we have the entire thing, memorialized for future enjoyment — me getting banged like crazy by a mechanical device while Tamara rubbed my inner thighs and bobbed and slurped away at James’ cock.

After a bit, they came around to the other side of the bed and Tam lay down next to me so that James could return the favor for her. He buried his face in her pussy while she ran her hand up and down my body. As good as it felt to be fucked by the machine, I need to really get into a zone in order to cum and there was just a lot going on that was distracting. I was right on the edge and had even brought in my favorite vibrator to help, but it wasn’t until Tamara started to cum that I was tipped over the edge as well. Hearing her passion and pleasure-filled sounds just brought me along too. There was a symphony of loud moaning between us before I finally pushed the machine out of me and away with my foot. I was spent but happy.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard,” Tamera said. It may have taken me a bit to cum, but when I did, I came hard and loud and wet. We laughed that it was a good thing we’d thought to put down a towel before getting started.

As I lay there enjoying my electronically induced afterglow, James got on top of Tamera and they started fucking. I turned on my side so that I could lie close to her and play with her nipples, while the three of us took turns kissing. There are two kinds of people in the world; those who feel upset at the thought of seeing someone having sex with their mate and those who find it intensely arousing and enjoyable. I am the latter, and I thoroughly enjoyed having a front row seat to their fucking. I love him and adore her, and here we all were making each other happy and satisfied, sharing genuine affection and connection.

As cool as the fucking machine was, and as much as I’d use again the next chance I get, the sexiest thing was just being close to them both at the same time, our bodies all intertwined and making each other happy. Anyone who says that threeways are over-rated is clearly not doing them right.

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