Fuck Me Up Against Your Car

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photo: William Stitt on Unsplash

Spread my legs and give me your repercussions

His mouth always tastes like home. Something I’m inherently drawn to and that I’m comforted by each time we kiss. I’m hardly aware of the elevator’s dank, stagnant air as I make out with him.

There’s the faraway sound of it beeping with each level. I know that we have one more floor to go. The beep alerts us to our level. His tongue brushes expertly against mine, enticing me to tilt my head and allow him to probe deeper inside my mouth. He tastes like peppermint and that indescribable flavor I’m drawn to.

The elevator doors threaten to close us in again. He pulls away from me. His hand reaches down and squeezes my ass. I gasp and trot outside into the cool air. I can’t help the giggle that escapes my lips. We’re the only ones left in the vacant rooftop parking garage.

I shake my ass a little in front of him. I know he can feel the extra invitation I’ve given him. Our hands clasp together and sway with that perfect swing. The chill in the air cools my heated skin. Goosebumps rise to meet the night air. My thighs scrape together with the dampness of my wet pussy.

“You shake that ass again there will be repercussions,” he warns me.

“Repercussions you say? That sounds like fun right there.”

I can’t help but to take the challenge he offers me. My hips jiggle and shake beneath the clingy, soft dress I’m wearing. I make my way over to his car with a come hither and play with me smile. He doesn’t unlock the door for me to slide into the leather seat. I pull on the door handle and look back at his face.

Oh shit, I know that look on his face. His brown eyes twinkle with a plan that’s being set in action. I realize that he has decided to make me pay right now.

“Lie across the car. Now.”

“Seriously?” I ask him.

I shift my weight onto one leg. My hip pops and I place a hand on it.

“Be my good little mischievous minx and follow orders.”

I stand facing him. His voice offers no negotiations. I chew on my bottom lip. I can still taste him on my tongue. I wonder if I should push him. I’m caught between the need to be submissive and my other side that says to assert my dominance.

I decide to follow my fate. I turn my back to him and drape myself over the car’s hood. The frigid metal greets my warm skin. He closes the distance between us. I feel his clothed erection at the entrance of my ass. I’m tempted to push into it to see what reaction I’ll get from him. I resist the urge and place my head on the tops of my hands.

“Spread your legs.”

I grunt in response. He smacks my ass at my weak retaliation. My black, strappy sandals scrape against the concrete. I spread my legs open and bury my head into my arm. His hand reaches in between my legs and explores the upper part of my thigh. I know he can already feel the wetness greet his fingers. He growls as his fingers plunge inside me.

I’m rendered helpless against him. His weight presses me harder against the car. I’m distinctly aware that if anyone saw us we would be quite the sight. My head falls forward as I give in to his finger fucking.

“You’re so wet. It’s like that tight pussy of yours is just begging me to fuck you,” he whispers hotly in my ear.

I merely whimper in response. I can feel him unzip his pants. His hands twist in my hair that is growing past my shoulders. He pulls up my tight, barely-there white dress. I lean further forward on the car and lie there waiting for him to enter me.

His dick traces my lips and I take a deep breath in. When he enters me I gasp as if I’ve been brought back to life. He strokes inside me slowly, at a calculated pace. The cool air is forgotten while the endless heat from his body overwhelms me.

He uses my hair as reins and pulls my head back. I moan at the slight pain. His hand connects with my left ass cheek as he fucks me. The sting heats my skin in the frigid air. His balls slap against my inner thighs as he keeps thrusting into me. I want to be used until he cums inside of me with that delicious growl of his.

I think about how he’s fucking me against his own car. My body becomes a live wire for him to pluck and play with. My orgasm builds up inside the pit of my stomach. I sound like a woman possessed with the noises coming from my mouth. Each moan escaping from my mouth grows in volume with each thrust he makes.

“Give it to me. Cum for me,” he says.

His voice is inside my ear. I can hear it as if it’s far away. I let out a scream as my pussy gushes around his dick. He keeps plunging harder and faster through my orgasm. I fall off the edge only to build up again for another orgasm. His teeth bite my shoulder with a dominant fierceness. I give every inch of myself for him to possess and use.

He fucks me at that accelerated pace that drives me wild. He pounds into me and I hear him groan. His dick twitches inside me as he fills me up to overflowing with his cum. My pussy contracts and tightens around his dick as if milking it for everything it’s worth.

He stills against me and kisses my ear. I squirm and wiggle against the car. My orgasm leaves me with a fuzzy, out of body sensation. His arms slide underneath my armpits and picks me up. I lean my head back. Our lips press against each other as I reach backwards to kiss him.

“I like your idea of repercussions.”

“Of course you do, that shouldn’t surprise me.” I can feel the smile on his face. My cum filled pussy drips our juices down. I shake my ass against him as if accentuating a silent point.

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