Waking her up

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They were sleeping in that large cozy bed. It had been a very intense and energizing evening. They had fallen asleep holding each other after their lovemaking, their bodies warming each other.

Outside, the city was starting to wake up, and some early morning rays of light were making their way through the windows. He was slowly waking up and trying to make sense of where he was. Through the shades he could see the bundle of her hair next to him. He could hear her breathing gently; she had a smile across her face as if she was having a nice dream. The air smelled of them, of her, of the sweet scent of lovemaking.

He turned his head to look at her sleeping peacefully. He reached his hand to touch her hair. He loved her long hair, which felt like silk. He moved his hand down and under the covers. Her warm body felt so nice. Her skin felt so soft. He tasted his way until he reached one of her breasts and started caressing it.

Her warm body felt so nice. Her skin felt so soft.

She had been dreaming of a tropical sandy beach. In her dream she was enjoying the warm water of the sea and looking at the beautiful turquoise blue of the waters. Suddenly the dream became more intense, with a feeling of warmth coming from inside. Her breath changed pace, she moved slightly, and her mouth opened up a little bit as if trying to wet her lips. He gave her a sweet kiss on the lips, and then worked his way down to her neck. He was giving her small kisses and caressing every inch of her soft skin.

She started to wake up slowly; she moved her arm and placed her hand on top of his head. He continued his discovery path through the soft landscape of her body, kiss by kiss, until he reached her other breast. He got his mouth around the nipple and started playing with it with his tongue. Her back arched, like a cat when it’s waking up, and her breathing changed. Her eyes were still closed, but by now both of her hands were holding his head. He was holding her by her waist, and she moved one leg to touch his back.

His mouth moved to the tip of the other breast; he held the nipple of the first one with one hand, while holding her tightly with his other arm. She started moving her hips rhythmically, rubbing herself against his body. He continued his kissing path, moving down her body. He reached her belly button and placed the tip of his tongue inside of it. She moaned a little as the traveling tongue moved down even further. He moved her legs apart and placed the soles of her feet against his thighs. His right hand had made it to her buttocks and his mouth was finding its way around her intimate parts.

His tongue was coasting around her vulva, and he could taste her sweetness. She started breathing harder, but her eyes were still closed. In her half-dreaming state she was now lying naked at the edge of the water and the waves of the sea were rocking her body. While the intensity of the waves was getting stronger, she had a feeling of inner peace.

His tongue started concentrating on her clitoris, and she took one of her hands from his head and put it on top of his other hand, which was still busy caressing her breasts. In her dream the sky was suddenly full of thunder, and the wind started to blow over her. Her body was rocking to the rhythm of the master strokes of his mouth. She could feel the strong waves of emotion surrounding her. Suddenly in her dream, lightning started striking; she could feel the strong wind surround her. Her eyes were still refusing to open up.

He moved his finger to her lower lips and started caressing her really slowly. She could feel the pressure increasing and her breathing reached a plateau. It was as if her body was getting ready to receive a large discharge of energy. She also became aware of the soft feeling of the bedsheets against her body. Her feet started pushing down on his thighs, and her back arched even more. She was pushing her intimate parts into his mouth and enjoying the caress of his lips on her.

Suddenly she felt a big blast, the thunderstorm blew out in a bright light, and disappeared in a second.

Her body started shaking with emotion. He had introduced his finger inside her as this happened, and could feel the shaking of her walls. Her shaking happened like in a slow motion movie, all of her body moving in unison.

She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her with an expression of happiness. She grabbed his head and pulled him up, giving him a thank you kiss. He gave her a good morning kiss. But still down below she could feel his hardness pressing against her. She was ready to take him in. She moved her hand down and slowly guided him inside of her.

The feeling of oneness liberated her. She was kissing him passionately, her arms around his shoulders. She moved her legs in rhythm with his hips, pushing him inside of her on every stroke. He started kissing her neck and their rocking increased. She could not feel any distance between them, it was as if they had melted together. But at the same time she could feel the waves of his body getting ready to put all his loving into her.

The sweet smell of lovemaking was in the air, and for the first time this morning she told him how badly she wanted him to just come inside of her. He looked her in the eyes and a few moments later his shaking and moaning showed her that he had also reached the highest point.

He gave her many little kisses, each one of which was saying, Thank you, thank you so much.

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