Visiting Sir at Work

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I knew something was up when He sent me a text that said simply:

“Be at my office in 30mins. Wear a skirt. Don’t be late.”

His office was a good twenty minutes from our apartment, leaving me no time to do anything other than change clothes and start walking to meet him. I debated briefly between a short red pencil skirt and a long, flowing black one. The red was hotter and made my ass look amazing, but wasn’t the greatest to power walk in, so I went with the black. Unfortunately my wardrobe crisis caused my arrival at His office to be just the tiniest bit late. I hoped He wouldn’t notice, but knew I wouldn’t get that lucky.

The reception area was empty, and most of the lights were off. It was a good bit past the time that most employees would have left for the day, eager to start their weekend. I stood just inside the front door a little uncertainly. I was unsure if I should go directly down the hall to His office or wait for Him to fetch me from the lobby. Suddenly I caught movement in the dimly lit corner of the room. He had been sitting on the far side of the lobby, waiting on me. Quickly, He strode to the front doors and locked them with a loud click.

“You’re late,” He growled at me.

My eyes dropped to the floor as I whispered, “I’m sorry, Sir.” I knew excuses wouldn’t matter. I had fucked up and there would most definitely be consequences. He said nothing for several long moments. I grew more and more nervous the longer He stayed quiet. Finally, after what seemed like forever, He began walking down the hall towards His office, silently motioning for me to follow. After the dim glow of the emergency lights in the rest of the building, His office was lit up so bright it was almost disorienting until my eyes adjusted.

Before I could do more than glance around, He grabbed my arm and pulled me forward until I was bent over His desk. I stretched my arm out above my head and latched onto the opposite edge of the desk to steady myself. My soft skirt was soon flipped up onto my back and my panties yanked down roughly to drop to my ankles. He nudged my feet farther apart as I kicked my lacy panties to the side. My legs were soon spread open just wide enough to be a little uncomfortable. The cold, heavily air-conditioned air teased across my fully exposed cunt. I shivered slightly in both fear and anticipation, feeling deliciously vulnerable.

He walked around to the other side of the desk and grabbed a small leather riding crop out of a drawer. He made certain I saw it as he circled back around to face my bare ass again. Knowing that His silence was more of a punishment to me than anything else could be, He didn’t speak. I felt the tip of the crop lightly tracing a line up my inner thigh. I could feel that I was already quite wet, pussy throbbing with need. After teasing the crop up and down my slit, He gave me a quick tap across my now obviously swollen clit.

“You naughty little thing, dripping wet already,” He said as I gasped more from the shock than the pain.

Before I could do much more than catch my breath again, the crop began to crack down across both my ass cheeks. Not too hard at first, but steady. The strength of the blows began to gradually increase. My ass felt warm, then hot, and whimpers escaped from my lips despite myself.

I lost all track of time. The only thing that existed was the rhythmic and painful strikes across my ass and the aching need pulsing between my legs. Then, the blows ended and I felt the head of His cock rubbing back and forth on my cunt. I pushed my hips back slightly, desperately needing Him inside me.

“Please fuck me, please!” I cried out, tears of frustration welling up in my eyes.

He shoved into me, hard. All I could do was hold on to the desk tightly and moan as He fucked me harder and harder. His hips slapped into my bright red ass with each thrust, sending waves of pain through my body as he pinned me to the desk. His cock twitched inside me, then filled me with His cum as he got off. I couldn’t hold out any longer and my orgasm exploded through my body. My pussy clenched around His dick, milking out every last drop of cum.

After, He pulled me into His arms and held me tightly. My legs were still shaking and I was thankful for the support.

“You should come to the office more often, my dear. But not late next time, yes?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied happily.

But I thought to myself with a smile that I may be just a little bit late next time too…

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