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Visiting Sir at Work

I knew something was up when He sent me a text that said simply: “Be at my office in 30mins. Wear a skirt....
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Jingle Bells

I’d been a brat all day. I knew I would be in trouble when we got home, but just couldn’t seem to...
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Their Birthday Toy

My friend Claire and I had been planning this for quite awhile. She and I fooled around occasionally, and together we came up with...
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Keeping Quiet

photo: Viv Thomas My moans and whimpers filled the room. As much as I was trying to stay still and quiet, my body was vibrating...
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Met Her at a Hotel

photo: Viv Thomas Met her at a hotel… It happened about two years ago, at a hotel of all places. A mutual friend was having a...
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His Again

photo: Maurício Mascaro from Pexels The music pounded in my ears. I could feel my chest vibrate with each beat. The strobe and laser lights...
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