Sleeping With a Friend

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I always get sad around this time of year. It’s a time when I realize that my circle of family and friends is getting irrevocably smaller. Some through distance, some by death, and others by choice. Their absence hurts the most at this time of year. I try to stay busy, hoping not to think so much or dwell on the past. But I’m not there yet. I feel very down and in desperate need of comfort.

Thankfully, one of my best friends, whom I’ve known for over a decade, still lives close by. She’s a busy body, like me. I think she may even have me beat in the overachievers department. When she’s not doing her charity functions or running the tight parental ship at home, she’s the guardian angel at a local nursing home. There are times when she doesn’t get home for days. Luckily, she has a bedroom in the back office where she can sleep when she’s on call.

Despite her heavy schedule, there’s not a time in my life when I remember her ever turning me away. No matter how busy she is, she always takes time for me. I love her for that. You don’t find friends like her anymore. So, when I can, I also go out of my way to give her much needed company when she’s lonely.

This particular evening, we both meet in a vortex of emotions. She’s been here alone for days and I am going through my yearly trials. We usually meet like this at the same time of year and talk each other to sleep. Tonight, I feel a different vibe in the air.

The heaters are on high because of the brisk winter wind. All her patients were fed hours ago and are sleeping soundly. There are no distractions this time. No one else to take her attention from me.

She’s fresh out of the shower when I knock on the door. My numb face is instantly warmed by the house, the scent of fresh laundry, and her soaked breasts squished together under a tiny towel. The hug she gives me is longer and more intimate than usual. She lets our cheeks touch, letting me drown in the scent of her body wash.

I untie my scarf and set it on the bed. Kick off my boots and remove my jacket, while my eyes unintentionally fix on her curves. We don’t speak. She just lies down, pulls me next to her, and holds me close. Her arms embrace me in that way I truly yearn to be held, but can’t quite ask.

I close my eyes and lie perfectly still. A few moments of deep relaxing breaths pass, in a state between sleep and wakefulness. Then, her arms move carefully. Her hands reach under my hands and over my breasts.

My eyes snap open, feeling an instant rush of lust flow through me. Her lips touch my neck softly as she leans in to smell my hair.

What is happening? I think loudly and begin to breathe harder, feeling my pulse race.

As if she speaks to me telepathically, I feel her reply through her fingers. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. Just go with it.

Her thighs open slowly and her leg drapes over my hip. As if by instinct, my hands reach for her thighs. Caressing them, gripping them. And damn do they feel good.

I hear her moan softly. So slight that it could be easily mistaken for just a casual exhale. A sound too faint for vapid ears. But mine are highly in tune. I want to hear it louder. More prominent. No curtain. No uncertainty.

The lines of our friendship blur gradually as I poke out my rear and swivel it gently between her legs. Her towel unravels as she spreads out wider. I feel her sex in heat, over the curves of my ass. Her lips press my neck harder and she starts kissing that spot that turns me into mush.

Her teeth bite me gently. Her tongue swirls slowly over my skin, showing off a preview of its overbearing softness and the things it could do to me.

I reach carefully between us and not only feel, but hear her wetness on my fingers. It’s like the first rain drop on a Spring morning. The soothing effect leaves me wanting more. From the way her hips press closer, I feel she wants it, too.

I drop my shoulder and roll it slowly, as my fingers massage her pussy. My arm wedges between her breasts as the flap of the towel falls over it, hiding my hand from sight. She finally lets out a sound that slipped out of control. A real moan with no inhibiting barrier.

Her voice is like honey to my ears. Her skin like silk to the touch. I want more. My hands yearn for it. My body tenses in anticipation of more. I lean back on her chest and swirl my fingers harder, feeling her pussy throb deliciously on them.

Her arms go around my waist. Her hand slides beneath the seam of my pants, her fingers smoothly spreading my lips. Her lips press my ear. The tips of her fingers slide gently over my clit. She dips them inside me and spreads my wetness over my pussy, making even more of my juices seep out, causing my panties to soak in steam.

“Mmmm… damn you’re so wet,” she whispers softly.

“Yes… very,” I whisper back.

I spread my legs wider. Inviting more of her touch.

“You always get like this when you’re lonely,” she says softly. Her fingers start circling around my clit, teasing me senseless.

“And every year, you come to me,” she continues. I’m too zoned out to respond, but I nod while I moan helplessly in her arms. She pulls my body on top of her as she rolls on her back, and pins my ankles with hers, keeping my legs spread. “I always hate it when you leave before this can happen. It’s like you know it can, but you resist it.”

“I just don’t want to ruin the bond we have,” I reply with the last cognitive sense I have left. “Sex always ruins everything.” I’m so close to explosion, every word I say sounds like I’m begging for something.

“No it doesn’t,” she says softly, “I won’t let that happen.”

I gasp hard as her fingers curl inside me, the tips of her fingers perfectly pressing my G-spot.

“You’re not running from me this time,” she whispers sexily.

Her soft lips press my neck as her fingers inch deeper. I’m about to lose it. My body quivers deliciously in her grasp. Her soft full breasts are like pillows to my back. The scent of her clouds around me like a sex fog. I thrust my hips up and down, meeting the sweet pressure of her hand. Her other arm holds my thigh down, making sure her fingers stay inside me while I squirm.

“Uh oh, somebody’s about to cum,” she teases as she fingers me harder. “Your pussy’s getting tighter.”

“Fuck…yes, I am,” I moan. “Please don’t stop! I’m so close…”

She keeps her fingers hooked deep, hammering my G-spot. I feel my climax rise and stay at its height, making my hips shiver. It lingers for at least half a minute. Then, a throbbing surge comes out of me. My pussy feels like a tight muscle that finally got stretched and soothed.

“Wow,” I exhale. “Damn, I haven’t cum in a long time.”

“I can tell,” she replies. “Let it all out…give me every bit of it.”

She takes her time, massaging every pulse out. Just pressing softly across my swollen lips and circling her fingers on my clit until it stops throbbing. I nuzzle my head back, resting in the space between her neck and shoulder. Her cheeks press my temple and kiss my brow softly.

I feel so comfortable. All my worries just melt away with that kiss. I tilt my head to the side to meet her lips with mine and kiss her for the very first time beyond anything friendly. It’s so strange. But not in the way it usually would be in this situation. It’s strange how right it feels.

I twist my body over to face her completely, letting my breasts press hers. The warmth of them turns me on. I feel like my heart is melting along with my pussy. I never knew my friend was such a good kisser. Damn, I’ve been missing out! I’m so eager to show her my appreciation for her company.

I drag my lips slowly down her neck and kiss her collar bone. Then, I trail across her breasts, lightly flickering my tongue on her nipples. Her hands slide up the back of my neck and gently grip my hair as her body winds. Pressing my face close, smothering me with her pillows.

I lick down her stomach and drape her thighs over my shoulders, one by one. Kissing her inner thighs softly. Her pussy stamps wetness on my chin and I lick down to taste it. Her juices are mouthwatering. I want to drink her down like fine wine.

I slide my tongue inside her and feel her muscles tighten around the tip. Her plump lips surround my mouth. The taste of her makes me hunger for more. I can’t get enough. I taste her clit harden between my lips and I concentrate on it like a target. Licking up and down and around. Then, pinning it back as I suck on it.

“Oh my God,” she moans, “your mouth feels like a sex toy.”

I giggle through her flesh and continue sucking her clit. The comment makes me want to work even harder to please her. I cuff my arm around her left thigh and ease two fingers inside her as I swipe my tongue from side to side. I can taste her vulva swell under my tongue, her channel tightening around my fingers. Her hips rock up and down in shivers.

She grips my hair harder and fucks my mouth. I alternate sucking and licking her pussy, lightening my pressure, making her work for her climax. She’s moaning loudly. No more ladylike barrier or insecurity. She sounds out of control, at the brink of explosion.

I start licking deep fervent swirls around her clit, knowing she’s about to cum at any moment. She presses her pussy firmly on my lips and lets the circles throw her overboard into bliss. Her moans heighten to desperate squeals as I finger her hard through her pulses. Sucking her clit softly, letting every throb hit my tongue.

She drenches my entire face with wetness by the time I come up for air. My clothes are soaked in sweat. She peels my top off and my skin feels instant relief. I roll off my pants and kick off my panties, feeling my wetness smear my legs. She crawls to my direction and kisses me deeply. The kind of kiss that scares me. Especially from lips like hers.

I feel my body tense up again. Both from lust and anxiety of what may come between us. She’s been the one friend I can always come to for advice and comfort. I never thought she would be the one who could make me cum like this. My body naturally submits and reacts to her every move. I feel pleasure tingle throughout my entire body. But I’m so scared to feel like this again. I don’t think I can take it if our friendship were to sever.

There’s no holding back now. Her lips are touching every sweet spot on me. I’m helpless and desperate for affection. Weak with want. I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to. This moment was destined to come.

Tonight, she sees me in different form. The lover and the temptress. Not just her quirky friend she cuddles with when she’s sad. I feel like my veins are about to melt through my skin in fear. But I’m also excited and enthralled. It’s all just so confusing.

I don’t know why it’s so much scarier to sleep with someone who truly knows me than someone who doesn’t. I’ve comfortably slept with people I downright hated without a care in the world. It’s probably because I don’t care if I ever see them again.

Sleeping with a friend is much scarier than sleeping with an enemy. They already have your heart and you have theirs. You’ve already bonded without sex and took time to know each other through kinship. It also means that the lust you feel now has a possibility to blossom into love. The kind that lasts a lifetime. The kind you’re afraid to lose.

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