Upstairs Neighbor

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Expert oral leads to my first ever orgasm

He was my upstairs neighbor from the fifth floor. I lived on the second floor and often ran into him at the dog park. We always had plenty to talk about since we both worked at the university — him in the art department, me at the library. After my boyfriend moved out we hung out even more, just talking, walking his dog, bonding over our shared hatred of the admissions director.

“I hope you don’t feel uncomfortable being seen with me in public,” he said one day over coffee. “The gray hair and all.”

“Why would that matter?” I said with surprise. “We have a great time together. I certainly talk more easily with you than I did with my ex.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” he grinned. “What exactly happened there, anyway?”

“Um, well,” I fidgeted with my cup. “He kinda lost interest I guess. He said I wasn’t very exciting because I didn’t drink and smoke weed with his loser friends. And I worked too much.” My face burned. It was still embarrassing to talk about.

“Did he ever make you cum?”

I stared at him, open mouthed, at the question. I shouldn’t be surprised, I thought. Art is all about sex, anyway.

“Well…I think? Once or twice? It was so long ago.” I laughed nervously. Surely my face was scarlet.

He looked at me, his mouth set in a line. I squirmed in my seat. Gosh, was this getting weird? He was such a good friend. I’d never thought this way about him. Except his hands. Sometimes I looked at them — strong sculptor hands — wondering what else they could do.

“You always have a friend in me,” he said, softly, as if reading my mind. “If you ever need anything, just ask. I would never invade your life or make you uncomfortable. You know where I am.”

Two weeks later found me in his apartment, spread out on the bed under his big picture window. There was so much more light up here! I shook nervously as we kissed, his hands gently roaming all over. My ex never had me out in the light and certainly never made me feel like this expert mouth was making me feel. Fuck! He was literally kissing every inch of skin as he gradually removed my clothes. Why he still had his on mystified me.

“Wow!” I whispered, now completely naked. He was lightly sucking my nipples and caressing my stomach. I could barely think. “I’ve…I’ve never…done all this before. You’re amazing…ahhhhh!!!!” His hand had found my clit. Sparks flew in the back of my eyes.

“Oh, that was good,” I said. “Do…do you want me to suck your cock now?”

He grinned down at me. “What was good, baby?”

“Um, the feeling, it was really nice. So now it’s your turn, right?”

“My sweet girl,” he murmured, kissing my neck and cheek. “Just relax, don’t worry about me. You’re about to have lots more feelings.”

He got down between my legs and spread them wide. I screwed my eyes shut, waiting for the quick tentative lick and then the pulling away. Instead, I felt his tongue spread over my pussy like honey. Warm, soft, tender. Slight pressure at the top then up and down with long licks. I trembled in complete astonishment. Someone was saying “oh wow, oh wow, oh wow” over and over again. Eventually I realized it was me.

“I can’t believe this!” I was close to tears. “What are you doing? That feels so good! Wow!”

“Mmmmmm,” he said, slipping a finger gently inside. Fuck! Those big fingers I was always looking at. Evidently this was what he could do with them.

“Oh my God, your finger too? What’s going on?” My whole body was shaking, my legs caught in a ceaseless tremor.

“You’re going to cum for me,” he said, firmly, speaking to my clit. “You’re going to lay there and cum for me again and again.” He started sucking on my clit and working his finger in and out.

I tipped my head back as my hips had a mind of their own. He was up to two fingers now, angled upwards, so much pressure, sucking my clit, there were sparks now, I was reaching…where was it…waves of heat…let me out, stop it…no, keep going…

“Fuck! What’s happening?” I cried out. My thighs were quivering now, my breath catching.

He didn’t stop. I took a deep breath and gave into my first orgasm.

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