The Spot

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She is holding onto the railings of the top bunk bed as I am penetrating her from behind. Earlier on we moved one of the single beds against the bunk bed combination to create a fucking playground. It is like doggy but in a semi-vertical position. From her accelerating breathing I know it is quite intense for her. She tells me we are hitting the spot.

We are in a room in a chalet in the Alps. As we walked in the room her eyes shone in that devilish and wicked way they do when she gets one of her ideas. We had four beds all for ourselves, two single ones and two in a bunk bed. When I asked which bed she was planning to shag me in, her answer was all of them.

Like a crock pot she is building up steam for her next big orgasm. I am holding her waist with one hand, and balancing myself with my other hand on the top bed. Her back and my chest are close together, so close that she turns her head around to kiss me. We are in this circular motion where I push up and she pushes herself down.

Despite the temperature reaching deep below zero outside, it is steamy hot in our room. We have been at it for a while and we are both sweaty. Enough to feel nice to the touch when caressing her, but dry enough to be able to grab her without my hands slipping. The air smells of sex, and her long curls become this beautiful mess that we always create with our lovemaking.

While I hear her “yes, yes!” I concentrate on going all the way in. Her breathing gives her away and I can feel her trembling as the explosion arrives. She starts shaking and her vagina starts squeezing my rod. Her arms go down and she tells me “Oh god, oh god, I need to pee!” When she says that, I know I need to pull out. It has become too much for her. She drops on the bed and rolls to lie on her back. She extends her arms asking for a hug, and I comply.

As we are kissing, my rod and her labia devise new plans. It is so extremely wet down there that my shaft almost slides inside by itself. She looks at my eyes and smiles at me with an expression of don’t stop this now. I tell her: “I thought you needed a break…” to which she playfully answers that it can wait. I had started slow, but she places her hands on my butt to show me which speed she needs. And she gets it.

I can feel how she moves her hips to let me in deeper, and I can feel how she is calling for my cum. As she moves her legs up I place her knees under my armpits and aim for a deeper penetration. Again she exclaims, “You are hitting the spot, I need to pee.” As I ask her if I should stop, she playfully negates with her head and places her arms on my back.

Pressure is building up again. She is transfixed, trying to reach that carrot on the stick in front of her. She kisses me passionately, and stops as the next orgasm is coming. It is an explosion of passion. As I feel her spasms I place my manhood deep inside of her and get ready to ride the waves. She places her hands on my chest and I can feel her body trembling under mine. I love her “Oh’s” and her “Ah’s” as she reaches the summit.

She pushes me out and tells me that she really needs to pee now. I take her spot on the damp sheets as she gets up to go to the bathroom. I remember how she told me that when we hit the spot she feels this need to pee. She calls it the G-spot, I have renamed it the Pee spot. In the lack of her presence I feel my rod go soft. She comes back and gets on top of me. This girl of mine is hungry for my cum and wants to get it at all cost.

She fondles my dick, and places its tip in her mouth. I ask her if she can taste us and she answers that it is salty. It takes a few master strokes from her hand to get me ready to go. She moves up to kiss me and presents the full extend of her labia to my now erect cock. I slide back in and I catch a glimpse of her mischievous smile as she grabs my wrists and places them above my head.

She is pinning me down as her hips are moving up and down the full extension of my manhood. She slides all the way to the tip and back to the root. This girl of mine sure knows how to drive me wild. I help, moving my hips up and down in the rhythm. I love the way her boobs bounce up and down, and the way her hair frames her wild look. She lets my hands go and places them on her hips.

I know she needs me to rock her again into the next set of fireworks. She herself confirms it with an innocent sounding “I am going to cum.” I take over the rhythm she was dancing to, and push her just a bit deeper. She places her hands on my chest as she moves up so that we can hit that spot again. My girl is on a roll. She is collecting stars right and left. This one is approaching fast. As it comes she pushes down on my dick and rolls back and forth with her hips as if she was cleaning her plate after a delicious entree.

That motion knocks me out of my concentration. She picks up from here and starts pouncing up and down again. I can feel her first pull on my shaft, the kind that sends shivers up my spine. She is getting me into the zone. From her moans I know that she can feel it. She has found the right way to squeeze me and call my juices home. As it keeps building up, I keep listening how in synch we are. She tells me that it feels so big inside of her.

The explosion comes with a vengeance. I growl as my ejaculation hits her insides. She squeezes me down a second, third and fourth time. We are wasted now. She laughs as she moves down to hug me. Our arms and legs are locked in a post coital lock that neither one of us wants to untie. I caress her back as I thank her with a set of sweet, soft kisses.

It is a calm afternoon here in the mountains. We have worked hard to set the world back in order.

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