Unexpected Encounter

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photo: Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

Every guy has fantasized about a chance encounter in public with a mysterious woman that results in casual, intense, passionate sex. I would masturbate to this fantasy a lot because I thought it would never happen to me — a bald, overweight, older man. Little did I know, that belief would change forever.

Late one Friday night, I stepped out to the supermarket to get some beer and shop with my mouth, preparing to buy any food I fancied. It was a Lonely Ol' Night, as the famous song goes. As I was walking the aisles, I saw her; or more accurately, smelled her. She had a scent of cocoa butter and lavender.

I only saw a blur pass by the aisle but I was intoxicated, and followed her. I caught her at aisle 15, next to the potato rolls. She was also there to pig out. She had on a tank top, short shorts and sandals. Her hair long, with strands streaming down onto her shoulders. She looked up to see me entering the aisle (as most people do when they sense someone's presence) but then looked away again. I couldn’t help but stare at her— she had smooth legs, a firm, curvy ass, and beautiful breasts, no bra. My mouth watered at the image.

She looked up at me again as I got closer and gave me a gentle, bright smile.

“Hi,” she purred.

“Hi,” I replied.

Are you doing laundry too?” she asked.

My mind was fantasizing and my brain wasn't sending messages to my mouth, so all I managed was, "Ummm, yeah, need stuff. Laundry."

I made a helpless face and she could tell I was nervous. She laughed a full, sexy laugh and I couldn’t help noticing her physical reaction. Her nipples were hard, her skin got goose bumps and her laugh was infectious. I got a stiff erection. It was bulging out of my shorts. I was embarrassed at first but then decided I was not ashamed, treating it as a piece of my sensuality.

“How about you?” I managed.

“Yup. As you can see by my clothes, it’s my laundry day,” she said.

She looked down at my erection and I could tell she liked how aroused she made me. I learned she was feeling lonely too as she was between relationships. We fell into a vibe and began to walk the aisles flirting and teasing, basic small talk. It was surreal how fast we clicked.

We began to tug at one another with our fingers. She would playfully whisper in my ear and lean into me, putting her hands around my forearm to support herself. I would melt because I wanted to feel how soft her waist was and how tight her ass. I never touched her or groped her when she did this as I thought it would end our foreplay, but the desire to do so was growing. We would brush our bodies against one another, both wanting to maintain the contact.

The store PA announced the store was about to close so we took our things upfront to buy. I had a sense that this flirtatious encounter was about to end. I started to grow said and just offered platitudes, although I was aching to continue.

As we walked out, I said, “Hey well it was nice to meet you.”

She smiled and replied, “Yeah, you too.” She stepped forward to me and put her hands on my forearm again, pushing herself up to my face. She pressed her lips on my cheek in what seemed a long, full kiss. I melted and my body shook. I turned my head slowly towards her mouth as she pulled away, our lips almost grazing. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and I brought her into my lips again for a deep kiss. After the first kiss, I sucked on her bottom lip and then flicked my tongue inside her mouth quickly. We pulled away from one another with our eyes narrowed, feeling the electrical charge generated from the kiss.

I let out, “I live close.”

She backed up, smiled and said, “Whoa, whoa, chill.” There was an awkward silence which felt painful. But then she asked, “Where’s your car?” My eyes opened wide at her question. I glanced toward the parking lot and she said, “Go wait there.”

She walked away slowly and I went and sat in my car, stewing in anxiety and anticipation. I saw from the rearview mirror that she got into her car and parked it next to mine. She got out of her car and stood in front of the passenger side door, gracefully waving her hand, subtly signaling why I hadn’t opened the door sooner. I unlocked it and as she sat down, the lavender smell entered with her.

She slipped into the car seat quietly and as she got comfortable, she looked in my eyes. We smiled at one another, then leaned in for a kiss. That kiss escalated — our hands were caressing each other’s face, overlapping lips and tongues. I hooked the strap of her tank top with my finger and peeled it off her shoulder, exposing her breast. I took it in my mouth like a piece of candy, sucking on it forcefully as if her flavor would pour out.

She gasped.

I ran my tongue over her nipple and flicked it as I peeled down her other strap. Then, I ran my tongue over her other breast, her hands caressing the back of my head. She nudged me to move to the backseat.

I sat back in the seat and as she came over, she reached into my underwear, pulling out my dick. She swallowed it and her suction felt amazing. She deepthroated me and as she gasped for air, she looked at me lustfully with a trail of spit on her lip. I cupped the back of her head and I thrust my hips up to her mouth, so aroused. Very comfortably, she allowed me to do that, moaning upon each thrust. She responded by sucking harder.

She pulled out a condom from her shorts, put it on the inside of her lips and put the condom on me with her mouth. She stood up and backed onto the backseat, taking off her shorts. She wasn’t wearing any panties and the light of the parking lot shone on her toned stomach and cropped triangle of pubic hair. She pushed me back into the bucket seat and she and I figured out how best I could lean back to accommodate her. She lowered herself onto me and the feeling of her pussy sliding onto my hungry, throbbing cock was intoxicating.

As she got comfortable, she pressed herself onto me and caressed the back of my neck. I grabbed her ass cheeks and brought my hands up her back, caressing her, getting ready. She thrust onto me and after a few strokes, I slipped my hand between us and started to circle the back of my two fingers over her clit. She leaned back away from me to give me room as she gyrated on me. I quickened the pace of my circles and her gasps turned to low moans which rose to louder ones. The windows of the car began to steam up. I matched her moans with my own.

She leaned forward and grabbed the back of my neck, and began to thrust very forcefully onto me. I grabbed her ass cheeks and dug my fingers in. I tried to slap her ass and I got in a few. We were pounding one another. We stopped to catch our breath, hyperventilating.

As our breathing slowed, we were both in a drunken state. My dick was still hard inside of her. She looked at me and propped her arm on the seat, smiling.

“Are you having fun?” she asked.

I nodded, keeping pace with my heavy breathing.

“Look at me…” and she kissed me lightly on the lips. “Just listen to your breath and focus on me,” and she kissed me lightly again. As I slowed to hear my breathing, my senses felt her light kisses. Her eyes were beautiful and I narrowed my focus to her and our moment together. My dick stiffened even more, it felt like it was knifing through warm butter. I took my hand from behind her neck and passed it over her breasts, down her arm and interlocked my fingers with hers. She began to increase the slow burn by gyrating her hips. The euphoria at this made me want more and I steadied my hands on her hips.

The gyrating increased and our breathing picked up again. The grinding turned into heavy thrusting. She leaned forward so she could slam herself deeply on me again. I pushed my hips up and the clash made a slapping sound. She slammed her arm next to me to support herself. I was grunting. I wrapped my hands over her ass cheeks and took over. I tried to ram her down on my as hard as I could. I sat up and she pressed her body against mine. She bit me on the neck and started to claw at my shoulder. I loved it. I was breathing heavy in her ear and I bit her on the shoulder. We clutched and stayed body to body until we both came. We steadied each other for a few minutes and then she propped herself on the seat to get off me.

We lay in the back for awhile, touching hands. We then kissed a bit and hugged. We put on our clothes slowly and kissed again before I got out of the car and opened the door for her. She smiled at the chivalry after the dirty behavior and we kissed again. We talked a bit outside. The parking lot was empty and the night air felt great on our bodies.

We began to kiss again and soon enough the energy overwhelmed us. “I have another condom,” she said to me. We went inside her car and had sex again.

We exchanged numbers and promised to call each other. I’m still trying to believe this was real. I wonder if we will call each other and go out on a date. Regardless, it was a sexy time.

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