High Heels, No Panties

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This dress is indecently short. Crossing my legs as I perch on my barstool, I wonder if I just accidentally flashed the bartender. The guy who’s been watching me certainly noticed, judging by the cocky way he raises his eyebrow.

He’s been eye-fucking me across the bar since he walked in. Now he makes his way over, nodding to the bartender as he approaches so his arrival coincides with the fresh drink that’s put in front of me. Very slick.

The music is loud. He leans in to speak, close enough that I can smell his cologne — the scent is familiar — and feel his breath hot in my ear.

“Your legs look very sexy in those heels. Are you wearing panties?”

I look at him, appraising, considering my response. No smart answer comes to mind, so I simply nod.

“Take them off. I want to imagine what you look like under that dress, high heels and no panties.”

I sip my drink, again considering and rejecting various sassy replies. His dark eyes convey the certainty that I will do as he says. I let that confidence suffuse me, sending butterflies fluttering down to my pussy.

Sliding off the high barstool, I walk to the restroom, aware of his eyes on my ass as I go. Inside, I don’t give myself time to think. I slip my panties off, check my reflection in the mirror (looking good, babe!) and head back out. I’m planning to rejoin him at the bar, but he intercepts me near the door and steers me toward a dark corner.

“Did you take them off?” he asks. I nod. “Show me.”

I know he’s asking me to flash my bare pussy, but pretending to misunderstand, I open my purse so he can see my frilly pink panties.

Eyes blazing with unrestrained desire, he pushes me against the wall, crushing his body against mine. I can feel his erection pressing against me insistently. His hand slides up my thigh, under my dress, seeking out my wet pussy. And it really is wet; the feeling of his hard, muscular body pinning me there at his mercy is turning me on like crazy.

“How about if I fuck you right here? I bet you’d love that. Shoving my cock into your hot little cunt right here against the wall where anyone can see. Or maybe I should take you out back and screw you in the alley…”

Ignoring the gush of wet heat to my pussy at his rough words, I murmur, “No.”

He pulls back a little, looking at my face, his expression stern and domineering. “No? You’re saying no to me?” There’s a hint of irritation and incredulity in his voice.

I say it again, more firmly, even as his fingers curl around the silky skin of my inner thigh, fingertips almost close enough to brush my pussy. “No!”

And then he pulls away, laughing, the tension broken. “Sorry baby, just got a bit carried away there. I know you don’t do PDAs, but I’ve been missing your gorgeous pussy so bad… let’s go home and fuck like bunnies, ok?”

That gets a heartfelt yes.

My best friend and favorite fuckbuddy Tony has only been away for ten days, but I’ve been making sure he knows what he’s missing with daily phone sex, dirty pics and even a short video clip of me sucking Victor’s cock just to keep him horny. It was my idea to meet in a bar and pretend to be strangers, but I guess we know each other too damn well for this kind of game. Truthfully, I don’t want to wait any longer to get him naked and inside me, so we hotfoot it out of there and run the two blocks to his place as fast as I can manage in my spike heels.

The minute we get through the front door, he slams me against the wall, picking up where we left off. But now he’s dropped the dominant stranger act, so I feel the honest hunger and passion in his kisses, his hands stroking and squeezing and tugging at my clothes. I unzip his pants to give his erection a little room to breathe, then push him off me.

“High heels and no panties, isn’t that you wanted?” I tease, raising my dress just high enough to flash my bare pussy, then dropping it again. I take a few steps up the staircase and stand with one leg raised on a higher step, deliberately letting my dress ride up far enough to show him my pussy. Tony’s usually a sucker for some upskirt action, but he’s past the point of teasing now.

“High heels and nothing else would be even better!” he growls, chasing me the rest of the way up the stairs. I let him catch me in the bedroom.

We undress each other between hot kisses, and I move onto the bed on my hands and knees in nothing but my heels, adopting the most pornographic doggy pose imaginable.

“Is this what you’ve been missing?” I purr, running a finger lightly along the seam where my smooth, plump lips meet. When it reaches the creamy entrance to my pussy I dip my fingertip inside, knowing the sight of my silver-painted fingernail easing into my glossy slit is giving him a deliciously filthy visual.

“Holy fuck…” he groans, grabbing his cock. I add a second finger, sinking them deeper, feeling my wetness coat them.

I wonder if he’ll come around to offer his cock to my eager mouth but no, this is about all the foreplay he can handle right now. Gripping my hips, he aligns the head of his dick against the juicy opening of my pussy. I feel it press harder, seeking entrance; and then he’s thrusting all the way in, opening me up around him as he fills me with his rigid cock.

He holds still to give me a moment to adjust to the sudden stretch — the pressure has gone straight to my G-spot, and I’m trembling already, my sugar walls spasming and squeezing around him. When I relax, he pulls halfway out and slams in again, making me squeal. I like it hard and fast in doggy, and he’s got ten days of pent-up lust to get out of his system, so this is going to be a quick, frenetic fuck.

Resting on one forearm, my free hand slides between my thighs to rub my clit as he powers into me. With my fingers grinding over my pulsing flesh and his cock massaging my G-spot on every stroke, my entire lust-swollen pussy is ablaze with pleasure. His thrusts grow quicker and harder, so I have to brace myself with both hands, but by then I’ve reached the point of no return anyway, and my pussy clenches tight around him as I gasp and shake through an almighty orgasm. My rippling cunt muscles shatter the last shreds of his self-control, and with a yell he rams in deep and I feel his hot cum pumping into me.

“You really do look hot in those sexy heels,” he says as we lie there in each other’s arms, catching our breath. “How about we play the high heels, no panties game again? I want to watch you finger yourself with my cum dripping out of your pussy until I’m ready to fuck you again…”

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