Under the Stars

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She lay gazing up into the heavens, so many points of light they were not possible to count. Not a street light or lamp to be seen for miles around. They were truly secluded as his love slid in and out of her. Desire and passion boiled as the tempo increased and waves of joy spread between them. The Milky Way arched across the fullness of the sky as she lifted herself to meet his soft thrusts into her. Primal, timeless aching unison shared with the entire cosmos and her moist beautiful flower gushed all over his manhood in streams of feminine orgasm. And she bonded further with Creation and felt more a part of it all than she ever knew was possible.

He had told her of this in his texts and communiques via Facebook and Whatsapp, but actually experiencing it was something entirely new and delicious.

The blanket beneath them on soft sand embraced their bodies. The wrestling and the play of lovemaking filled them and excited their senses as the waves of the ocean crashed on the shores around them. A completely new and erotic connection with nature for them both. Raw, flowing and ebbing, as breath up and down, and rock hard shaft on delicate blossom. Grabbing her hair and arching her lips to meet his, he pushed himself into the deepest, darkest, most hidden of her places. She surrendered to his light, his gentle strength but force of cock within. She was breathless and could feel the beautiful warm night on her skin and she let go finally.

They had met years earlier, but not face to face. It was an online thing. He liked hers and she liked his until one day she reached out to him, seeing his new profile pic had aroused something inside. That smirk upon his face and silly comments to sexy fun posts made her smile. Her insides wondered if he was really as fun as he seemed. She was very intuitive about men, yet few piqued her interest. Sure there were the cute ones, the carved out of stone ones, the soft ones, the bad asses, but they were just little boys in men’s bodies. She needed something more. She needed a man to make love to her mind, body and soul, and she chose him out of the millions who surrounded her daily.

He had promised her an experience she would never forget and so after many days and months chatting, sexting, and flirting mercilessly she took a plane to go and see him. She had seen his cock in all its glory on a video conference they shared together and her mouth watered at the thought of it as the plane took to the skies. Crossing her legs and wiggling her pussy down on the seat she had to regain her composure.

Not long now, she thought. Was this really happening? Holy fuck woman, are you outta your mind going to a new country to get laid? she pondered to herself. The stewardess offered her a drink and she accepted, something to ease her nerves right now was a good idea. And again that cock and its fucking incredible size and shape entered her mind. Ahh, fuck it, you know he’s a good one, and safe. Enjoy, woman, and let go. Yet life had been far from easy and she had to claw her way relentlessly through everything to get anywhere, it seemed.

He met her at the airport, they embraced, kissed and held hands, virtually running to the car to get to where he promised he would take her. He brought her to a soft, sandy beach and lit a fire and made her feel so loved and cared for. A little snack in a basket. That was not the hunger she needed attending to. But his efforts turned her on more. Seeing a man work the elements and being so attentive was very alluring.

Not a soul to be seen or heard anywhere around them. Something almost alien to her, for she was from a crowded city in California on this summer voyage to British Columbia, Canada. Mountains in the distance, and some with snow still on their peaks, she was in awe. Pictures and videos were nothing like this as the sun set below the horizon filling the sky with golden hues of yellow and gold and blue.

He kissed her and held her close, to feel her next to him as he had desired for so long since their first connection. Her soft, warm breasts pressing against him made his manhood strong and powerful for her. She had to touch it for she sensed its growth not only in the bulge in his pants but in her mind. She yearned for the man as he did for her. He sensed her pussy getting more and more wet. And they tore off one another’s clothing on the blanket he laid out for her on the sand.

She stared at his raging hard cock, his eyes were aglow from the flames of the fire. He burned for her and she took him in her mouth and fulfilled her need to suck it and pull the chi out of it. And he let her have it. It was hers, all she could take. His energy and fine controlled power was hers to savor and enjoy. It poured into her like honey, the powerful force of man. But it was not his cum, he was much more controlled than that. And she knew now for sure he was as his word promised all those months ago. This was going to be awesome; finally she had met a real man.

He easily relaxed to her mouth and she began to take more and more of his length into her. Her lips caressed its head and did not let go or come off it as she bobbed up and down. Watching her beautiful lips on his meat was incredibly arousing to him. He palmed her breasts and enjoyed the way her nipples hardened to his touch. She wiggled again as if hoping she could have a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time. With artistic precision she mouthed his cock unceasingly and reached into her purse and pulled out her pocket rocket and handed it to him. He was no stranger to such a thing and had its purring vibration rocking her pussy while his sweet hardness was in her mouth. This they had shared as fantasy online, and now it was happening for real. She came sweetly and he felt her juices pour out and puddle on the blanket.

Pulling out of her mouth ever so gently he had to regain his composure. Even the strongest need to catch their breath after such a powerfully arousing experience. “Watching and feeling you cum is so fucking hot baby, damn, you’ll make me cum if you keep that up,” he said.

“Don’t you dare, not yet honey,” she replied, almost growling, from that low, deep place within a woman that needs satisfying, and that mere minutes will not accomplish.

So he composed himself, smiled at her and ran to the water and its cool embrace to calm his raging desire. And she laughed wholeheartedly at his abandon and ease of being.

Swimming about in the phosphorescence, she marveled at the glowing his hands and moving body made in the water.

Then she beckoned to him, “Come here, my tasty salt lick,” giggling playfully, showing him her body in a sultry pose.

Being the gentleman that he was he attended to her wishes. It was not a difficult thing to get hard again and feed her eager mouth. Tasting its ocean saltiness and watching the drips of water caress his body, she slid a finger over her clitoris and came again.

She took a towel and tended to his wet body. She did not want him catching a chill, and besides she was not finished with him yet. The break was good for him. He had felt he was going to explode for quite some time now. His heart pounded strong and her hands delicately warmed his body through the towel. Leaving his penis and balls until last, she had him in her mouth again to salivate and make him wet for the entrance into her womanhood. Opening her leaves, she then guided him into her and they met one another in the middle of passion. With a delightful agony and grinding they loved and held each other tight. Bodies pressing firm against skin so tender and excited by touch.

She stared into his deep blue eyes and thanked him for this. “You were right sweetie, this is something I will never forget.”

His climax was building yet again but he needed to taste her sweet pussy now. And so he feasted and dined on her like a meal not had in a long time. He had not had a lover in over a year and that last one was not fire and passion like he held so close now. Her wetness and musk filled his senses and he pulled her chi out of her vagina into his mouth and she delighted in the exchange. Making love like this was not very common for either of them. This giving and taking was beyond mere fucking, it was spiritual, it was tantric magic.

His tongue darted over her like a wizard of high magic and for a long time he just licked and carved his essence into her through her flowering blossom. He built her up yet again and this time he latched onto her so he could drink her essence and not lose a drop. Swallowing her eagerly, he kissed her pussy to thank the sweet delicate thing for its delights. Then with firm, manly power, guided the head of him into her ever so gently so she could get used to it as she formed herself to him. She gasped and he kissed her to catch her breath as it expelled from her body. Then gave it back to her energetically and they moved like the ocean with each other.

Heaving to and fro, a shooting star streaked across the sky. She squealed in the wonder and ecstasy of the moment. And he was filled with her happiness and content. He felt her progressively grow more and more in tune with him as he did with her. His climax was building so achingly, beautifully slowly. She was wonderful with her thrusts and glove gripping pussy muscle work.

She could see in his manner he was clenching down hard within to keep from cumming now. “Honey, you have so pleasured me on this night. Thank you, sweet thang.” And the sound of her soft, smooth, melodic voice was all he could handle and he shot streams of his manliness deep up inside her warmth. Her pussy drank him up and worked his cock empty of its chi and seed while he kissed her with adoringly beautiful abandon. The feeling of her all over and inside him was something he had not felt in a very long time. The wait had been so worth it. This was for sure a good sign of good things to come.

They embraced and she lay her head on his chest and thanked her angels silently for the gift of this moment. They fell asleep in each other’s arms and awoke to the sound of seagulls squawking as a new sun began a new day. An eagle soared high above, gliding effortlessly with the gentle breeze. They were one and not the same. Amazing how a mere 24 hours changes everything. A beautiful feeling to be with one who knows how to love and Make Love.

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