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The fire crackled deliciously, throwing its flickering light across two faces; two women stared at one another, motionless, a silent but powerful tension rising thickly in the summery night air between them.

“Are you sure about this?” said the first, raising her eyebrows, clearly a bit agitated.

“I’m sure,” said the second, leaning forward. “And you know you’re just as sure as me.” Shadows played across her pale face, lingered under her chin and at her cheekbones. As she tilted her head inquiringly, a lock of fiery auburn hair dropped forward across her face. “Emilia?”

“Alright,” the first, Emilia, said softly, nervously. Her eyelashes fluttered just once, and a stronger resolve began to take hold. “Let’s do it. Thank you, Sage.”

“Hey, I’m just gonna do my best. I’m still new at this stuff. But it’s a great chance to practice. And Em — I like you. We’re friends. I want you to get what you want.” Even if it’s not me. Crickets chirped. Smoke and sparks from the crackling fire swirled upward into the night sky.

Emilia, smiling bashfully, was coming around. “I’m excited to learn about this,” she whispered, placing her small hand on top of Sage’s and squeezing. “This means a lot to me. And I hope it works.”

“Yes. Well,” Sage cleared her throat, pulled her hand back awkwardly, and blushed. The touch of Emilia’s hand on hers had provoked the same response that her touch always did: a rush of blood through the extremities, a quickening of the pulse and breath — indiscernible to Emilia, of course, but there nonetheless, tormenting her. “Here’s what we’re gonna do. You know that none of this will actually hurt Tommy or mess with his free will. That’s not how these spells work. You’ll just invite his love into your life — you’ll just open yourself to his energy. Hopefully, that’ll attract him. And the full moon up there is likely gonna help with that.”

Sage had already cast the circle and lit the twin candles. All that was left was a bit of witchy work with her moonstone and rose quartz. She pulled the two crystals from a worn leather pouch resting on the red cloth she had spread out between them. After passing the stones over the candle flames, she set them down and reached back into the bag. “The crystals are good to go. Next, this.”

“What’s is it?” Emilia asked, peering into Sage’s hand, obscured by shadow and dancing light.

“Apple seeds,” Sage replied. “This is what my spellbook said to bring.”


“Now, Em, you need to think about you and Tommy. What you want your potential relationship to be like. What makes you crazy about him.” Sage strained to get the words out but kept her face focused, for Emilia’s sake. “Take these,” she commanded, holding the apple seeds out in front of her, clasped between her fingers. Emilia rose her hand palm-up to receive them.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, a little flash of energy — electricity, tiny lightning — jumped across from Sage’s fingers and landed in Emilia’s palm, striking them both.

“Whoa!” Emilia recoiled and drew her hand back sharply. “Yow! Was that supposed to happen?”

“Um,” Sage replied, perplexed. “I honestly have no clue, Em.” Maybe I’m just doing a great job on this spell? Sage lost focus for a moment: a lock of wavy black hair had fallen in front of Emilia’s eye. God, Emilia looks beautiful. Soft. No, focus! Focus on the spell. What was that spark thing?

Emilia pulled her hair back, eyebrows furrowed, as if she could sense Sage’s interest in yanking that hair back, tilting Emilia’s head back, and kissing her forcefully, square on the lips. “Is that electricity stuff in your book?”

“Well, no… but maybe we’re just on the right track here?”

A few moments of silence passed.

“Maybe,” Emilia concurred.

“Wanna try again?”

A pause. “Yeah.”

“Okay. Here. I’ll set the seeds down.” She placed the seeds in front of Emilia’s crossed legs, trying not to glance between them at the place where her thighs met. “You just pick them up instead of taking them from me. Maybe it was just static electricity or something, before. We don’t have to touch.”

“Okay,” Emilia said, hesitatingly, before picking up the seeds. “What now?”

Sage brushed off the weirdness — the electric shock and her own distractibility — and tried to re-focus her energy. Help Emilia, she reprimanded herself. Stop thinking about her crotch. “Repeat after me. By the light of the full moon, I now plant the seeds of our love.” She looked into Emilia’s eyes, not blinking. If only it were our love, she thought.

As Emilia opened her mouth to speak, her eyes glossed over and the muscles in her face went slack — Sage hadn’t expected this. “By the light of the full moon, I now plant the seeds of our love,” Emilia intoned in a monotonous voice. Tension thickened in the air once more.

Sage held Emilia’s gaze, barely breathing, not blinking. She’s… frozen? Is she thinking about Tommy? Sage furrowed her eyebrows. Emilia, statuesque, clutched the apple seeds, eyes boring into Sage’s.

A few more tense moments passed, and then Sage broke the silence: “That’s good, Em,” she said softly, reaching out to touch her friend’s hand. When she got within an inch, another spark of energy raced and cracked brightly between them, quicker and stronger than a static shock.

Emilia blinked and re-focused on Sage. “What?”

“What?” This is weird.


“Nothing? Good job, I think,” Sage said, cocking an eyebrow. Must just be the heat that keeps causing me to shock her, she thought. “Ready for the next part?”

“Uh, yeah? Am I doing all this right?”

“Yeah, Em, should be fine. Now mix these together with the seeds.” She passed Emilia a dried cinnamon stick and some fresh basil leaves, fragrant and dark green in the firelight. “Put it all on the cloth.” Emilia did as instructed. “Now, blow out the candles. Bundle it all up and tie it with this,” Sage commanded, pulling a pink cord from her pouch. “But repeat after me first. So mote it be.

“So mote it be,” Emilia repeated, placing a bit of emphasis on the word she didn’t really understand.

“Means might. Now, tie it three times.”


“Keep this with you.”

“Alright.” Another silence. “Now what?”

“Uh, wait a minute.” Sage closed the circle. The ritual was done, the spell was cast.

“So how long before it starts working?” Emilia asked sheepishly. “And what do I do with this bag?”

“Just keep it close to you,” Sage replied. “The spell will work in its own good time, is what I understand. Just keep the bundle in your bag for a while, like a few days, I guess.”

“Okay.” Emilia seemed relaxed. She reached next to her and placed the bundle in her own bag, flapping the top part closed and flopping her hands into her lap with an air of finality. “Done.”

“Yeah, we’re done,” Sage said. “Didn’t take as long as you thought, huh?”

“Nope. And now we’ve got the whole night to camp. Wanna do s’mores now? I really hope this spell works. I’m a bit on edge. Chocolate will help.” Her sentences shot forth awkwardly.

“There’s really nothing to be on edge about.” Sage reached to pull her backpack over — the s’mores ingredients were inside. “Wanna help me out?” She unzipped her backpack and held it open, extending it in Emilia’s direction.

“Gladly.” Emilia reached out; they both reached into the backpack, grasping for the graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars within. Their hands grazed one another.

Just as before, electricity began to spark, this time uncontrollably, coming in sparks and spurts wherever their skin made contact. Contained within the backpack, the shocks were even more painful than before, and both cried out in pain and surprise, yanking their hands out of the bag.

And right when their eyes met, the spell took hold of both of them.

“Sage,” Emilia whispered, her eyes glossing over again, her voice suddenly husky, sultry. Sage’s eyes glossed over, too; she stared into Emilia’s face as she felt the full power of her desire begin to overtake her.

They both leaned forward, eyes lowering closed. Their lips met.

Innocent at first, after a few moments, the kiss became more forceful. Their lips parted. Each girl’s hands rushed up to hold the other’s face and neck, caressing skin and hair. Light bursts of electricity sparked between their lips — making them tingle — ennobled by the wetness of their tongues swimming around and against one another.

And just as suddenly as the kiss began, it jolted to a halt. They backed away, eyes locking again. For a moment, they were fully present, gazing at one another, free of the spell — for just a moment. Then, they all but leapt into one another’s arms, crushing the backpack and its contents underneath their bodies, coursing and crackling together with energy and heat.

To Sage’s surprise, Emilia had taken the lead; she had Sage pinned down under her slender body, giving Sage a chance to enjoy the pressure of Emilia’s full breasts pressing against her own and the feeling of Emilia’s grinding hips against her. They kissed passionately, Emilia’s black hair falling in a curtain around Sage’s face. Sage wove her fingers into the curls at Emilia’s neck, shocked and still in disbelief — needing to grab onto something to believe this was really happening. Again, Emilia’s tongue found Sage’s, tickling and rubbing its way between her lips, lips that parted readily to receive it.

Emilia, moving to a straddle position, reached down to yank at the hem of Sage’s t-shirt, which she pulled easily up and over her head. Sage’s hair flipped out of the collar in a flourish of fiery orange, splaying out around her like a halo, and Emilia paused to take in the sight of her — already braless, Sage’s tiny breasts were exposed. Not more than a handful of flesh, they didn’t warrant much coverage. Emilia reached down to stroke them. “You’re beautiful,” she said, drawing fire and flush to Sage’s cheeks.

“Emilia, are you sure about this?” Sage asked, propping herself up, hair cascading back.

Emilia responded by pulling her own shirt up and over her head. She reached back to unclasp her bra and slowly pulled it from her body. Sage couldn’t help but stare as Emilia’s breasts spilled forward, heavy and full, tiny pink nipples dotting each center. Sage was speechless.

“I’m sure, Sage. And you know you’re just as sure as me,” Emilia said with a smile that broke Sage’s last hesitation down; fiercely, she sat up and pulled Emilia to her, burying her face in her bosom, all but crying tears of joy. She had never wanted someone as much as this.

With tenderness and urgency, she planted kisses on Emilia’s silky smooth skin, everywhere and anywhere she could make contact. She kissed Emilia’s sternum, breasts, chest — and lingered at each nipple, sucking and licking in small circles until the flesh perked up to attention. Emilia moaned and threw her head back, running her fingers through her own dark locks; the firelight danced across her skin and the crickets seemed to sing more loudly than before, joining in the excitement. Testing the waters, Sage bit down gently on the flesh of Emilia’s breast, glancing upward to gauge the reaction; Emilia’s mouth flew open and a surprised “oh!” escaped her lips, but she made eye contact — “Do that again,” she gasped, reaching down to grasp the back of Sage’s hair and press her firmly towards her chest. “Harder.”

Sage did as instructed, eliciting a cascade of delighted moans and groans. She bit down harder, harder — pulling back, she took in the sight of teeth marks and splotchy redness on Emilia’s fair skin, smiling, eyes flashing.

“Again,” Emilia demanded, breathing heavily.

Sage bit once more, this time more recklessly, clenching down hard and enjoying the tingling sensation that overtook the joint of her jaw and compelled her to clamp down. She let go, looked down, and was surprised to see a droplet of blood. A tongue to the lips: blood there, too. Whoa.

“Yes, that’s right,” Emilia said, sensing Sage’s surprise as she looked down her nose at her. She reached up to place a hand at Sage’s throat, caressing and squeezing lightly — almost forcefully. Sage was pleasantly surprised: how does she know how I like it?

“Of course I know,” said Emilia, reading Sage’s thoughts. “Now lie down.”

Mouth open in surprise, Sage realized she had no choice but to to obey the commands handed down to her. She lay back on the blanket as Emilia released the grip on the back of her hair.

One hand still at Sage’s throat, Emilia made straight for her tiny breasts, voraciously sucking the whole of each one right along with the nipples, sucking and biting down hard, teasing with her tongue while her free hand roamed Sage’s side and belly. That hand then roamed to the button of Sage’s jeans, deftly undoing it and then pulling down the zipper. She paused for a moment before yanking down Sage’s pants and panties — all at once, with surprising force. Emilia paused to take in the sight of the reddish bush that peeped out from between Sage’s slender legs. Sage blushed, feeling heat flow from her core to her privates, transforming into liquid in a rush and swell of tingles. The other girl was insatiable; her eyes glistened and gleamed in the firelight, sparkling with self-satisfaction and clearly scheming, planning how she would enjoy her treat.

Sage let Emilia have her way.

Bites and licks, sucking and nibbling, at the flesh of her soft belly.

Hard bites along the ribs.

Harder bites at the hip bones, nails scratching thighs.

A bite on her soft, fleshy mound — a yelp of pleasure from both.

With her hands cradling Sage’s hips, fingernails digging into the flesh of her ass, Emilia dove in as if she had gone down on Sage a thousand times before. Lapping and licking, she seemed to know Sage’s body even better than she knew her own; Sage trembled and shook with pleasure, emitting moans that sounded foreign even to her own ears. Emilia circled Sage’s clit with her tongue, pressing down slightly and bringing the muscles of Sage’s thighs to quiver; she puckered her lips and sucked gently at the nub of flesh as her nails dug harder into the skin of Sage’s ass, artfully blending pain with pleasure — and completely silencing Sage, whose mouth hung open in a silent moan of sheer ecstasy mixed with stunned disbelief at her good fortune.

After a quick dip of the tongue into Sage’s drenched opening — a quick taste of the essence of her — Emilia reached her hand up and pushed a finger inside the warm, wet slit. A second later, another finger — and steady, vigorous pumping. Emilia’s tongue continued to circle Sage’s clit; Sage arched her back and moaned in delight, her body warming from the inside out against the night air’s chill.

Emilia kept licking and sucking, nibbling on the lips of Sage’s opening, as she pumped her fingers in and out, curving them now, twisting them then, pressing up to the hilt to feel just how far she could go. Sage’s body writhed beneath her, showing her that it wouldn’t be much longer. As Emilia’s third finger entered her, Sage’s pussy opened wide — all of the muscles of her walls released, making space for the fill of fingers. She yelled out, bending her legs as their muscles tensed, craning her head forward to get a better view. I just can’t believe this, she thought, taking in the sight of Emilia’s dark curls and pale face between her thighs. The sight of it proved too much for her.

Time stopped. Sage felt the whole universe expand before her as she came, unbreathing, focusing on the image of Emilia and the feeling of fullness within her. The orgasm wracked her from her clitoris to somewhere sacred deep within — her muscles from neck to toe clenched tightly as the power of her pleasure overtook her. As the initial wave subsided, she gasped for air, desperate for a breath. Each successive tremor took control of her body from her — for twenty seconds or more, little aftershocks brought on by the firm pressure of Emilia’s fingers within her and the tenderness of her tongue gently stroking her sensitive flesh, brought her further toward total bliss.

Emilia resurfaced. Her eyes were clear and focused, and her face shone silky and slick in the firelight. She stared into Sage’s eyes — trying to reach her very soul, Sage felt — and licked her lips hungrily. “Mine,” she said gruffly, digging her nails into Sage’s thighs and scratching red tracks into the flesh, down to the knees.

“Fuck,” Sage exclaimed, kneeling up. “Emilia, whoa. Easy.”

“I can’t help it,” the girl replied, crawling forward, up Sage’s body, breasts dangling heavily, pointed to the earth, nipples dragging along Sage’s midsection. She planted a wet kiss on Sage’s mouth; the tang of herself tasted sweet and salty, and Sage kissed back greedily.

She decided it was time to turn the tables. “Emilia, you’re mine.

With a strength that belied her small and slender form, Sage managed to get Elimia on her hands and knees, ass on display; she took in the sight from behind, placing one hand on each of Emilia’s cheeks and caressing her gently.

“Sage,” Emilia moaned, shaking her ass back and forth. “Give me what I want.” In response, Sage reached forward and dug her nails into the skin of Emilia’s upper back, dragging her nails all the way down, leaving streaks of red and eliciting a low, animalistic moan from deep within Emilia’s chest.

Unable to resist any longer, Sage reached down to touch Emilia between the legs, enjoying the slickness of Emilia’s wet flesh and rubbing eagerly, thrusting her own hips uncontrollably. She buried two fingers swiftly into Emilia, closing her eyes and throwing back her head, reveling in the sensation of Emilia’s tightness surrounding her, wrapping her up. She thrust over and over, dispersing firm slaps to Emilia’s bouncing backside and pressing her hip bones against her own hand and wrist for added pressure. Emilia squealed and groaned in delight, bucking back in time with Sage’s rhythm, her pale flesh beginning to glisten with a fine sheen of sweat. Their rhythms matched perfectly, as if they had done this hundreds of times before. When Sage slowed, Emilia slowed; when Emilia quickened, Sage sped up to meet her pace.

Though Emilia was starting to give signs that she was nearing climax, Sage slowed and pulled out her fingers. She wanted to make Emilia wait.

Maneuvering her onto her back — to little moans of protest — Sage spread Emilia’s legs wide and all but dove into the soft, swollen flesh she found there. Emilia bucked her hips up, grinding from below onto Sage’s face, hands clasping the back of Sage’s hair, grabbing fistfuls of red and pressing Sage strongly against her. She came suddenly, her whole body clenching and unclenching, bucking wildly against Sage’s face and tongue, thighs squeezing Sage right into place between her legs.

Sage released her and yanked her up to sitting, legs bent and spread; she entered Emilia again and started to stimulate her G-spot with strong, slow thrusts, staring into Emilia’s eyes and watching every little expression of pleasure flit across her flushed face. Emilia’s breasts shook languidly back and forth with each slow thrust. Sage bent down to suck on a nipple, keeping up her thrusting while pressing her whole face into the soft flesh of Emilia’s breast.

With a quick move of the first joint of her fingers so that they pressed into Emilia’s upper wall, hook-like, Sage sent Emilia over the edge. Her back hunched and her head flew forward — Sage rose to catch her face with the crook of her neck — and her copious curls fell over both of their shoulders. As she spasmed, she moaned Sage’s name — once, twice, three times. Her body slowed, heaving, releasing the last of its energy into a few final aftershocks of pleasure that squeezed Sage’s fingers with a delicious gentleness.

Sage removed her fingers slowly, intentionally, from Emilia’s body. They both fell back, breathless, skin glistening with sweat in the firelight. A long silence passed; nothing but the sounds of their harried breathing and some nearby crickets filled the air.

Sage tried to process what had just happened: she had made love to Emilia after casting a spell to help Emilia get what she wanted — Tommy. Her chest tightened. Fire burned in her cheeks as her thoughts raced. What am I going to say? What will I see when I look at her? What the hell went wrong with my spell?

Emilia broke the silence. “Sage,” she whispered.

A ball of dread hardened in Sage’s stomach; she feared whatever words of rejection and anger she would hear next. “Don’t say anything, Em,” she sputtered, sitting up to cover her chest with her arm and turn her face away. “I failed. The spell failed. You have to believe I didn’t mean it to go this way. I meant to send it to Tommy.”

“Tommy? Fuck Tommy, Sage. Fuck him.”

“What?” Sage couldn’t hide her shock.

“Sage,” Emilia said, pulling Sage’s shoulder so that they faced one another again. “That was incredible. You’ve… I didn’t know. I’m not sure — god, I can’t even think right. But I don’t think I care about Tommy anymore.” She leaned forward to place a ginger kiss on Sage’s still-wet lips. “The spell worked just fine.”

A smile erupted across Sage’s blushing face.

The two kissed again, more deeply this time. And the fire, whooshing into renewed life, crackled and burned with a brighter intensity — spellbound.

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