Let’s Fuck Like Animals

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Play with that pussy while I fuck you

His body is nothing but a silhouette in the unending darkness. His limbs spread, he is willingly sprawled out ready for me to do what I do best. That moment before devouring his dick is full of beautiful apprehension, as he knows I will engorge my lips with his dick.

I wait just to savor it, his look, only the candlelight illuminating his features. His arms are propped behind his head in an inherently dominant position. It just says in my mind, ‘get to work, cock slut.’

My jaw clicks open as I expand it as fully as I can. I slide up and down the length of his dick. It’s the perfect fit, stretching my jaw like I’m an anaconda devouring her larger prey. Something fills me up as I expressly devote myself to servicing him.

My hands grip onto the silicone, silky texture between my legs. I try to remove the dildo shoved deep inside me. My tight walls clench the object forced within me. That almost pushes it out of my body like a torpedo. I prepare to remove the tip from me. He clears his throat above me.

“Leave that inside you. Also, play with that pussy.”

I pause from my blowjob. I’m debating whether to defy him or submit. He looks at me while I still have him in my warm, wet mouth. I suction around the tip of his dick as if accentuating a point.

I pull out the object with a gasp. I don’t understand how something so small is so difficult to force inside me. My pussy pushes it out and refuses to allow it inside. It barely breaks through my impenetrable entrance, unlike his dick. It drops unceremoniously onto the mattress. I give him this nymph-like smile of defiance.

“Get it back in you while you suck my dick. Go on,” he commands. I tilt my head to the side. Like a dog debating her owner’s command while having alternative plans.

I wonder what exactly he’ll do. I keep sucking him and he gives me this look. It’s a dominant edged one that makes my knees quiver against the mattress. He grabs the pink vibrator that is slick with my wetness.

I gasp as he pushes it back inside me. As if punishing me he slides it in and out of me. He picks up an accelerated pace and I lean my face against his thigh. He’s fucking me with the dildo and I whimper. With a firm push it enters the tightness of my pussy and stays put.

“Keep it inside you. Play with that clit of yours too.”

“Hmmm,” I mumble my reply as I go back to servicing him. My fingers reach up to my engorged clit. It’s always been larger than most girls’. I entrap the bud between my index and middle fingers. My fingers inefficiently rub it in lazy circles. I’m only playing with this part of myself until he fucks me into another G-spot orgasm.

His fingertips brush against my thigh briefly. He takes hold of the barely-there tip of the vibrator. I feel him stroking it into me slowly. I’m distracted with my devout task of pleasuring him. As if sensing this he quickens the pace.

My face slides to the inside of his leg. I’m perpetually edging toward a G-spot orgasm with how fast he’s fucking me with the object. I moan and bite the skin next to my face. He groans and shoves it as deep as he can.

“Get back to work,” he instructs, and my eyes flutter open. I roll my hips back and forth like an inquisition. I’m unsure what my eyes say to men. All I know is that I can get them to grin sometimes, with my clothes on, with only a smirk given.

“Fuck me.”

“What’s that?”

He’s toying with me. A sort of game that makes me beg for what I want. I grit my teeth. My tongue plays just barely grazing the tip of his dick. I sloppily take it inside my mouth, using the warm, wet heat to stroke it several times. Then, I release it with that same look.

“Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can. Then cum in my mouth,” I whisper.

He raises up onto his elbows swiftly. His body weight pushes me back into the mattress. I feel his arms slide underneath my hips and force my legs backwards. I’m pulled back like I’m doing some kind of complicated yoga move. My ankles nearly touch my ears.

His dick stays poised at the entrance of my pussy. He clutches the dildo and strokes it lazily inside me. I’m moaning, writhing, trying to force it deeper inside.

He abruptly removes it. It’s tossed to the side and he pushes inside me. I gasp with a sharp intake of air. My head rolls back into the mattress. I arch my back and thrust onto him.

He’s teasing me again. I groan as he holds me in the skewered position. My legs are longing to entrap him. If they were free I’d pull him in deeper with my ankles. With each thrust he’d make I’d add an extra push.

“I’m gonna fuck you nice and slow. How does that sound?” he whispers in my ear. We’re pulled in close like intimate lovers. Like I’m a fly entangled within his spider’s web. He’s just waiting to cocoon me alive and devour me still living. His body weight presses me harder into the mattress. I try to bite his ear. He moves it away just in time to escape my teeth.

“Faster. Deeper. Please, fuck me like an animal,” I whisper.

His pace quickens. I feel my orgasm building up with the intensity of it. There’s a moment where I dare to look up at him. He’s so perfectly controlled while I sweat and writhe beneath him.

“This is what you want? Being fucked like this? Hard, fast, balls deep in this tight little pussy?”

I merely moan in response. Words are useless right now. My lips part in the beginning of my orgasm. It’s like a little mew of a sigh and a breath. I cascade to a higher pitched voice.

My orgasm releases like a dam being busted open. I let out a wild scream. Everything feels like an electrical system set on high and pulsation. He keeps thrusting into me at an increased speed.

My pussy pulses around his length. There’s the tell-tale groan he releases that lets me know he’s close. I will my body to function to catch every drop of his cum.

“Get your ass over here and drink this,” he growls.

I open my eyes. He backs away from my pussy. A hand encloses the tip of his beautiful cock. White, delicious cum oozes from it and a couple of drops hit the sheet. I find that my body is still useless from my orgasm.

“Mount me. Use my mouth.”

The smirk on his face is one I wish I could save to my memory bank. He moves swiftly toward me. I feel his legs on either side of my head. His dick slides into my mouth as I open it for him. He thrusts inside as the hot cum jets down my throat. I love how he keeps pumping inside my hot little mouth. Just like he’s still fucking my pussy.

I moan and keep my throat relaxed. I know he’s finished and he shoves it as deep as he can go. My body chokes temporarily and my stomach seizes at the action. I catch my gag release. My nose breaths against his lower abdomen. There’s this deep breath of air I take before I impale his length.

I love the little noises he makes above me. Part of the beauty of him cumming is the sounds he makes. That deep, visceral, primal growl of giving in is something I want to record and get off to later. I stretch out like a cat that just woke up from a wonderful nap.

When he removes his dick from my mouth I whimper. He collapses down and grins at me. His hand pats the space between us.

“Get your ass over here.”

“Hmmm, gladly,” I say with a laugh.

He drags me close to his body. I’m still panting from the reverberation of my orgasm. His heat radiates into my cooking, sweaty skin.

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