Twinkle Lights: a festive encounter

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It’s that time of year again: time to muster some holiday spirit along with the rest of society… right?

So here I am, trying to be quick but finding myself witless in the Target holiday decor section. I’m paralyzed, under-caffeinated, standing in front of a massive wall of sparkling holiday lights and staring half-heartedly at the dozen or more choices on vulgar display: strands of lights of varying lengths, functions, colors, and wildly varying prices. I hold a different box in each hand, one set with eight functions and colors and one classic set of plain white twinklies. Definitely haven’t had enough coffee for this, I think, regretting my decision to forfeit a lazy morning at home. But mom’s coming to town next weekend, and she’ll make a comment if I haven’t put up something. I can hear her voice in my head: ’tis the season, Molly!

Holiday cheer just hasn’t ever been my forte.

“Umm… what are you doing?”

I turn blank-faced toward the person who has suddenly appeared beside me: a stocky woman clad cooly in jeans, a t-shirt, and a tawny wool cardigan. Well-coiffed hair gelled perfectly into place. My heartbeat increases every so slightly as I take in her disarming good looks, and a giddy nervousness begins to bubble.

Mustering an awkward smile as heat rushes to my cheeks, I swallow down my embarrassment. “Uh, I’m… deciding,” I reply, holding up the boxes of lights. Apologetically. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see you need an intervention,” she replies, eyeing me amusedly over the tops of her black horn-rimmed glasses. A sexy half-smile plays on her lips. “Listen, don’t I know you? Have we met at Flint’s?”

As soon as she speaks the bar’s name, a flash of recognition strikes. Yes, we have met at Flint’s. Oh god, I think, it’s last weekend’s bathroom girl. I’d been drunk off my ass and hot with whiskey; we had made out in one of the bathroom stalls, as dykes tend to do in bars. After a good half an hour — just as things were really heating up — my cock-blocking friends hunted me down and drunkenly dragged me back to the dance floor. “You know, I think you’re right,” I answer.

She smiles and inches closer. My stomach does a little flip; it wants me to finish what I started. “I am right. And I’m Chase, by the way. You never did ask. Now, why don’t you decide to get these.” She points to the set of white twinkle lights. “I’ll help you hang them up. Sound good?”

Though she catches me a bit off guard, I’m intrigued. “Molly. Yes, um, good,” I sputter.

She puts her hand on my shoulder and starts leading me to the checkout counter.

By the time we arrive at my apartment, we’re both fully aware of where this is going; we re-enacted a bit of our bathroom stall act in her car before zooming out of the parking lot. I remember thinking briefly how clever I had been to take the bus today.

We leave the car and head for the door. I fumble a few seconds with the key, then we’re in.

Before I know what’s happening, the door is closed, and I’m up against it, front-first. Chase plants her hands against the door on either side of me and presses her groin against my rear, kissing and biting my neck with gusto. My spine curves to give her a better angle. A hand slips to my tummy before slowly making its way to my breast, cupping and squeezing, and I can feel both my nipples harden in response. She yanks down the collar of my blouse and bites me hard on the shoulder.

“You’re not playing games,” I say — almost groan. I’m getting warmer and wetter by the second. I love a hard, fast fuck, and Chase is reading my signals in all the right ways.

She spins me around and straddles me. “Did you want me to play games?”

“No, but you did say you were coming to hang my twinkle lights,” I joke.

She looks at me again over the rim of her glasses, tauntingly, and plants a long, gentle kiss. My stomach flips again. She releases a moan that vibrates into me as her tongue finds its way to mine, and the muscles in my core start clenching and releasing with anticipation, my body electric with rushing blood and hormones. My toes curl in pleasure as I think, she’s going to make me come before she even gets my clothes off.

But she stops and pulls away. “Let’s hang those lights!”

I moan in protest, to no avail. My attempt at sexy banter seems to have sabotaged me.

Chase stands at the foot of my bed, the box of white twinkle lights unboxed and draped over one hand. I’m on the bed, trying to entice her to join me, sitting on my knees, legs apart, hands on my hips. I’m even sticking my boobs out a bit.

“Put those lights down, we’re not going to actually hang them,” I say.

“Oh yes we are,” she replies, returning my smile in kind. “Take off your clothes.”

Well… okay. I strip myself down obediently to my cotton panties. Cotton, I think. Why do they have to be cotton? Well, at least we’re getting somewhere.

Chase eyes me patiently. “Better.” My breasts are exposed: large and soft with lusciously full pink areolae and small nipples. I watch her eyes take me in. I smile, sticking my chest out again on display. She definitely doesn’t care about the vanilla panties.

I return to the same position as before, and she joins me, also on her knees, twinkle lights still in hand. She leans in and whispers in my ear, our bodies untouching: “You forgot something.” My nipples harden and the hairs on my arms raise as I feel her breath tickle my earlobe and neck. She glances at my crotch; turns out, she does care about the panties.

Smiling, I wiggle around, lie down on my back, and raise up my slender legs like a pinup girl. I can feel her reveling in her new line of sight. Slowly, I pull the panties down — up, really — sliding them off my ass and up my legs. They catch at the dampness of me and pull free with an extra tug. I pull them up and over my feet and fling them to the side, legs still up in the air.

I crane my neck to take a look at Chase. She’s staring directly at my pussy, which I always keep trimmed and neat. She leans ever-so-imperceptibly forward. “Here’s what we’re gonna do,” she says, not taking her eyes off me. I bend my knees and hug them shamelessly to my chest, exposing my glistening cunt even more, feigning innocence and raising my eyebrows curiously. She hops off the bed and strides to my nightstand. Quickly, she reaches around to unplug the lamp and plug in the twinkle lights. They sparkle to life. After closing the blinds, she moves to the wall to flip off the lightswitch; we are instantly bathed in a soft white glow, and the atmosphere of the room is instantly a thousand times more arousing.

“This is great,” I say, lowering my legs and stretching out, feeling languid and sensual. Something has switched in me; the ambiance is making me feel catlike, albeit still ready to play.

“Here’s the best part,” Chase replies, pulling off her cardigan — then her t-shirt — and moving to the bed. She keeps her pants and sports bra on, and I make a mental note to somehow get these off of her as I eye the sexy paunch of her smooth stomach and the angular, slightly muscular outline of her shoulders. “You get to be decorated.”

I had a feeling this was where we were headed, I think, smiling.

She untangles the lights and begins to drape them around me. The strand that connects them is cool and ticklish on my skin. As she moves around me, decorating my thighs, my waist, my shoulders and chest, I breathe in her delicious scent. She helps me lie down and then holds my hands over my head; with the last bit of strand, she binds my wrists while maintaining eye contact. Her hands, when they touch me, warm my skin. My heart beats faster.

“There. Don’t try to break free or you’ll ruin the lights.”

I smile demurely. I wouldn’t dream of it, I think, though I reply, “Hmm, how much I struggle will depend on how you treat me. I won’t put up much a fight if you’re very nice.”

“Oh trust me, I’ll be nice.” Chase chuckles and begins to pepper the soft skin of my neck with little kisses and bites. Her skin is warm and soft against mine. I let out a low moan; my pussy revs back fully to life — my anticipation skyrockets. “You haven’t been naughty this year, right?”

“Not in the slightest,” I say, already breathless.

“That’s what I thought.”

With practiced finesse, Chase flips me onto my stomach in under a second. I’m surprised and turned on by her strength as she slips an arm under my waist and hoists my ass up in the air, pushing the backs of my knees underneath me, deftly positioning me in just the pose she wants me in. As I maneuver to rest the weight of my upper body on my elbows, my pussy throbs in time with my heartbeat. I’m so ready for this.

“You told me at Flint’s that you’re into anal,” she says, caressing and tickling the flesh of my exposed ass.

Oh, fuck, I think, turned on by her words but burning to feel her deep in my cunt.

“Do you remember that?” She blows on me, between the cheeks, and my perineal muscles clench at the coolness and send shivers of pleasure throughout my groin. Oh fuck! I think again, not recalling the precise conversation, though I nod; she’s not wrong.

“It’s yours,” I consent, wiggling my ass from side to side, desperately trying to entice her — anything to get her to touch me somewhere — anywhere, at this point.

“It’s my present.” She moves to straddle me, one knee on either side of mine, and leans down, greeting my ass cheeks with the same small bites she gave my neck. I groan with delight; as she bites, she’s flicking her tongue over my flesh. The juxtaposition of soft and hard drives me wild. I moan, my body desperate for her to give me what it needs.

Inhaling deeply, Chase positions her face between my cheeks. I know she can see the shiny wetness of everything going on between my legs, and my kegels clench and unclench automatically, on repeat, beyond my control.

“Chase,” I utter in frustration, pushing my ass toward her face. Finally, mercifully, she begins to rim me.

Starting with a luxurious lick, she wedges her tongue as far toward the front as she can, drawing it up to the start of my lower back. Immediately, I collapse forward in delight; she yanks me up again and gives me a hard slap on the ass, not permitting me any respite though my thighs and triceps are quaking. I reposition myself, whimpering, and she dives in again with another luxurious lick. Her tongue seeks out the pucker of my flesh and begins circling it gently, the tip dipping in and out rhythmically. My back arches with pleasure, my body pulsing in sync with her tongue. Shamelessly, thankfully, I grind into her face, feeling even hotter than I did the other night after all that whiskey.

I feel her hand reaching up slowly toward my pussy, drifting lightly along my inner thigh. She caresses the outer edges of my pussy at the crease of skin where the lips meet my thigh — the softest and one of the most enjoyable parts of the female body, I know. I’m not surprised she starts here. She slides her fingers up and down, dipping them into the folds of me to wet them using my fluids as she continues to eat my ass.

Without warning, she surprises me — suddenly, I’m filled with at least two of her fingers, and I shove back hard against her hand in delight, squealing and moaning, not even needing to be loosened up. In a true display of sexual artistry, one of her fingers strokes my clit in time with the rhythm of her hand moving in and out of me, and this, coupled with the pleasure of her tongue on my asshole, brings me to the brink. She moans intentionally, sending vibrations throughout my lower body.

I glance up at the wall, all coherent thoughts leaving my mind. The twinkle lights’ reflection flits across my vision.

Then, to my dismay, she suddenly stops. Snapped back to reality, I think, goddamnit! as she withdraws her hand and tongue. But I’m not left hanging for long; she flips me over and positions herself above me, wiggling free a bit of tension from around my bound legs in order to spread them open just enough to gain access.

She slips her fingers back inside me forcefully, curving them toward my g-spot and moving them firmly in and out, and begins teasing my hardened nipples with her tongue and mouth, moaning and sucking all the while. Never losing the arch of my back, I eagerly push this next part of my body against her magical mouth, greedy for more contact with her tongue. Her fingers fill me completely, and she positions her thumb so she can keep stimulating my clit — which is growing more sensitive by the minute. I can feel my juices coming faster now, and Chase can, too. I’m tightening around her fingers, squeezing them and tilting my pelvis up to help her find my sweet spot. She pauses to add yet another finger. I relax my kegels to make space and cry out in delight as she bites at my ribcage, floating her mouth down my stomach, bestowing the kisses and nibbles that she realizes, by now, drive me crazy.

She’s at my lower belly, then my hip bones. Finally, between my legs. Her mouth makes contact with my pussy; I feel her slip and slide as her chin and cheeks get wet. Her tongue begins to tease and circle my clit, and bursts of pleasure shoot through my body as she intersperses her lapping with soft nibbles to my fleshy outer lips. Her fingers pump steadily and firmly, twisting and curling now and then to open me up more. I spread my legs as wide as I can against the string of lights and arch my back, hands still tied above my head: this makes me feel so sexy. Then, Chase gives me quickly a few strong licks; I’m bracing myself to come. In the back of my mind, a half-formed thought rushes into my consciousness: it’s about fucking time!

“Fuck!” I let the word fly from my mind out my mouth. Her fingers are in as deep as possible. I can feel the pressure on my cervix. She has opened me up, I think, coaxing my muscles to relax even more, ready to let my orgasm fly. As I relax, I’m rewarded with a renewed sense of delightful pressure. But then, she lifts her head, breaking the contact between my clit and her tongue. No, no, no!

Disbelieving, I crane to get a view: she has four fingers in me, up to the knuckles.

“Wanna go for five?” Chase asks, slipping her fingers out and touching all five fingertips together, suggesting to me exactly what’s on her mind.

“Whoa, I can’t do that,” I say, gasping and tightening back up.

“You can, you totally can. Relax. I’ll stop if you say so. Where’s your lube?” I nod toward the nightstand, where it’s stashed in the first drawer.

Chase leans to hover over me and pushes me lightly at the sternum, pressing me gently back into a mound of pillows, before reaching for the nightstand. She fishes out the lube and squirts a few pumps onto her right hand, rubbing it all around with her left fingers. I wonder, Can I do this?

Give it a go. Who else has ever opened you up like this? “Undo my arms, Chase,” I say.

She complies, and I place my hands on her shoulders. The twinkle lights still drape over my body. With her free hand, Chase starts to rub my belly, then my thighs, and finally my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my nipples, releasing more endorphins into my system. She leans up and kisses me gently on the mouth, and my body melts at the sweetness of it. I revel in the smell of myself on her face.

Positioning her fingers at the entrance of me, she breaks her lips free while continuing to rub my belly. I dig my fingers into her shoulders and try to unwind. Relax, relax, relax: a mantra forms in my head. I close my eyes and enjoy the soothing way the twinkle lights decorate the darkness behind my eyelids.

A brief moment of pressure. I let out a strong exhale, and then: wide-open bliss.

Within seconds, my body erupts. I feel the muscles in my back start to tremor, and my shoulder blades move down as I tilt my head back and push my chest forward, bracing myself against the spasms coming from deep within me. I feel myself wrapping around Chase’s hand and releasing, an involuntary set of movements on repeat in quick succession.

“That’s it,” she breathes, watching the show between my legs.

I’m aware enough to feel the release of wetness that flows from me and over her wrist; I feel whatever valve is responsible for releasing it quake as it quickly opens and closes again, releasing its load and cooling my body. The liquid is more watery than my lubricant, and Chase’s hand moves with a bit more resistance than before; she stops moving in and out and begins to twist her fist back and forth, more slowly, milking me for a few extra tremors. I glance at her face, my mouth open and my brow furrowed. Her mouth dangles open, too. She lets out a small groan of pleasure as she slows her movement. She bucks gently against my thighs in response to her own arousal and heat.

“Take it out,” I say, exhaling and realizing with eagerness that I haven’t taken her clothes off yet. She eases her hand out of me and holds it up, wiggling her fingers, watching her skin glisten in the twinkle lights’ glow. She grins at me — a flashing, brilliant smile.

“I knew you could,” she says, putting her index finger in her mouth and sucking it with satisfaction.



“Wow!” I collapse backward, back onto the pillows. A moment passes.

“Would you untie me?”

I get Chase’s clothes off, sports bra and all, and her moment of pleasure comes while she’s riding my face. My tongue laps at her clit while my chin puts pressure on the tangy opening of her. She holds the headboard, and her breasts dance above me, lit from below by the twinkle lights that decorate the space where I lie.

After she finishes, we pass several minutes of restful entanglement. Then, suddenly, she springs into motion, fully energized and refreshed.

I sit up on my elbows and watch her pull on her underthings.

“You shouldn’t hang these up, Mol,” she says, gesturing to the twinkle lights with one hand before returning it to yank up her briefs along with the other. “I mean, I’m assuming you’ll invite me over again? Maybe we should store these under the bed. I’ll take you out to get you some new ones for actual… decorative purposes.” Her sexy half-smile makes another appearance.

“I think I’m amenable to that,” I reply. “I’m feeling quite festive.” I sit up to offer a kiss.

Once our lips part, she reaches for her clothes and begins to get dressed. “Let’s get some ornaments, too, then. I’ll chop you down a tree. We can get some coffee on the way. What do you think?”

“Lovely,” I sigh.

I could get used to this holiday cheer thing.

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