I Want You Naked

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fuck me until I can’t think straight…

“I want you to fuck me,” I hiss through clenched teeth.

NY pushes my buttons so well. The ones hidden underneath the surface of my skin. He was always aware of them, yet we never acted on it. It’s like a Braille system only he can touch.

My jeans are abruptly and swiftly removed from my curvaceous form. The tightness of the skinny jeans clings to my calves. He removes them from my heated skin. My thong underwear is ripped off and tossed to the side. We lie on the curly carpet of my apartment floor.

I’m unsure how he will fuck me. Or, if he’ll just keep teasing me. His head dips down and my legs are pried open. I gasp at the predicament I’m in.

He’s going to eat me out thoroughly, on the floor while I writhe beneath him. He subdues my hands by holding onto my wrists. His arms slide under my thighs and he grips them. I buck my hips up to fuck his face as his finger enters me.

The feeling of him finally finger fucking me is glorious. I writhe against him. His large index finger plunges repeatedly into me. I’m building up to overflowing on his fingers and face.

“I’ll be back.”

He gets up and vanishes into the bedroom. I’m left twisting and turning on the soft floor. When he returns he has one of my BDSM paddles in his hand.

“I want you naked. On the bed. Now, MD.”

My top is still on and one of my tits is popped out of my bra. I bounce up from the ground. He follows me into the bedroom. I land on my firm mattress and turn on my Himalayan salt lamp.

“You aren’t naked right now. What did I tell you?”

“I’m getting there.”

I pull my bra off. It has straps that peek out from my silky, swinging black T-shirt. I toss it to the side and watch him.

He’s taking off his jeans and boxers. I admire him from my side of the bed. He has an inch on me and is one of the few men that I enjoy jumping into his arms. This man hugs me so fiercely that he lifts me off the ground. I squeal in excitement and glee. Something very unlike me that he gets me to do every time.

He approaches me on my bed. We kiss intensely. His tongue possesses mine. It delves deep inside and our tongues twist together. I grab his face and hold it between my palms. He kisses me on my ear as his breath plays against it.

There’s this positioning of me on my side. The paddle lands on my right ass cheek. It’s a hard, overpowering sting. He smacks me again and again. I writhe on the bed. I tell myself to give in to the pain. That this spanking is what I want, deserve, desire all in one. I wonder if I’ll hit that beautiful sub space with him, where I float above my body in a sweet surrender to this pain.

He holds me in place and smacks harder. I’m left moaning. The other ass cheek is struck next. It’s even more intense. I buck against him. He forces me to stay in place even though my body rebels against him.

I’m so incredibly turned on. My teeth seek out the junction of his neck. I bite down and he groans. Our lips crush together. My tongue forces into the furthest reaches of his mouth. The whiskey leaves a residual taste that is a constant aphrodisiac.

We separate from our kiss. He lifts my legs up and they bend back toward my ears. His face is that of calculated passion. He guides his dick inside my tight, wet pussy. We both gasp as it slowly slides inside.

The look on his face is one of the hottest I’ve ever witnessed. Shock, awe, beautiful ecstasy all wrapped in one. All of these expressions play on his bearded face.

He thrusts inside me. I’m screaming in ecstasy. I’m rendered into a puddle of a human being. Each pulse drives him further within me.

“You’re so tight and wet,” he says with a primal growl.

His teeth sink into my shoulder. I try to bite his ear. He removes it before I have the chance. We are both gasping and groaning. I want him fucking me until he can’t stand it anymore. I want to taste my pussy on his dick and how divinely delicious it will be.

“On top. Now.”

We change positions. I jump on top of him. My hand finds his dick. I revel in the feel of it, of finally having it grace my palm. I guide it inside me and my breath is caught in my throat. It pierces my senses in such a way that I’m rendered useless.

His hips thrust into me. I lean down into him and my breath comes out in pathetic pants.

“I can’t think. I can’t think.”

“Don’t think, just feel,” he whispers in my ear. I’m feeling everything. How his lips own my skin if it’s near him. The beauty of his kisses. How they can be tenderly soft and dominantly possessive the next moment. I start to ride him at a slow pace. There’s a gentle build up and he stares up at my form.

I feel his eyes on me. Brown, wide eyes that see my vulnerability. We work together driving his dick further into me. I want him fucking me doggy style so badly. It’s as if he reads my mind as he tells me to slide off.

“Assume the position, MD.”

I swear he’s quoting one of my stories. Or maybe he just knows this is my favorite position.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

I move onto my hands and knees. The firm mattress is beneath me. I bend my head forward and my hair falls over my oval face.

“You enjoying this tight pussy?” I ask him.

My eyes dare to look back at him. He’s on a mission to put his dick back inside. It’s that blissful, erotic expression on his face. We catch each other’s gaze and I smile at him.

“Oh yes.”

He plunges inside me. It’s fucking oblivion, something I’ve rarely felt. The way he fits inside me is perfection. It causes my brain to trip on how he stretches around my tightness. My pussy clenches around his length as he thrusts.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I repeat it over and over again. A high pitched squeal and demand. A need, a necessity vocalized in a primal tone. He tells me how he’s wanted to be balls deep in me. That my pussy is so incredibly wet and impossibly tight. My face bounces against one of my pillows. I drag my nails against my golden sheets.

“Get back on top of me. Ride me right now,” he commands.

He grabs my hips and pulls me next to him. I throw my leg over his waist. We combine our hands to slide his dick back inside me. I lean toward him and allow him to fuck my pussy how he wants.

His thrusts quicken and deepen. We’re a hot, panting mess. I feel an intense wetness and he groans. There’s a look on his face that is a sort of surprise. His brown eyes widen. I lean down to kiss him. It’s a tender, sweet kiss. I sigh into his lips.

“Damnit all. I came,” he utters.

“Hmm, I was wondering.”

“I didn’t mean to, I didn’t think I was that close,” he says.

“You’re the first, you know how I am with cum,” I say with a giggle.

I slide down next to his body. My head briefly rubs against his shoulder. I know that the way we work we are both marathon fuckers. There’s this moment when we both indulge in resting before devouring each other again.

I dip my finger inside of my pussy. It’s incredibly slick, wet, with both his juices and mine. I lick them off my finger and suck the flavor off. It’s sweet, with that addictive, slight muskiness. My pussy aches with the residual feel of him inside me. It leaves my body nothing but a jumble of live nerve endings waiting to be strung.

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