Tuxedo Princess

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Tuxedo trousers bursting at eye level. This was the best seat in the house. Exactly where she wanted to be…

Her red satin backless dress hugged her slender frame perfectly, as she entered the ballroom with David, her agent, at her side. Strangers — both male and female — gave second glances as they passed by. Her skin tingled under the cool satin as she felt David brush up against her. She looked up at him, wondering why she had never attempted to fuck this beautiful man. His smouldering grey-blue eyes gazed down at her as he smiled, and she took time to appreciate how good he looked in his tuxedo, which complemented his masculine frame and his slicked back, dark hair.

“Wow! You’ve hit the big time, Chrissy.” David whistled as he surveyed the room full of A-listers. His intent was to excite her, but instead he made her more nervous.

“What you mean is we’ve hit the big time. It’s not just about me.”

“Hey, don’t be so modest. If you weren’t such a talented writer, I wouldn’t be here right now.” Always the charmer, she thought. Nevertheless, she didn’t take to being drowned in such praise, and it didn’t calm her nerves any.

“I think I need a drink.” She squirmed, gripping David’s arm.

“OK. We’ll find our table first, then I’ll go to the bar and get us something.” He placed his hand gently on the small of her back, sending shock waves up her spine, as she drew her breath in sharply. He guided her through the crowd to their assigned table.

“Vodka tonic?” he asked, leaning over to be heard over the hum of voices.

“ Yes, please. Uh, with lime. Don’t forget the lime!”

He nodded with a smirk. “How could I forget?”

Once David left her side, she felt alone and exposed as she looked around the room nervously, watching all the famous faces pass by, acknowledging each other. She wondered if they were ever in awe of each other, the way she was as she watched them.

Feeling a light tap on her shoulder, she turned to find Jack towering over her. Her heart skipped at the sight of him, as he gave her a sultry wink. Her jolt of excitement made her rise to greet him.

“No, no — don’t get up,” he insisted, as he pulled David’s vacant seat around to face her, leaning in to kiss her as he sat down. “So, how have you been?”

“I’m great, thanks,” she gushed, “it’s been a bit of a crazy month!” Despite having met Jack twice before, she couldn’t help feeling star-struck.

“Where’s David?” he asked, pulling the chair closer to her.

“Oh, uh, he’s at the bar.”

His knees touched hers. One of them moved between her slightly parted legs. She throbbed and ached at his closeness and the way his stunning azure blue eyes gazed at her, framed by thick dark lashes, his heavy brows adding to their intensity.

“David’s been telling me how well the book tour’s been doing. I knew it’d go great. You have no faith!” he laughed.

“Oh, he didn’t say he had spoken to you.”

“Yeah, on the phone, just last week. Didn’t he say?”

“No.” She shrugged as she shook her head, trying not to look bothered by
the fact that her agent was keeping secrets from her. Especially when it concerned her favourite actor. Placing his hand on her shoulder, he pulled her in closer.

“So anyway… I’ve been thinking about you two a lot lately.” There was a dark intent smouldering under the surface of his words that both aroused and unnerved her.

Before Jack could finish what he was saying, David arrived back at the table, drinks in hand.

“Hey! How you doin’?” Jack chirped as he stood to shake David’s hand. While he stood, he deliberately invaded Chrissy’s personal space, his crotch at her eye level. A bulge pressed hard against his tuxedo trousers that he made no attempt to hide from her as he continued to talk to David, his hand on her shoulder. She observed them as they talked, struggling to hear them over the chatter from all around, while snatching the occasional glance at Jack’s bulge. Her cunt pulsed furiously with need as her body temperature went up a notch, causing her cheeks to flush. David then put his hand on her other shoulder, mirroring Jack. Still, they continued their conversation as if nothing was happening.

Her eyes shot in the direction of David’s crotch. To her surprise, she could see a similar bulge protruding down the seam of his trousers, making her ooze onto her satin panties. Almost in unison, each of their thumbs began to stroke her skin, as her eyes danced back and forth to each display of their concealed manhood.

Animal impulses began to take precedence in her mind, as she was consumed by the growing urge to press her lips against each of them and kiss hard, to rub her open mouth up and down against their protuberance and squeeze with her lips. There was no mistaking it, they were hard at the sight of each other as they talked. She watched intently; their eyes were locked in a hungry gaze as they spoke. They seemed to be oblivious to anyone else in the room. She wondered what the hell Jack was doing to her and David, seeming to have woven some kind of spell over them both from the moment they came into contact with him.

Jack stopped and looked down at her, giving her the same look he had been giving David for the past few minutes. God, she wanted them both so badly, and he knew that. He also knew it would be more fun to make her wait. To tease and control her.

He stroked her chin gently as he leaned in close, whispering in her ear, “You wanna get out of here? Go somewhere a little quieter?”

She looked to David, searching for approval. He took her hand, raising her to her feet, giving her the confirmation she needed.

The three made their way to a private foyer upstairs. The room they entered opened out onto a balcony, where a solitary couple stood to enjoy the night sky and take a break from the party.

There was a single chair against the wall, and the men gestured to her to sit down. They both stood gazing down at her. She looked around to be sure no one else was near, but she could only see the couple on the balcony, who were now kissing passionately.

Her eyes came back to the bulging crotches before her eyes, both large and trespassing. Once again, her cunt began to sting with need and soak her panties. They looked to each other, and finally, Jack moved toward David to kiss him, first giving him a gentle lick between the lips, to which David eagerly responded, darting the tip of his tongue towards Jack’s. Their lips locked, and the slow, lustful kissing began.

God! Her cunt was ready to explode! She went to touch herself, but Jack quietly commanded her, “No. Don’t touch yourself. Touch us instead.”

He promptly returned his mouth to David’s lust bruised lips. Their tongues fucked each other’s mouth slow and deep, and she began to stroke both their cocks through the material of their trousers, gently at first, until she found her rhythm. Soon their hips rocked back and forth gently against her fingers. Jack took her hand, guiding it so that she was cupping his balls through the material as the heel of her palm applied pressure on his straining cock.

Jack moaned into David’s mouth as Chrissy stood up. She added the same pressure to David with her left hand, causing him to moan in unison with Jack. David wrapped his arm around her back, down towards her ass, rubbing and massaging, edging as low as his height would allow. Not quite reaching underneath, but close enough to tease her sopping wet cunt.

They stood there for a while longer like this, with her watching them kiss. She wouldn’t even call it kissing, it was mouth sex. Hot, filthy mouth sex.
As they kissed and moaned, she heard more moaning sounds coming from the balcony. The couple were fucking hard against the railings, clearly inspired by the sight unfolding inside the room.

Jack glanced toward the balcony, then looked around the rest of the room, ensuring it was still empty. “Fuck this,” he hissed. Quickly, he grabbed the chair and closed the door, using the chair to barricade it shut. He turned back to David, pushing him against the wall and unzipping his fly, before doing the same to his own, allowing both their hard cocks to spring free.

David growled as he gazed down lustfully at their two cocks gripped firmly together in Jack’s fist. Jack squeezed them together as he slowly worked them off. “Ah fuck, how good does this look?” he gasped. Without turning to her, he asked, “Do you like what you see, Chrissy?”

“God, yes!” she said breathlessly.

David stretched out to take her hand and pulled her toward them. As Jack continued to stroke their hot, hard cocks, David kissed her neck, moving up to suckle her earlobe, then groaned in her ear, as he flicked his tongue against her ear like a butterfly. He spoke to her in low, soft groans.

“You like to watch, don’t you, baby? Is that what gets you going, huh?”

“Yes,” she whispered, barely able to speak. “I love seeing two cocks together like this, especially yours.”

He groaned again against her ear, and she felt his mouth contort into a smile. She could hardly stand, she was so aroused.

Jack leaned in and kissed her hard. She parted her lips to allow his tongue to engulf her whole mouth. Her cunt throbbed in desperation, but she refused to touch it, or to be touched. Jack tried to rub her, but she pulled away.

“No. Not now.”

“When?” he growled.

She smiled, pulling away from their bodies. She stepped back to the chair and sat down, crossing her legs, then leaned towards them saying, “Let me see you both come together.”

They both smiled lustfully at her, then turned back to one another. With their open mouths pressed loosely against each other’s, their fast gasping breaths intermingled as their hands squeezed and roughly worked each other off. In less than a minute, her cunt muscles began to convulse as she watched their mingled cum spit up against David’s stomach. Their moans filled her ears, and the room. To hear them come together was pure ecstasy. She kept control as she watched, breathing slowly through her nose to conceal her inner orgasm, despite feeling her whole body flush with blissful hormones. She doubted they noticed, as they kissed each other hard and slow, basking in their pleasure.

Eventually returning to themselves, they turned to look at her with their faces flushed, shirts open and their cocks softening.

Jack looked her up and down, holding his cock. “When?” he asked again. This time it was her turn to tease.

“Soon.” She stood up, smiling with gratification. “I’ll see you downstairs?” she said to David. He nodded, confused.

Nonchalantly, she moved the chair to the side, opened the door and left them alone in the room, mouths gaping and their trousers at their ankles.

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