Truth or Dare

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It’s 11 pm on a Thursday, and three girlfriends are drinking beers and enjoying a game of truth or dare in one of the co-ed dorms. The stakes escalate quickly, and now the dares are getting really hot. They decided to play “three in a row,” so if a girl wants to do dares, she has to accept three consecutive ones. Only the bold can win.

“Madison, truth or dare?”

“Dare!” the vixen replies, smirking.

“I dare you to knock on Brad McCullen’s door and flash your tits for thirty seconds.”

Madison rolls her eyes. Brad “Dorkosaurus” McCullen barely ever sees the light of day, let alone a nice pair of tits. Who would ever want to show their nipples to him? But what if she took down two birds with one stone? She could win the dare, and maybe McCullen would tutor her for free, hoping to see her boobs again.

“Fine,” she says, standing and sauntering to McCullen’s door. She knocks and hears movement inside. Brad opens and looks both surprised and annoyed. What could Madison Holland want with him? Then something unbelievable happens: the hot chick pulls down the front of her top, and two magnificent tits spill out, bouncing a little. Brad’s jaw drops as he stares, mesmerized. Madison is about to cover up again when her eyes gaze down. There is an enormous tent in the guy’s sweatpants.

“You have a huge dick!” she says in astonishment. Her pussy floods, desire obliterating any other brain function. A voice interrupts her lustful thoughts.

“Madison what is going on there?”

Shit, she doesn’t want to miss the chance to see what Brad McCullen is hiding inside his baggy clothes. She could use the game to get what she wants.

“Give me another dare, Kayla. I’m gonna do anything to win.”

Kayla laughs. She wants to see how far her friend would go. “Since you are standing right there, I dare you to let him suck your tits.”

“Suck my tits,” Madison commands without hesitation. Brad attacks the succulent mounds like a hungry wolf, licking and sucking hard, rubbing his face on them. His tongue runs all over them, and Madison grabs him by the hair, growing hornier with each suckling motion that sends waves of pleasure to her clit.

It is fucking hot to watch. Kayla and their other friend, Candi, stare in awe while their own nipples harden, their panties getting soaked. Candi’s hand slides inside her leggings, and her finger finds a hardened knob covered in wetness. Rubbing on it, she commands, “I dare you to tit-fuck him, Madison.”

The blonde drops to her knees. Brad is already pulling down his sweatpants, and a horse cock emerges from them. The two girls in the background gasp audibly. He steps forward, pulls the blonde’s head back by the hair, and slaps the hard rod over the presented breasts, wanting to punish them for all the times he has jerked off imagining what they would look like.

His voice comes out as a growl: “Do you want this cock, Madison Holland?”

“Fuck, yes, I want it,” she responds, hands squeezing her tits. He moves forward more and bends his knees until the massive dick is in position and slides between the wet globes, making him mad with pleasure.

“That’s it, Madison Holland, fuck that cock between your tits. Squeeze it tight, show me how much you want it.”

Every time the tip protrudes up, it hits Madison’s chin, and she leans her face down to receive it with her mouth, trying to close her lips around it and darting out her tongue to lick the precum that spills from the engorged head.

“Take it in your mouth,” she hears one of the other girls say; who cares anymore if it’s a dare or not.

She has to open her mouth very wide. Brad is out of his mind; there is one hot girl sucking his dick and two more fingering themselves as they watch. He grabs the blonde by the nape and pushes his big meat piece until it hits the back of her throat. Madison’s eyes tear up as she chokes, but her pussy is soaked as it has never been before, and after coming up briefly for air, she opens wide and allows him to push it all the way down again. With a massive cock plugging her throat she hears Brad’s pleasure sounds mixed with the distant moans of her friends climaxing and the dizzying combo makes her explode in a mindblowing orgasm, pussy walls clenching, begging to be filled. McCullen gives one last long push, holding her head until she gags, then letting go.

The blonde falls on the floor, gasping for air, yet needing more. She manages to scramble enough to pull down her leggings and panties and to get back on her knees, bare ass up in the air. Her kneecaps hurt but her pussy aches more.

McCullen looks at the offerings and squeezes his cock as he admires the tight holes, glistening with juices and ready to be fucked. He falls to his knees and in a second the horse cock is stretching the wanton pussy. Madison Holland, the queen bee, is reduced now to nothing more than a rag doll for Brad to fuck in a hallway as she begs for more. He obliges, sinking his thumb in her asshole, the slapping sound of his hips on her buttcheeks echoing down the corridor.

She comes loudly, howling like a banshee, squeezing that cock so hard Brad feels like it will break, and he spills load after load inside of her, leaving a creamy pool to spill on the floor when he pulls out, and she collapses over his mess. Sitting down to catch his breath, he turns to the other two panting women.

“You ladies can knock on my door anytime,” he says. Then slapping Madison’s ass he quips, “Next time, this could be you if you dare.”

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