After Hours

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photo: SexArt

My lustful craving for my coworker

Tall, dark and handsome. So cliché, but so fucking true in his case.

Fortunately for me and my job security, we do not sit on the same floor at work. Having a hot coworker in the building is distracting enough. I don’t think I could handle him working on the same floor.

When we cross paths in the corridor, he has no idea how I long to be on my knees in front of him. How I fantasize constantly about unbuttoning his pants and revealing what I truly want from him. With a slow and gentle motion, I would run my tongue up and down the length of his cock, spitting on it so it’s nice and wet. Enjoying the taste of his precum as he grows thicker in my mouth.

I would hungrily deepthroat him. Allowing his thick cock to sink deeper down my waiting throat. As I catch his eye, he will know to place his hands at the back of my head, pulling me closer, making sure I get every inch of him.

I get off on pleasing men. Hearing them moan as I suck their cock. Taking pride in the fact that many many men have said I give the best blow jobs. I truly love having a cock in my mouth, being on my knees and servicing a man. Whenever I see my colleague at work, I know I would be a submissive bitch for him in a heartbeat. On my knees for as long as he commands.

You have no idea how I long to touch him. One hand slowly reaching under his shirt. Brazenly running my palm down his abs. Feeling the ripple of his muscles, his heartbeat giving away his excitement. My palm slowing as I get to his base.

Changing position slightly as I start to jerk him off. With firm pressure, my right hand slides up and down the base of his cock. My head tilts as I play with his balls. Sucking on one, then the other. Before finally engulfing both in my mouth while continuing to stroke his dick.

“Get up,” he tells me, before leading me to his office. As the door closes, I quickly start to strip. I was never one for taking things slow. He follows suit. Pushing me to my knees before joining me on the ground. His dominance overpowering me with a mixture of gentle and forceful kisses. Gentle kisses on my mouth and neck. His lustful side coming out as he kisses my chest and stomach. He turns me around, kissing the back of my neck as his hands find my breasts. Gently caressing them as I lean into him. The feel of his warm chest against my back. The excitement growing in me as he starts to pinch my nipples.

Holding his hand, I lower it so he can feel how wet I am for him. How much I want him. How much I’ve always wanted him. Turning my head, I kiss him, begging him to fuck me in between shallow breaths.

With his body leaning over me, he tells me to get on my back. Grabbing my legs, he kneels in front of me. His left, then right hand on either side of my head as he swings my legs over his shoulders. His dick is rock hard and straining at this point. I gasp slightly as I feel the head of his cock against my cunt. My head arches back and I let out a string of curse words as he enters my tight wet cunt in one hard forceful thrust. I have no choice but to call out his name in pleasure every time he drills into me.

I grab onto his back. Nails digging in, begging him to make me his bitch. I wanted to be his slut since the moment I saw him at work. I’ve touched myself in the bathroom thinking of his cock. Dreaming of sucking him off under his desk while the office buzzes around us. I want all of him, in his most primal form.

I bite his neck and pull him on top of me. Blissfully feeling every pound of his body, every drop of his sweat against me. Our heartbeats intertwined as I wrapped my legs around him. Driving him in until he is balls deep.

We hold it in this position. Not moving. Feeling his cock pulse inside my cunt, his strong hands squeezing my waist, his tongue deep down my throat. He lets out a groan as he tells me he’s about to cum. I whisper in his ear that I want him to shoot his load inside of me. With a few hard thrusts and deep grunts, I feel his warm cum explode inside of me. His cum dripping down my legs as he slowly pulls out.

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