Tongue on Tongue

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She lapped at his girlfriend’s pussy in circles, passionately swallowing her cum as he fucked her tight ass from behind. The image of that girl going down on his girlfriend with his cock in her was a sight to behold. A snapshot, frozen in time to be remembered and recalled forever. A fantasy come true. He eased in and out of her wetness slowly and deliberately, focusing all his attention on not shooting his hot cum into her too soon. There was too much to enjoy, to savor, to taste, to fuck, to cum all over in jets, streams and squirts. To lick two pussies at once, to watch that girl cover his shaft with her lips as she fucked his lover with a strap-on. Oh, the possibilities were endless.

They had shared his fantasy of wanting to have two woman, but most importantly his aching need to watch a goddess eat her pussy and kiss her lips. He moaned in pleasure at the thought of it and she was delightfully startled and giggled when he shared this with her. She had never told anyone of her desire for women. That was kept under wraps at all costs, despite her freedom and peace of mind and ease with self.

She had been a tomboy kind of girl who had grown into an attractive warrior-like goddess woman that both men and women wanted to take home and ravish. But she would have none of it. She was not that kind of girl and she balked when men or women flirted with her. She had a deep seated sense of self-respect, but more honestly — and harder to own and accept — there was a horny nymph-like thang who lived inside her who needed to be subdued and controlled; for she felt if that part of her was unbridled and released she would be overcome and eaten alive.

She shared with him in a hushed voice, for fear of being overheard, her stories of girls who smacked her ass. Of women who would come up to her and compliment her on her long flowing hair while paying for groceries and such, and would linger long, staring at her curves more than a strictly straight woman would. Of a dyke who would drive past on a Harley and wink at her. She was sexually frustrated and not really knowing it, for she had never been shown. She had to find out on her own, like we all do. So many days and years of having to master feelings. That said, she had a few moments of attraction to women, but purposefully folded such thoughts and pussy wetness into a tiny box, deep, hidden away and folded into her warrior-like sword of denial. She did what all good girls were taught to do, got married and had children and did what was necessary to raise, feed and clothe them.

After her babies grew and left home she could get on with her life, and all that which had happened in an unhappy marriage could be let go of. She had met him and they had made love under the stars, they fucked long and slow on a rocking chair and they pumped one another good under an oak tree… and now he had a surprise for her that would change everything, and she would finally be free.

He knew the blonde bombshell from before. She was the delicious thang who begged him to cum in her. When she heard he had found his twin flame and they had set off explosions of fireworks, she wanted to know more. So she went to MyErotica and read about the other woman, and upon seeing her pictures on FB was delighted: she was a beautiful goddess thang, and something set off a pang of lust and desire. An excitement, a ping of passion, and she felt the heat rise within.

Oh my, she thought to herself, he is going to introduce me to his soul twin and we are going to make love the way he writes. Holy fuck, that is gonna be hot AF! He was able to love them both; though one was his life mate and heart twin, the other was in his heart too, and the twin was okay with that because she knew he was genuine, real and capable. Yes, she was a little nervous about that blonde woman, she was sexy AF after all, and the way she read of his affair with her there was no denying something very powerful was there and there was only one thing to do… go there. Both girls would get to have another woman, and a good man who would balance them both on the end of his long hard cock.

So our blonde bombshell cutie flew in to meet them both and have her way with them. She was so strong and confident and vulnerable and fragile. The perfect mix for those two horny love cats. She had been playfully teasing his twin in private messages and occasionally teasing him with their antics. Pictures of girl-girl action and men laying down pleasure on two women showed up on his Whatsapp at odd hours of the day and night. And the heat built, the excitement boiled slowly as all three came to intimately know each other and prepare for that face to face time they pursued. He initiated it, but those two goddesses, once over their initial OMFG, were game. They three were naughty, horny creatures who by their nature had been restrained and controlled and held back for decades. The magic spell of their unique union was building to the kisses they shared as soon as they were together in private.

He did not drink, but was a gentlemen and poured the girls a flute of bubbly each to celebrate their coming together. He made a spritzer of juice and ginger ale. The clink of glasses between them signaled the game was on.

Our blonde honey asked if she could watch the twins kiss and touch. And they obliged. She sunk her tongue into his awaiting mouth and he played with hers, pulling her body close. He laid his hands on her breasts over the fine silk blouse she was wearing. Her nipples hardened instantly. She lifted her left leg and wrapped it around him. The gorgeous slit cut skirt she was wearing gave their guest a perfect view of those shapely legs making a fine ass of themselves. Entwined and united, our sweet blonde watched them and grew more wet by the second.

“Would you please lick her pussy for me, love,” she said to him adoringly.

And he obliged her, pulling her silk panties down over her trembling knees and gently rolling that skirt up, he placed his mouth divinely and gently over his lover’s mound. He inhaled deeply and dove in with playful gusto and desire. Pulling labia aside with his tongue he darted into her wetness and she held his face in her soft hands. Holding herself in what balance she could, her self control fading fast as the bubbly was relieving the tension. Our delightful voyeur disrobed from her revealing dress down to her lingerie, and plunged a middle finger into her own pussy and rubbed her clit and its flesh with her palm. Feeling them was going to make her cum for sure.

Being the empath she was, she had often wondered what making love to these emapths would be like. Now she was directly experiencing it, the months of foreplay was paying off in spades. She felt the woman’s pussy being licked as if it were her own. She could feel the man’s penis harden and his desire rise. Both women came deliciously, almost simultaneously. He felt them and groaned with his face still in his woman’s triangle. Mmmm, she tasted so good and his voyeur felt just as wonderful.

Still clad in delicate lingerie, our empath blonde beauty asked if she could see his cock. So his twin knelt before him, removed his slacks and boxers and set free that man meat the women had been feeling growing.

She gasped and smiled, “Oh you lucky bitch, you getting to have that in your mouth, suck it baby, I wanna see you work it.”

And she obliged their horny guest. Opening her mouth wide she took him into her, shyly looking up with angelic eyes at the lady watching. The scene was so beautiful. Nothing choreographed could have been more erotic and sensual for them all. One with a hard cock in her wet mouth, the other watching her new gf to play with, and he in passion and surrender to the power of two women. Those two were without even trying casting an erotic spell over him with their eyes, their curves, their scent of perfume, their bodies clad in delicate feminine wear. The feeling of sweet desire, passion, heat and sexual tension was building more and more.

It was his turn now. “Okay you two sweet thangs, I have waited a very long time for this, like ages and now you are not gonna make me fucking cum just like that. Fuck that!” He eased out of his honey’s mouth. “I want to watch you two eat pussy,” he said, with a commanding voice, strong and potent.

And they obliged him. Our blondie hottie took his twin by the hand and led her to their love nest and lay her down on the soft sheets freshly laundered and made ready earlier for just this moment.

“It’s okay love, I’ll be gentle,” she said, holding her trembling self in a hug to ease her nervousness, speaking lovely, teasingly seductive words into her new lover’s ear. Building her up with touch, sound and scent. Their perfume was perfectly matched to their pH and the air of the moment led them all away. Far away from the world. Far away from years of denial and fears and all that crap that holds people back from who they really are.

He set the mood right with a Sade mix on the stereo and stretched himself out on the love seat with plush red velvet set at the foot of the bed facing the action now taking place. “Holy fuck, you two are so fucking delicious, no rush hey.”

Like they could even hear him, quickly being lost in the moment. Our lovely blonde kissed her neck slowly, deeply breathing in the scent of this Aphrodite. Running fingers gently and seductively over her arms, fingertips only. Igniting nerves and sensations and desire. Our angels locked their fingers together and kissed slowly, delicately and oh so tender.

He gasped. His cock rock hard, stood at attention in high salute to the scene before his eyes. He did his best not to grab his meat and beat it off right there. He certainly had done enough of that to porn and such, but seeing it for real was intense.

Tongue on tongue, the women played with each other and inhibitions melted away by the second. Finally being able to be free, our angel twin eased her new lover’s lingerie off her fine curves and made her way south slowly. Kissing perky breasts and mouthing nipples hard, delighting in the abandon of the moment. She was amazed at how good this woman felt to her; though she had never been with a woman, it felt natural and easy with this blonde goddess. They both delighted in the softness of tender woman flesh. Men are beautiful but women are soft. Our blonde goddess was becoming more and more wet as her pussy released fine musky pheromones into the air. And our purring little sex kitten of a twin made her way further south to lick pussy for the first time. Heart pounding a mile a minute she eased into our blonde hottie and her wet curvy thighs with tender kisses and gentle touches of her tongue. Slowly learning directions around the mounds and turns and lines that make a woman’s body so sensual, sweet and edible.

Well here goes, she thought to herself, placing her outstretched tongue on our blonde honey’s clit, eliciting a strong response of moans and groans. “Oh gawd honey suck my clit lover, eat me!” Imploring, almost begging. And she obliged. With mouth full and lips puckered around this delightful creature she ate and licked and caressed and had her desperate fill of woman. She had catching up to do, years of aching built up to now. And this was beyond anything she could have imagined.

Realizing she had forgotten about her honey on the love seat, she felt a pang of guilt. He sensed it and told her not to mind and to keep going. “Be free baby doll, you have earned this moment angel, please don’t stop. Fuck, I love you both.” And the two angels felt him and his genuine delight, admiration, respect and intense love. They adored him more and he loved them more with this moment. Love wins.

To be continued…

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