Look into my eyes while I fuck you…

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“Look at me while I fuck you,” I murmur in her ear. “I want to see it in your eyes when I make you cum.”

She has the most startling blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Vibrant, almost turquoise, framed by platinum blonde hair that makes them appear even brighter. They glow in the sunlight streaming through my bedroom window as she wriggles beneath me on the crisp cotton sheets, breasts pressed to mine, nipples so stiff. Her lips are wet, luscious from my kisses; her pussy is hot and slippery against my thigh, as mine is against hers. And with each little gasp of pleasure that escapes her lips, the color of those blue eyes burning into mine seems to intensify…

I knew the moment our eyes met across a crowded room — actually the shoe section of a department store — that I’d take her home. And I wanted to fuck her face to face, to drown in those blue eyes. By the time I’d helped her choose between three almost identical pairs of black stilettos, she was mine. Coffee in the department store café was just a formality. I offered to lend her a purse to match her new shoes, an obvious ruse to get her back to my place, which she eagerly accepted. Sometimes seduction comes so easily you know it was just meant to be.

And now she’s naked, beneath me, her beautiful blue eyes holding my gaze, my fingers squeezed tight inside her hot, wet cunt. There are better positions to fuck a girl — and by the end of the afternoon no doubt we’ll have tried them all — but I want to see her first orgasm sweep over her face, to see her blue eyes turn stormy as passion overwhelms her. They’re changing color already, pupils blown with lust, eyelashes fluttering closed and then snapping open again each time I brush my thumb over her clit.

She has her thigh wedged between mine, maintaining a delicious pressure on my pussy as I finger her. She’s well lubricated with arousal and I love the sensation of slippery viscosity coating my fingers as I slide them in and out, not too fast, coaxing her steadily towards each peak of pleasure. I crook my fingers forward a little, searching for the button that triggers her and — there it is! — she bucks and yelps as I find the magic spot.

She’s more responsive when I strum her clit though, and her escalating moans as I stroke and tease and rub tell me she’s well on the way to her orgasm. I like that she’s not shy, meeting my gaze with frank enjoyment, eyes staying focused on mine even as her climax jolts through her. It’s a beautiful sight.

When she stops gasping for breath I slide my fingers out carefully and taste her juice from them, sharing the flavor with her in a hot kiss. Sweet. I go down for more, spreading her shiny pink folds open with my fingertips and lapping at her puffy clit until she’s squirming. I’m torn between admiring her pretty pussy, pink and creamy, and seeking out that bright blue gaze. But by propping her up on some pillows I find I can glance up at her face and watch the flush of pleasure rise in her cheeks again as I lick her clit while I finger-fuck her to another orgasm. This time her back arches and she yells and thrashes about, soaking my face; I wonder if she’s a squirter, or just hyper-aroused?

I move back up to kiss her again, letting her lick her wetness from my lips, and we move into a scissors position. Tribbing feels so good when you’re really wet, and her pussy is soaked enough for us both, smearing juice all over my crotch. We grind slowly, letting the heat build; she’s so swollen and open I swear I can feel her clit throbbing against the seam of my lips as they peel apart. I look into her gorgeous eyes and wish I had a cock to fuck her with, so she could ride me with this wanton expression.

She’s already so revved up that the grinding is getting her wild again, and I slide a hand down between us and hook my fingers into her slit, tapping out a come-hither motion on her G-spot. She squirts for real this time, convulsing on my fingers so hard it’s like her pussy wants to swallow them, although I feel rather than see the gush soaking my crotch and thighs, as my eyes are fixed on her pretty face. The expression of starry bliss in her eyes is the one I commit to my mental store of hot memories.

I can have lots of little oh’s but no Big O just from clitoral stimulation — I need penetration for the full fireworks — so we finally break eye contact and move into a sixty-nine with her on top, so she can push her fingers inside me as she licks me. I can’t see her eyes but I’ll settle for the great view of her creamed-up pussy as she goes face down between my thighs, sucking on my clit and flicking her tongue over it, bunching her fingers together and thrusting them into me. She pushes my knees back so I’m spread open for her, and finger-bangs me avidly until my thighs snap shut around her head with the force of my orgasm.

She doesn’t let up though, pounding my G-spot right through it, keeping the pressure up relentlessly. I’m still convulsing around her fingers as she comes up to kiss me.

“Look at me while I fuck you,” she says. “I want to see it in your eyes when I make you cum…”

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