Three Hearts

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Passion and lust, tripled…


I walk into the living room of the Hamptons glasshouse and roll my eyes at the pieces of expensive men’s clothing spread all over the floor. My husband Drake and his partner Henry Porter are hardcore Wall Street men during the week that turn into naughty children on the weekends.

In the summer we like to spend the weekends at the house that we all share. I bet as soon as they got here they took off their clothes, had some tequila shots and jumped into the pool in their underwear, not bothering to find swim trunks. I knew how the weekend would start, so I wore my red bikini under my lawyer suit today. I decide to follow the guys’ example and peel off my clothes right here, leaving my pumps on.

“Tori! Come here! Now it’s a party!”

I head towards the dark-haired man standing by the edge of the house pool with his arms open, water dripping down his ripped body.

“Don’t even think about it, Porter. I’m not ready to get wet yet. I’ve been in a cold office all day; I need to warm up first.”

“You look pretty hot to me, but alright, here,” he says, grabbing a towel to give himself a quick dry off and opening his arms once more. I roll my eyes again but accept the hug. His body is cold, but I don’t mind it. I can feel every delicious inch against me, especially his cock. I smile and give him a command.

“Alright, make yourself useful, go make me a drink so I can catch up. You are way ahead of me.”

He offers me a mocking bow and heads for the drinks cart while I make my way to sit on one of the lounge chairs, and I won’t deny that I make sure to keep my pumps on and position my body suggestively. I have the captive attention of two men, and I enjoy that.


I’m two shots of tequila and two bourbons in, so I check out Tori shamelessly. I know I should not think of her as mine, but in a way, she is mine because Drake is mine. My best friend, my ‘brother’, a man for whom I would both die and kill. And she is a part of him. If only I could also taste her. I want her. And today is the worst time yet. I didn’t bother to find swim trunks, and now my hard-on is clearly outlined by the wet fabric of my boxers over it. The only reason I don’t care about it is that I’m already buzzed. I grab the drink and walk towards her.

“Your libation, madam,” I say, standing next to the chaise where she lounges, my cock shamelessly trying to make itself noticed.

“Thank you, good sir,” she answers, and when she brings the glass to her lips, the condensation drops fall onto the exposed part of her breasts, making her laugh and bring her fingers to brush them off. I watch, enthralled, and my dick is in full-on attention mode.


I’m standing behind the glass door, spying the interaction between my wife and my partner. I’m taking my time before going back out there because I’m watching them, a hot coil springing inside my loins. I’ve been fantasizing about them, and just seeing them together makes me hard. Their relationship has grown; they have become closer, more intimate. And now I want more. I walk out toward the lounge chairs that they pulled next to each other. They are chatting and laughing, and make happy noises to greet me. I kiss my wife and sit by her legs. We all clink glasses, and I say, “Let’s play dare.”

“Fine. Do your worst,” says Henry, a cocky smile on his face. He can’t resist a challenge.

“I dare you to kiss Tori. Really kiss her. Make her shiver.”

They give awkward little laughs, but I keep my eyes fixed on Henry and move my fingers to caress my wife’s inner thighs.

“What’s the matter, Porter, can’t handle the heat?”


My breath grows ragged, and I turn my face up to look at Henry, who holds my husband’s gaze while reaching down slowly, then uses a finger to turn my chin up and kisses me full on the mouth, slowly and deeply.

Drake watches, his fingers now making their slow way toward my bikini bottoms. I gasp into Henry’s mouth when I feel the fingers run over the fabric that covers my clit. Henry looks down, still kissing me, and watches as my husband spreads my legs for better access, then leans into my core to pepper soft kisses over the fabric that is now quickly getting soaking. I moan and move my hips in circles while reaching back with my hands to hold the man that is kissing me. Henry runs his fingers from my hands grasping at his nape, following my forearms, the soft curves of my elbows, the inside of my arms, then keeps going to the side of my breasts, playing with the fabric of my bikini top. Drake smirks from downside and keeping his blue eyes on Henry’s he pulls on the ties of the bikini strings and lets it slip off. Henry groans and slides his hands underneath the small fabric triangles that cover my round breasts and caresses the pebbled nipples. I moan louder, the feeling of the two men’s mouths and hands almost too much to handle.

“See how nice he is to you?” says Drake, moving to recline the chaise into a daybed, “be a good girl, Tori, take him in your mouth. Show him how I like it.”

I run my fingernails softly down Henry’s chest, over his abs, until I find the waistband of his boxers and release his rock hard rod, give him a soft stroke and then take him fully in my mouth. He gasps and sets one hand on the daybed to keep himself from falling, and with the other moves the fabric out of the way so he can suck on my hardened nipples with abandon. I make noises of delight from my full throat and circle my hips lewdly.

“You have wanted this for a long time, haven’t you?” asks Drake, positioning himself between my legs, ready to plunge inside, and I feel the head of his cock teasing the wet entrance, bouncing once, twice, three times, until he pushes in and I surrender to the delicious stretch that his thickness does on my pussy before he starts a merciless pounding that brings me to the edge of madness. I grab onto Henry’s thighs and suck hard to push him deeper down my throat while lifting my hips so Drake can hit the sweet spot on every thrust. The fire builds in my womb, and I feel the release exploding inside of me. Henry fills my mouth first, and our combined pleasure makes Drake come inside of me.

We lie next to each other, recovering from this incredible high. Then Drake says, “I can see myself living this life. All three of us, really together. I would very much like it if you both give it some thought.”

“Fuck yeah!’ says Henry, lighting up like a boy on Christmas, and I can’t withhold a fit of laughter.

“What?” the two of them ask, amused.

“Is it horrible that I think the best part of this is how jealous my sister is going to be?”

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