Three Days — Part II

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Three Days — Part II

Photo Credit: Klaus Hausmann | Pixabay

Three days was the morning.
My focus three days old.
My head, it landed
To the sounds of cricket bows…

I am a proud man anyway…
Covered now by three days…

We saw shadows of the morning light
The shadows of the evening sun
Until the shadows and the light were one.

-Janes Addiction, Three Days

Day 2 — Saturday. It is about 6:00am as he lies in the bed at the Airbnb. The bed that had been thoroughly exploited for hours less than half a day earlier, as his dear love and he finally reunited yet again. The comforter that acted as a sponge for their wet lust was now tumbling away in the dryer.

As she lets herself into their temporarily shared home bright and early, he awakens to the feeling of a naked goddess crawling into bed and cuddling up next to him. The feeling of the warmth of her body abutting his skin is akin to heaven on earth, pulling her close as he wraps his arms around her, to pull her in tighter into him.

He had awakened an hour earlier to get set for the day, all so that he’d be nice and fresh to kiss her when she arrived; then went back to bed. Every little last detail was orchestrated so that he could experience all of her, at any point in time. “She’ll have fresh breath, so I will too,” he thought.

Before she can really register it, he can’t control himself and he is devouring her freshly shaved and showered morning pussy once again, stealing orgasms from her body, like he is looting her body of endorphins, all before the sun is yet to rise.

She is submissive and he is her Dom, and the innate ache inside her to serve him is so powerful at times that she cannot help but unleash her own inner alpha just for the need to give. Aggressively, she reaches for his thick hardness, precum already cresting the tip from the fifteen minutes of being erect as he ate her. Forcefully she starts sucking his cock, yet he is a devil and will not let her win this battle, so fingers more orgasms out of her as she chokes down on him at the same time.

Like clockwork reminiscent of the night before, he is inside her all over again.

“Goddamn, Kitten. Goddamn, you feel like heaven.”

Her wet warmth sheathing his bare skin is the best feeling he has ever known in life. She is therapy to him, completely ruining every moment after he leaves her body, knowing every time he is not inside her is a disappointment.

In hindsight, 6:00am sex should have been predictable. They are insatiable in each other’s presence and it was just inevitable that the orgasms would be had, once these two naked lovers were lying in the same bed together.

That morning, he introduced a little detail to her in their Saturday morning post-coital pillow talk. What he says to her excites, yet he sees it also frightens her a bit too.

He says the following words, in a serious tone:

“Right underneath the bed we are on is a four-point bondage restraint set. I set it up last night.”

Her stomach drops, but she smiles, which is all you need to know about her and it speaks volumes. She is happy that she is scared.

She is, after all, a submissive to him at her core. At her most fundamental level, she is this very person inside. The kind that smiles when she is being told she’ll be strapped down to a bed in the very near future. She feels his love when he says, “Just trust me, Kitten. I will always take care of you. I promise.”

“I trust you, Daddy,” she responds.

He had plans for Saturday evening that would be different than anything either of them ever knew before. He was so careful to be a Dom good enough for a woman like her. She could have anyone she wanted the way he saw it, so he’d better step up his game and make her not regret this decision.

Heading into Saturday he learned a lot. He read forums and books; he watched instructional videos. He prepared and lifted a king-sized mattress off the box springs and fixed a bondage harness under it, and adjusted the length to match her wrists and ankles. He bought a dozen other toys to make sure her first dance with total submission was one that would be perfect.

He knew she would be diving into subspace completely and it was his responsibility to lead her there properly. As a writer, he published a public anonymous letter to her, for her to read ahead of time, in order to get the mental foreplay started.

Bondage and intense forced orgasms were the plans for Saturday evening.

The evening came and as they watched SNL, they had one bourbon apiece and a clock was ticking inside his mind that she had to be aware of by now. She and he both knew something was coming soon and it was the elephant in the room.

BDSM was the flavor for the evening. Two people completely invested in their dominance and submission, yet this would the first time either of them really dove past the surface in this area.

Soon, he’d start issuing his commands. He needed to own her and she needed it too, and besides, it was starting to get late. Sitting in the living room, he looked over at her and said in a serious tone:

“Take off all your clothes, and do it slowly. Right now.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, and he recalled the feeling those words sent to his soul whenever he heard them; however, he remained stoic, or at least, he hopes he did.

“Now sit over there and touch your pussy for me, Kitten.”

“Yes, Daddy. Anything you want,” she said, just like a good girl would. It was the ‘anything you want part’ that made him shiver.

A few minutes passed in mere moments to him, and she was edging herself quickly, begging him to allow her to cum, but he wouldn’t allow it. Not at first anyway. He is not one to let this go on too long, so he put his fingers on her clit and the other hand on her neck, and said: “I will give you your orgasm — not you.”

He forced her to cum for him right then and there. He wanted to fuck her immediately, right there on the couch, but that would ruin his plans so he held it together and stuck to the script.

She got on the floor and knelt for him, and the vision of her looked like something that should have been shown in a gallery.

“God, she looks so beautiful, face down, kneeling,” he thought. “Absolutely graceful. Symmetrical. Something about her like this is just crippling.”

Arms forward, palms down, on her knees, head down, completely naked.


He leaned in to buckle a collar around her feminine neck and then a leash clasped onto it shortly after. “May I kneel a little longer, Daddy?” she asked.

“How can you say no to that?” he thought.

“Of course, my love. Of course,” he said.

It was not much longer before he was walking in front of her, as she crawled across the hardwood floor behind him into the master suite. He looked back at her and remembers thinking she looked as if feminine grace could be bottled up in its purest form. Absolutely stunning. She moved like a cat. Like a kitten, ironically.

Into the room, kneeling to him, he pulled her hair back and put a blindfold on her.

“Can you see anything, love?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Good,” he said.

He decided to take away her ability to sense where he was in the room as well, so he played a playlist of electronic sexual music loudly, and it caught her off guard and she immediately giggled like a little brat. He laughed too because he just can’t help but see the humor in the loud words from the speaker shouting “Darling come here, fuck me up the…”

The levity comes and goes very quickly when he pulls her by the hand up onto the bed, then flips her body around with force and positions her in spread eagle, with arms out as if she were being drawn and quartered. He then pulled the restraint attachments out one by one, clasping each buckle to the cuffs, then the cuffs to her skin, ankles first and then the wrists, effectively making her immobile, blind, and deaf.

He took his time after this.

Reaching into the drawer he grabbed the anal vibe and tossed it down onto the bed between her legs.


It startled her.

A jelly dildo — thump.

Nipple clamps, a flogger, lube, and a wand, all making a resounding thud between her legs, intentionally sparking her curiosity so she wondered what was happening. No doubt, at this moment she was accessing her memory of the post she read earlier that day.

“What was it he said? A jelly? A something else? Ah, fuck it. I’ll find out soon enough.” Those were the thoughts she was having; he was sharing her thoughts with her in these moments, as he imagined her thought pattern.

All the while, obnoxiously loud music blasted to drown out her senses yet still heighten the ones he wanted to be heightened.

“She is going to ‘feel’ a world she didn’t know existed very soon, and I am the one lucky enough to lead her there,” he thought.

He crawled onto the bed, kissed her, and told her, “I love you, Kitten. Just trust me, my love. I will always take care of you.”

She confirms she trusts him.

He lay down on his chest between her feet and soon a lubed vibe was pushed inside her ass, turned up a few levels, and immediately he began to eat her pussy relentlessly, bringing her to orgasm quickly to set the tempo.

Next, he fixed clamps to her nipples.

“Ouch. Ooh. Okay,” she said.

He made her cum a few times by eating her and fingering her G-spot and clit, then thrust a jelly dildo straight back into her pussy and began pounding away at her relentlessly, all as her ass was still buzzing away.

She was bucking by now, nowhere to run, nowhere to move to.

The wand went right onto her clit and the screaming and cumming were happening relentlessly, all holes full to the brink and her clit being overwhelmed. She had to be thinking, “I can’t take any more.”

Noises louder than he had ever heard from her were drowning out the music. He’d seen her cum more times than he could count but nothing was quite as deafening as these screams.

Switching back and forth between every last thing from devouring her, fingering her, toys, he finally grabbed the flogger and beat her inner thighs just before he climbed on and fucked her as hard as he could, reaching across her beautiful naked body to squeeze her feminine neck with an iron grip.

They came together, although she never really stopped cumming after a certain point.

He killed the music, pulled the blindfold off and gave her back her vision, all while he was still inside her. Kissing her and then freeing up her hands and ankles, giving her back all of her senses, one by one, but never breaking from the intimacy in doing so.

“I am so proud of you, Kitten. So proud,” he lovingly whispered into her ear.

Exhausted, she barely murmured, “Oh, my God. Fuck, Daddy. Fuck. Thank you so much, Daddy. Thank you,” all as she was drifting into a surreal world now, endorphins depleted.

He watched her closely as she started to move in and out of another world in her mind and body, looking almost like a person who had one too many glasses of wine. Her beautiful eyes opened up just long enough to repeat the words, “I love you, Daddy. Thank you.”

He knew this moment right here was important. It was critical.

Quickly he moved into action knowing right now was the time for aftercare. He ran warm water in the bathroom pedestal sink and tossed two hand towels in it, then darted over to the kitchen to pour her a glass of iced water.


I remember petting your hair and face, my love. Touching your skin and dipping hand towels into a warm bowl of water, wringing it out, placing the warm hand towels on your soft skin, and petting your body with the warmth of it.

I remember spooning and cuddling you naked. I remember the plane.

I remember making you feel loved.


I remember somehow we ended up on the couch again and your head was in my lap as you tried so hard to stay awake, but you just couldn’t do it. You fought hard, but you just were so exhausted.

I stared at your face, like a weirdo, and thought to myself how beautiful you looked and how lucky I was to be your Daddy.

That you gave to me a side of yourself that nobody else will ever reach.

I remember feeling afraid that time was not on my side, and that tomorrow I’d have to kiss you goodbye, or at least kiss you goodbye for a while.

I remember as you lay there, in my lap, I had never loved a woman more than I did you, at that very moment.

Somehow I was able to lead you back into bed and we slept aside one another. I remember I slept on the side nearest to the door.

To be continued…

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